Suaad Sweets and Bakers Karachi Menu & Prices

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Renowned among both local residents and tourists, Suaad Sweets attracts a constant flow of customers. Particularly during festive occasions like Eid and Muharram, the shop bustles with activity. Despite the occasional wait, patrons are always rewarded with delectable food at reasonable prices.

The menu at Suaad Sweets features an array of popular treats, including gulab jamun, barfi, jalebi, and laddoo. Additionally, the shop offers a diverse selection of other sweets, such as rasgulla, kheer, and payasam. In addition to their sweet offerings, Suaad Sweets provides an assortment of savory snacks like samosas, pakoras.


Suaad Sweets


Suaad Sweets is a great place to go for a sweet treat or a snack. The food is delicious, the prices are reasonable, and the service is friendly. If you’re ever in Karachi, be sure to stop by Suaad Sweets and try some of their delicious food.

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Suaad Sweets and Bakers Menu & Prices

Premium Cakes 2 lbs

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
German Fudge Cake1,250
Milky Malt Cake1,250
Nutella Cake1,850
Red Velvet Cake1,750
Ferrero Classic Cake1,750
Belgium Cake1,850
Kitkat Cake1,850
Fresh Cream Cakes685
Pineapple Cake1,350
Black Forest685
Black Forest Cake1,350
Chocolate Chip700
Chocolate Chip Cake1,350
Chocolate Fudge770
Chocolate Fudge Cake1,500
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Suaad Sweets Dessert

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Doodh Dulari1,250
Ras Malai200
Plain Stick Qulfi120
Plain Qulfi Faluda160
Pista Qulfi Faluda160
Crunch Qulfi Faluda160


Suaad Sweets Premium Cupcakes

Cupcake FlavorPrice (Rs.)
Belgian Malt185
Red Velvet185
Swiss Dark185

Premium Sundae

Sundae NamePrice (Rs.)
Galaxy Sundae285
Nutella Sundae285
Red Velvet Sundae285
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Mix Sweet 1 kg

Mixed SweetsRs. 650
Gulab JamunRs. 650
Chum ChumRs. 650
Black JamunRs. 650
Dhaka BrownRs. 650
Baloo ShahiRs. 650
Karachi HalwaRs. 650
Moti Chur LaddooRs. 650
Malai PuffRs. 650
Milky PatisaRs. 650
Bombay PatisaRs. 650
Plain BarfiRs. 650
Pan PeraRs. 650
Phool PatisaRs. 650
Plain QalaqandRs. 650
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Special Mix Sweet 1 kg

Special Mixed SweetRs. 700
Sohn QalaqandRs. 700
Kaccha GullaRs. 700
Hubshi HalwaRs. 700
Pineapple Pista CrunchRs. 1,399


Mix Halwajaat 1 kg

Menu ItemPrice
Mixed HalwajaatRs. 1,650
Hubshi Akhrooti HalwaRs. 1,650
Chocolate LadooRs. 1,650
Badam PakRs. 1,650
Kaju PakRs. 1,650
Pista PakRs. 1,650
Injeer PakRs. 1,650
Sohn HalwaRs. 1,650
PanjeeriRs. 1,650
Special QalaqandRs. 1,650
Sugar-Free QalaqandRs. 1,650

Suaad Sweets Baklava 1 kg

Menu ItemPrice
Mixed BaklavaRs. 1,399
Almond BaklavaRs. 1,399
Pista BaklavaRs. 1,399
Walnut BaklavaRs. 1,399
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Menu ItemWeightPrice
Zeera Biscuits250 gramsRs. 275
Kalonji Biscuits250 gramsRs. 275
Jam Delight250 gramsRs. 275
Chocolate Delight250 gramsRs. 275
Checker Biscuits250 gramsRs. 275
Marble Biscuits250 gramsRs. 275
Sugar-Free Biscuits250 gramsRs. 275
Mixed Biscuits250 gramsRs. 275

Nimko & Chips

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Crinkle Salty135
Crinkle Spicy135
Plain Salty135
Plain Spicy135
Mixed Nimco202
Dal Moong260
Chewra Classic260
Peanut Salty340
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Premium Pastries

Menu ItemPrice
Nutella PastryRs. 185
Mars PastryRs. 185
Malt PastryRs. 185
Belgian Chocolate PastryRs. 185
Black Forest PastryRs. 80
Chocolate Chip PastryRs. 80
Chocolate Fudge PastryRs. 80
Pineapple PastryRs. 80

Bread & Rusk

Menu ItemPrice
Large Plain BreadRs. 160
Medium Plain BreadRs. 90
Large Milk BreadRs. 135
Candy RuskRs. 110
Regular RuskRs. 110
Special RuskRs. 110

Savory & Variety

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Aloo Samosa40
Qeema Samosa50
Chicken Samosa50
Chinese Roll60
Chicken Roll60
Namak Parey160 (250g)
Chicken Sandwich160

Complete Contact & Location Details Of Suaad Sweets and Bakers Karachi

  • Address:  Paria St, Kharadar Ghulam Hussain Kasim Quarters, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 111 782 223

  • Address: Ismail Center, Block L North Nazimabad Town, Karachi.

Phone: 0312 7822223


  • Address:  Sector 33B Sector 33 A Korangi, Karachi. 

Phone: (021) 111 782 223

  • Address: Plot R 85, Sector 15-A/2 Sector 15 A 2 Buffer Zone, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 111 782 223

  • Address: 17 Street Number, Azam Town, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 111 782 223

  • Address: 24 Market Road, Sector 8c Sector 5 Baldia, Karachi.

Phone: 0308 2836134

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