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Foods Inn menu is the perfect place for creamy and spicy food lovers in Karachi, Pakistan.
Foods Inn restaurant specializes in making scrumptious Burgers, Sandwiches, Fried Chicken,Chinese dishes, Noodles & Rice, Fisheries, Barbeque, Karahi, Handi, Rolls and much more. They have taken the quality level to new heights via their continuous innovations in the menu. They keep adding new items from time to time to make the customers visit them again and again. Foods Inn restaurant has a lot of branches spread across the city. Their main goal is to produce tasty food items for the customers at reasonable price rates.

Foods Inn menu

Foods Inn Menu Best Items

Foods Inn menu, as we have said earlier, gives its customers a lot of options to choose from.
Here we will mention the best items from the Foods Inn Menu Pakistan:

Foods Inn Menu Burgers

As we all know, Burgers are loved by Pakistani people and their demand is increasing with each passing day. Foods Inn menu takes pride in offering the best burgers in the city. They serve your delicious varieties of freshly made burgers such as BBQ Chicken Burgers, Stuff Burger, Jalapeno Burger and a few more. So, whenever you visit them, get your favorite crispy burger to end your hunger. All the burgers are available at budget friendly prices that won’t put a burden on your pocket.

Foods Inn Menu Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Just as the name suggested, Crispy Chicken Sandwich offers you a sense of crispness with
each bite. Foods Inn menu offers various kinds of sandwiches made with the freshest
ingredients but this one always tops the list when it comes to the best selling items from the menu. The main reason for its popularity among the visitors is its unique taste. This sandwich is made very delicately so that its shape remains perfect all the time along with its luscious taste. Malai Club Sandwich is its successor if you want to try something different.

Fried Chicken by Foods Inn Menu

The Foods Inn menu uses the best poultry chicken to make its scrumptious Fried Chicken
products. All the items are so juicy, tasteful and mouth watering. Try their especially made
Saucy Broast which will definitely satisfy your spicy food cravings. Not into saucy food, no
problem! at the restaurant, you will also get to order Cheese Broast from the Fried Chicken
items. It is so yummy that it melts in your mouth which gives you immense pleasure.

Foods Inn Menu Chinese

Foods Inn restaurant is basically famous for its top quality Chinese food which is made to
perfection by professional chefs in the kitchen. All the chicken related Chinese cuisines are
prepared here with great care and dedication. The Food inn menu is the best place for Chinese food lovers in Pakistan. If you are visiting them for the first time then you should try the Kung Pao Chicken which has the capability to mesmerize you with its marvelous taste.

Foods Inn Menu Price List

Foods Inn Menu Exclusive Deals

Deal 1Zinger Burger, fries, coleslaw & soft drinkRs. 550
Deal 2  Chicken roll, fried chicken piece, dinner roll, raita & soft drinkRs. 610
Deal 3Chicken Tikka (Leg), Paratha & soft drinkRs. 530
Deal 4Zinger burger, fried drumstick, fries, coleslaw & soft drinkRs. 710
Deal 5Chicken chowmein, chicken club sandwich, fries & coleslawRs. 990
Deal 6Chicken burger or beef burger, chicken roll or beef roll, fries & coleslawRs. 720
Deal 7  Zinger Burger with chicken tikka (leg), fries, coleslaw & parathaRs. 850  
Deal 8Chicken tikka leg, beef kabab & 2 parathaRs. 1,020
Deal 9Chicken Shashlik, Fried Rice, Zinger Burger, fries & coleslaRs. 1,100
Deal 10Any 3 Of Zinger Burger, Club Sandwich & Crispy Broast , Fries, Coleslaw And 1.5 Ltr DrinkRs. 1,430
Deal 112 Chicken tikka Leg, chicken kabab, beef kabab, 3 paratha & 1.5 litre soft drinkRs. 2,120
Deal 12Chicken shashlik with fried rice, chicken chowmein, zinger burger & 1.5 litre soft drinkRs. 1,860
Deal 132 Chicken tikka Leg, chicken kabab, chicken karahi half, 4 naan, 2 paratha & 1.5 litre soft drinkRs. 2,510
Deal 14Daal makhni, 4 naan, raita & saladRs. 1,040

Pau-Pau Favorites

NuggetsRs. 380
French FriesRs. 270
Mushroomella BurgerRs. 694
Texas BurgerRs. 695
Chicken Fajita SandwichRs. 650
Vegetable ChowmeinRs. 520
Singaporean RiceRs. 895
Vegetable Fried RiceRs. 395
Plain RiceRs. 295
Beef Bihari BotiRs. 695
Creamy KababRs. 695
Shangrila KababRs. 695

Foods Inn Menu Kiddy Meals

Kids DealRs. 630
Junior Chicken BurgerRs. 350
Kids ChowmeinRs. 599


Chicken Corn Soupfrom Rs. 395
Hot & Sour Soupfrom Rs. 445
Cream Of Mushroom SoupRs. 595
Crunchy Finger FishRs. 895
Crunchy Fried FishRs. 895
Foods Inn Special Prawn TempuraRs. 899
Dynamite PrawnsRs. 695
Dynamite ChickenRs. 550
Pizza Friesfrom Rs. 499
Crispy WingsRs. 420
Spicy Juicy WingsRs. 520
Saucy WingsRs. 499


Classic Chicken BurgerRs. 490
Classic Beef BurgerRs. 490
Crispy Zinger Burgerfrom Rs. 490
BBQ Chicken BurgerRs. 550
Jalapeno BurgerRs. 690
American Grilled BurgerRs. 690
Stuffed BurgerRs. 895
Chicken Royal BurgerRs. 795
Classic Double Petty BurgerRs. 695


Club SandwichRs. 460
American Grilled Sandwichfrom Rs. 650
BBQ Club SandwichRs. 550
Malai Club Sandwichfrom Rs. 550
Beef Steak SandwichRs. 995
BBQ Sub SandwichRs. 389


Mushroom Chicken SteakRs. 1,200
Tarragon Chicken SteakRs. 1,200
Moroccan Chicken SteakRs. 1,200
American Chicken SteakRs. 1,200
Foods Inn Special Chicken SteakRs. 1,200
Florentine Chicken Steakfrom Rs. 1,200
Mushroom Beef SteakRs. 1,500
Tarragon Beef SteakRs. 1,500
Moroccan Beef SteakRs. 1,500
American Beef SteakRs. 1,500
Foods Inn Special Beef SteakRs. 1,500
Florentine Beef Steakfrom Rs. 1,500


Chicken Alfredo PastaRs. 1,050
Parmesan Chicken PastaRs. 1,050
Chicken Spicy PastaRs. 1,050
Foods Inn Special PastaRs. 1,295
Chicken Alfredo Penne PastaRs. 1,050


Kung Pao ChickenRs. 950
Cherry Chili ChickenRs. 995
Chicken SchezwanRs. 895
Chicken Shashlik BBQRs. 895
Chicken ShashlikRs. 795
Chicken JalfreziRs. 750
Chicken ManchurianRs. 799
Classic Chicken Chilli GravyRs. 699
Chicken Chilli DryRs. 950
Beef Chilli DryRs. 1,095
Crispy BeefRs. 1,095


Chicken Tikkafrom Rs. 400
Chatkhara Tikkafrom Rs. 550
Malai Tikkafrom Rs. 595
Mexican Grilled Chickenfrom Rs. 950
Shahi Chatak Botifrom Rs. 720
Mughlai Botifrom Rs. 720
Malai Botifrom Rs. 750
Chicken Botifrom Rs. 650
Reshmi Kababfrom Rs. 595
Seekh Kababfrom Rs. 595
Beef Fry Kababfrom Rs. 650

Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahifrom Rs. 999
Chicken Brown Karahifrom Rs. 999
Chicken Peshawari Karahifrom Rs. 1,099
Chicken Butter Karahifrom Rs. 1,045
Chicken White Karahifrom Rs. 1,199
Balochi Tikka Karahifrom Rs. 1,099

Mutton Karahi

Mutton Karahifrom Rs. 1,825
Mutton Brown Karahifrom Rs. 1,825
Mutton Peshawari Karahifrom Rs. 1,925
Mutton Butter Karahifrom Rs. 1,875
Brain Tawa Masala With Butterfrom Rs. 1,025


Chicken BBQ HandiRs. 1,295
Chicken Reshmi HandiRs. 1,295
Chicken Makhni HandiRs. 1,295
Daal Makhni HandiRs. 799


Chicken Dynamite RollRs. 250
Crispy RollRs. 220
Crispy Mayo RollRs. 230
Malai Boti RollRs. 230
Reshmi Kabab RollRs. 210
Chicken Boti RollRs. 220
Chicken Chapati RollRs. 220
Chicken Cheese RollRs. 230
Chicken Mayo Garlic RollRs. 230
Beef Boti RollRs. 230
Beef Kabab RollRs. 210
Beef Chapati RollRs. 230
Beef Cheese RollRs. 240
Beef Mayo Garlic RollRs. 240

Contact Foods Inn

Plot # 21-22، Allama I. I. Qazi Chowk, Block A Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS), Karachi, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 38899998

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