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If you need something Desi, spicy, Chinese at the same place then Kaybees menu is the place you are looking for. Kaybees restaurant is the name on everyone’s mind in Pakistan because it has everything which a fast food lover may desire. They serve their tasteful Soups, Fries, Sandwiches, Burgers, Chinese food, Noodles, Seafood, BBQ, Roasted Chicken, Desi food, Grilled Steaks, Succulent Handi, Aromatic Rice, Desserts and yummy beverages at easy prices. Kaybees menu is based in Karachi where it entertains thousands of food lovers on a daily basis. They only exist to serve the best quality food made with the choicest ingredients in the town.

kaybees menu

Kaybees Menu Best Items

Kaybees restaurant has a lot of heavenly food items to offer. It is very hard to pick only a few for you, however, here are some best items from the Kaybees Menu Karachi

Kaybees Burgers

Nowadays, everyone wants fast food for their dining and especially the Burgers are fulfilling thisre Nowadays, everyone wants fast food for their dining and especially the Burgers are fulfilling this requirement very well. At the Kaybees menu, you will find some of the best and gigantic burgers available in the country. You can order their Chicken Burger with cheese or without cheese as you desire. Everyone loves Zinger Burger in Karachi, and at this restaurant you will get the most of it at a fair price rate. It includes crunchy chicken thigh in it along with other tasty constituents. You can have it with or without cheese.

Sandwiches by Kaybees Menu

Kaybees menu is more than happy to offer its amazing sandwiches to the food adventures.
There are a total of two sandwiches: Club Sandwich and Grill Sandwich. Club Sandwich is a
single sandwich and is available at the price of 220 PKR only. On the other hand, Grill Sandwich is ready to make your taste buds go crazy with its titillating taste. These sandwiches are becoming a great sensation as they are part of many deals at the Kaybees restaurant.

Kaybees Chinese Menu

Pakistani people are accepting diverse cultures as well as their food and Chinese food is quite famous in every corner of the country. The Kaybees menu has a Chinese food menu which has many delectable food items served with traditional Chinese rice. Right now, they are offering 15% off on many food items so it is probably the most appropriate time to visit this restaurant and try their Garlic Chicken with rice, Beef Chili Dry with rice and Schezwan Fish with rice. You can also order various varieties of Chinese noodles as your meal of the hour.

Broasted Chicken

Kaybees restaurant serves really luscious broasted chicken to its visitors. They use the best
poultry chicken to make their products. They are made to perfection by highly qualified chefs. Broasted Chicken items offer you a crispy and spicy taste which you will surely remember for the rest of your life.

Kaybees Menu Price List


Spicy Mexican WingsRs. 695
Cheesy FriesRs. 395
Dhaka ChickenRs. 790
Dhaka FishRs. 890
Finger fishRs. 890
Fish & chipsRs. 890
French friesRs. 295
Honey Mustard WingsRs. 695
HummusRs. 499
Kaybees Special Prawn TempuraRs. 999
Lahori FishRs. 890
Masala FriesRs. 299
Mayo Garlic FriesRs. 335
Supreme NachosRs. 890
Dynamite PrawnRs. 999
Mozzarella Cheese StickRs. 99
Stuffed Chicken StripsRs. 699


Beef BurgerRs. 775
Chicken B.B.Q BurgerRs. 775
Chicken BurgerRs. 775
Crunch BurgerRs. 695
Zinger BurgerRs. 775
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Steaks By Kaybees (Beef)

Moroccan SteakRs. 1399
Mushroom SteakRs. 1399
Tarragon SteakRs. 1399
Pepper SteakRs. 1399
French Onion SteakRs. 1399
American SteakRs. 1399
Fajita SteakRs. 1399
Kaybees Fire SteakRs. 1399

Steaks By Kaybees (Chicken)

Chicken Moroccan SteakRs. 1190
Grilled chicken Mushroom SteakRs. 1190
Chicken Tarragon SteakRs. 1190
Chicken Pepper SteakRs. 1190
Chicken French Onion SteakRs. 1190
American ChickenRs. 1190
Fajita SteakRs. 1190
Kaybees Fire ChickenRs. 1190

Kaybees Chinese Menu

Chicken Chili Dry with Fried RiceRs. 1099
Chicken Manchurian With Fried RiceRs. 1099
Chicken Shashlik With fried riceRs. 1099
Beef Chili (Dry) with Fried RiceRs. 1199
Spicy Garlic chicken With Fried RiceRs. 1099
Chicken Chili vegetable with Fried RiceRs. 1099
Cherry Chili Chicken with Fried RiceRs. 1099
Beef Chili (Gravy) with Fried RiceRs. 1199
Schezwan Chicken with Fried RiceRs. 1099
Kung Pao Chicken with Fried RiceRs. 1099
Sweet & Sour Chicken, Pineapple Chunks with Fried RiceRs. 1099
Chicken ChowmeinRs. 699
Vegetable ChowmeinRs. 649

Barbecue Kabab

Chicken Spicy KababRs. 875
Chicken Reshmi KababRs. 899
Chullu Kabab (Beef)Rs. 899
Gola KababRs. 799
Seekh Kabab (Beef)Rs. 799
Rango kabab (Mutton)Rs. 899
Chicken Malai KababRs. 799
Ertugrul KababRs. 799
Chicken Cheese KababRs. 899
Mutton Cheese KababRs. 999

Fried items

Red Snapper FriedRs. 2950

Hot Tandoors

Plain NaanRs. 45
Garlic NaanRs. 89
Roghni NaanRs. 89 
Whole wheat naanRs. 59
Cheese NaanRs. 445
ChapattiRs. 39
Puri ParathaRs. 95
Kandhari NaanRs. 110


KissesRs. 299
Cooling PunchRs. 299
Grape wineRs. 299
white coladaRs. 375
Blue ColadaRs. 375
MargaritaRs. 299
ZombieRs. 299
Angel MistRs. 299
Tropical Blue MargaritaRs. 299
Lemon Mint GlacierRs. 299
Victoria’s Secret MargaritaRs. 325
Cold Coffee With Chocolate ice creamRs. 325


Kaybees Chocolate Cake SliceRs. 299
Nuttella BrownieRs. 350
Ferrero Roacher Cake SliceRs. 325

Milk Shakes

StrawberryRs. 345
BananaRs. 345
MangoRs. 345
OreoRs. 345
Chocolate/VanillaRs. 345
Chocolate/StrawberryRs. 345
Coco BananaRs. 345
ChocolateRs. 345
Vanilla ShakeRs. 345
BlueberryRs. 345
Kit KatRs. 399

Cold Bevarages

Soft drinkRs. 99
Soft Drink dietRs. 99
Fresh LimeRs. 195
Mineral Water SmallRs. 59
Mineral Water largeRs. 109

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