Chill & Grill Cafe Karachi Menu with Prices

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Welcome to Chill & Grill Cafe Karachi, where good food and a relaxed atmosphere come together to create the perfect dining experience.. From sizzling grilled steaks and juicy burgers to refreshing chilled beverages and delectable desserts, our chefs expertly craft each dish with the finest ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavors in every bite. So come on in, take a seat, and let Chill & Grill Cafe Karachi take you on a delightful culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more.

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Chill & Grill Cafe

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Chill & Grill Cafe Karachi Menu with Price List

Chill & Grill Zinger Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Crispy Zinger Burger464
Special Zinger Burger624
Fire Zinger Burger667
Zinger Buzz Burger653

Chill & Grill Broast

Menu ItemPrice (Rs)
Crispy Leg Broast537
Crispy Breast Broast609
Stuffed Masala Leg Broast551
Stuffed Masala Breast Broast624
Tikka Leg Broast537
Tikka Breast Broast609
Lava Cheese Broast Leg624
Lava Cheese Broast Chest696

Chill & Grill Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Sandwich450
Club Sandwich609
Grilled Sandwich624
Chicken Malai Sandwich609
BBQ Sandwich609
Mexican Sandwich724


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Burger421
Grilled Chicken Burger579
Crispy Chicken Burger510
Roasted Chicken Burger537
Stuffed Chicken Burger579
Beef Burger479
Grilled Beef Burger624
Beef Pepperoni Burger579
Beef Double Decker Burger724

Bar B.Q

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Leg Tikka430
Breast Tikka480
Tandoori Leg Tikka450
Tandoori Breast Tikka490
Malai Leg Tikka450
Malai Breast Tikka490
Green Leg Tikka410
Green Breast Tikka480
Chicken Leg Tikka450
Chicken Breast Tikka520
Beef Bihari Boti480
Chicken Boti470
Chicken Malai Boti570
Chicken Cheese Boti590
Chicken Tandoori Boti500
Shish Taouk Boti610
Chicken Butter Paneer Boti540
Beef Seekh Kabab560
Chicken Reshmi Kabab580
Jawa Karahi Lahore Menu with Prices

Karahi Menu

Mutton KarahiRs. 3,640
Mutton Boneless KarahiRs. 4,160
Chicken KarahiRs. 1,690
Chicken Boneless KarahiRs. 2,080
Beef KarahiRs. 2,080
Special Chicken Makhni Paneer KarahiRs. 2,210
Special Beef Makhni Paneer KarahiRs. 2,600
Special Mutton Makhni Paneer KarahiRs. 4,680

Chill & Grill Haandi

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken HandiRs. 2,610
Beef HandiRs. 3,900
Mutton HandiRs. 4,550
Makhni Paneer Boneless HandiRs. 2,860
Beef Makhni Paneer HandiRs. 4,290
Mutton Makhni Paneer HandiRs. 4,940

Rolls & Wraps

Menu ItemPrice
Beef Boti RollRs. 319
Beef Mayo Garlic RollRs. 363
Beef Boti Cheese RollRs. 400
Beef Seekh Kabab RollRs. 365
Special Beef Kabab RollRs. 395
Beef Bihari Boti RollRs. 365
Chicken Boti RollRs. 275
Chicken Mayo Garlic RollRs. 335
Chicken Malai Boti RollRs. 390
Chicken Reshmi Kabab RollRs. 375
Special Chicken Boti RollRs. 420
Stuffed Chicken Cheese RollRs. 460
Butter Paneer RollRs. 490
Crispy Zinger RollRs. 499
Arabian WrapRs. 435
Gyro WrapRs. 522
Chicken Cheese WrapRs. 464
Tandoori WrapRs. 421
Tortilla WrapRs. 479
Beef WrapRs. 580
Chicken Shawarma WrapRs. 551
Beef Shawarma WrapRs. 696

Chill & Grill Pasta Menu

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chill & Grill Pasta653
Tandoori Pasta682
Pizza Pasta711
Creamy Pasta754


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Buffalo Wings570
Fried Hot Wings610
Steamed Hot Wings650
Stuffed Chicken Strips653
Plain Fries210
Flavor Fries230
Mayo Garlic Fries330
Salsa Fries410
Special Fries480
Pizza Fries579

Chill & Grill Cafe Karachi Contact Details

Address: R – 425, Sector-9 Sector 9 North Karachi Twp, Karachi.

Phone: 0317 1234104

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