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Comes with a unique name, Pie in the Sky is entitled as one of the famous and premium
bakeries of Pakistan. It specializes in making the most luscious and high quality bakery
products. The Pie in the Sky menu offers an extensive selection of hard to find bakery items. It offers almost all types of both famous and common bakery items including Cheesecake,
Cupcakes, Bread, Brownies, Chocolate Truffles, Cookies, Sandwiches and many more!

Each is handmade on a regular basis. The quality is guaranteed at Pie in the Sky because the
ingredients used in the making of each of their goods are fresh and healthy.
Located in Karachi, Pie in the Sky was established in 2001. Since its founding, it has been
passionately spreading its genuine taste in different areas of the city. Currently, the brand is working under sixty five locations across Karachi. They also have very impressive catering service.

Pie in the Sky Menu Pakistan Best Items

Pie in the Sky is a well recognized bakery house because of offering a wide range of options in the menu. Its menu is filled with a lot of healthy items. Some of the best items of the Pie in the Sky menu are:

Pie in the Sky

New Chocolate Malt Cake

Pie in the Sky has got appreciation and love because of its cakes. They have a huge variety of
Cakes to offer. New Chocolate Malt Cake is one of those cakes that has won the hearts of
sweet lovers in no time. It is a highly new addition in the menu but has made a massive impact. It is a fan-favorite Malt cake with all new recipes! A Soft and Moist cake with an icing and layering of Malt dark chocolate cream. It is preservatives free and completely homemade.

Complete Layer Bakery Menu with Prices

pie in the sky menu

Chocolate Truffle Ring Cake

Chocolate Truffle Ring Cake is a blessing for cake carvers. This cake is so sweet and soft that it will melt in your mouth. It becomes a loyal and perfect partner in your celebrations and
memorable moments. Chocolate Truffle Ring Cake is loved and enjoyed by every age group.
This Soft & moist light Chocolate Cake is covered with chocolate gauche with a garnish of
moist chocolate Truffle.

Brown Bread

When it comes to making the customers healthy and satisfied, the name of Brown Bread comes in the front. Brown Bread is the most buy able and edible item of the Pie in Sky menu. The breakfast of Karachi it is incomplete without having this Brown Bread on the table. Served especially for Diet conscious people. It is a Low fat bread made with whole wheat and bran. Tasted heavenly when eaten with an omelet. This special treat of Pie in the Sky is offered at a very suitable amount of money and makes no burden on the pockets.

Complete Delizia Cake Menu

Pie in the Sky Menu Pakistan Price List

Pie in the Sky Breads

Multigrain BreadRs. 250
Brown BreadRs. 175
Cinnamon BreadRs. 290
Choc Croissant Box (Small)Rs. 180
Bread StickRs. 120
Plain BreadRs. 155
Brown Pita BreadRs. 125
Brown RuskRs. 150
Brown Burger BunRs. 100
Cheese Croissant Box (Small)from Rs. 200

Savories Section

Chicken PattiesRs. 75
Chicken Patties(Small)Rs. 35
Chicken PizzaRs. 170
Cheese SticksRs. 190
Cheese StrawsRs. 190

Pie in the Sky  Cookies

Chocolate Chip CookiesRs. 100
Jar Chocolate Chips CookiesRs. 330
Nutella Filled Dark CookiesRs. 170
Oat & Raisin CookiesRs. 120
Jar Oat & Raisin CookieRs. 330
Dark Chocolate Cookie JarRs. 330

Cakes & Desserts

Nutella Chocolate CakeRs. 1,850
Chocolate & Toffee CakeRs. 1,890
New Red Velvet CakeRs. 1,790
Mocha Java Cake (Small)Rs. 1,590
Pineapple GateauRs. 1,550
Chocolate Heaven CakeRs. 1,620
Caramel TruffleRs. 45
Chocolate TrufflesRs. 40
Chocolate Truffle Ring CakeRs. 1,250
Tri Milk CakeRs. 1,650
New Chocolate Malt CakeRs. 2,090
Chocolate Chunk CakeRs. 1,690
Lotus Cream CakeRs. 2,190
Mocha Java Cake( Large)Rs. 1,990
Vanilla Caramel CakeRs. 1,990
Cadbury Chunk CakeRs. 1,790
Brownie with Mousse CakeRs. 1,590
Chocolate Malt CakeRs. 1,850


Kentucky Butter CakeRs. 395
Mixed BiscuitsRs. 280
Apple PieRs. 150
Coffee CakeRs. 895
Kentucky Fruit CakeRs. 510
Plain BrownieRs. 130
Kentucky Marble CakeRs. 480
Triple Chocolate BrownieRs. 160
Walnut Fudge BrownieRs. 160
Banana BreadRs. 620
Lemon TartRs. 75
Mixed BiscottiesRs. 190
Double Chocolate BrownieRs. 160
Toffee BrownieRs. 165
Chocolate CakeRs. 950
Plain CupcakeRs. 60
Chocolate CupcakeRs. 60
Kentucky Butter Cake (Mini)Rs. 150
Red Velvet Cheese BrownieRs. 200
Caramel Syrup CakeRs. 240
Red Velvet CupcakeRs. 160
Brownie With FrostingRs. 150
Mississippi Mud CakeRs. 160
Chocolate Chip BrownieRs. 160
Chocolate DoughnutRs. 90
Carrot CakeRs. 210
Nutella Chocolate BrownieRs. 190
Mini Red Velvet CakeRs. 240
Vanilla Caramel SquareRs. 160
Coffee CrumbleRs. 160
Chocolate Cheese SquareRs. 180

How can I Find Pie in the Sky?




Karachi · (021) 36670855

Zamzama Karachi · (021) 3583033

Karachi · In Shell · 0334 0009609

Bahadurabad Karachi · (021) 34940833

Hyderabad · (022) 2100034

Karachi · (021) 36723240

Karachi · In Rufi Paradise · (021) 34198017

Pie in the Sky Garden East Karachi · (021) 32222555

Pie in the Sky Karachi · In Total Parco Shujaat Service Station · (021) 35852711

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