Layers Bakery Menu with Prices 2023

Layers Bakery Pakistan is quite famous for its mellow and sweetly delicious bakery products. They make everyone’s favorite varieties of Cakes and Cookies. Layers Bakery Menu includes delectable Desserts, Brownies, Cupcakes, and Sundaes which are pleasingly served to the visitors at affordable prices. They will surely become your favorite bakery after you have a taste of their products.

Layers Bakery Menu

Layers Bakery was first established in Lahore, the city of food, in 2020. After it received
a tremendous response from the locals, its owners decided to expand its branches in other major cities as well. Their crew is really fabulous as they treat every customer with equality and without any favoring.

Layers Bakery Menu

Layers Bakery menu offers a lot of savory baked products and here are the best of them:

Layers Bakery Cakes Prices

Brownies MenuPrice
Hershey’s FudgeRs. 140
NutellaRs. 140
Mars ChocolateRs. 140
Belgian MaltRs. 140
CadburyRs. 140
Peanut Butter StackRs. 140

Layers Bakery Cake Menu

Lotus Three Milk Cake2.5 LBSRs. 2500
Lotus Cake2.5 LBSRs. 2300
Belgian Chocolate Cake2.5 LBSRs. 2100
Ferrero Rocher Cake2.5 LBSRs. 2300
Ferrero Classic Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1800
Nutella Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1700
Red Velvet Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1500
Salted Caramel Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1900
Raffaello Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1900
Kit Kat Cake2.5 LBSRs. 2000
Chocolate Heaven Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1600
Malteser Cake2.5 LBSRs. 2400
German Fudge Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1400
Chocolate Mousse Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1400
Coffee Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1600
Dairy Milk Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1700
Chocolate Decadence Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1600
Galaxy Chocolate Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1900
Three Milk Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1700
Milky Malt Cake2.5 LBSRs. 1200

Cup Cakes Menu

Ferrero RocherRs. 170
Red VelvetRs. 170
Belgian MaltRs. 170
Chocolate HazelnutRs. 170
Classic ChocolateRs. 170
Original MaltRs. 170
M&MRs. 170
Chocolate Cream CheeseRs. 170
Oreo CookieRs. 170
Swiss Dark ChocolateRs. 170
Salted CaramelRs. 170
After 8 MintRs. 170
Milk ChocolateRs. 170
NutellaRs. 170
MatchaRs. 170
Lotus BiscoffRs. 170
Lite CoffeeRs. 170
Desserts Menu
Strawberry Cheese CakesRs. 350
Raspberry Cheese CakesRs. 350
Walnut Cup PieRs. 170
Apple Cup PieRs. 170
Belgian Chocolate Cup TartRs. 170
Crème BruleeRs. 170
Lotus CheeseRs. 350
Mango Cheese CakeRs. 350
Chocolate MuffinRs. 100
Banana Walnut MuffinRs. 100
Chocolate Chunk CookieRs. 200

Sundae Menu

Red Velvet SundaeRs. 350
Three Milk SundaeRs. 350
Nutella SundaeRs. 350
Galaxy SundaeRs. 350
Salted Caramel SundaeRs. 350
Lotus SundaeRs. 350
Lotus Three Milk SundaeRs. 350

Layers Bakery Menu Milky Malt Cake

Milky Malt Cake is probably the best seller at the Layers Bakery shop. It is basically made with an imported malt which is further blended with premium cocoa and fresh cream. Its taste is super yummy and sweet which will satisfy your taste buds. It weighs around 2.5 lbs which can easily handle a regular gathering. When you cut it you realize that there are different chocolaty layers in the cake. This makes it look great with such an awesome taste that you will definitely lick your fingers.

Three Milk Cake by Layers Bakery Menu

The Layers Bakery boasts of its marvelous Three Milk Cake which is made to perfection by
professional bakers. It is actually a vanilla sponge cake made with three distinct kinds of milk. These three milks are Whole milk, Evaporated milk and Condensed milk. This cake is covered with a chocolatey layer and under that it has a brownish color. It is so soft and literally melts in your mouth. Price is kept very reasonable seeing its quality as well as quantity.

Layers Bakery Galaxy Sundae

Make yourself comfortable with a special offering named Galaxy Sundae by the Layers Bakery menu. It is made with Oreo fudge brownie, Crème cheese, Shortbread biscuits and signature Galaxy chocolate. All these constituents make it a perfectly sugared bakery product that is liked by everyone. It is usually available at 350 PKR but prices may vary from location to location. It is surely a must try if you want to have something really good at such a price.

Lotus Three Milk Sundae

Lotus Three Milk Sundae is a very popular item offered by the Layers Bakery shop. It is actually made with 100% Belgian speculators spread with a layer of super moisture leches. Furthermore, it also has blended rich chocolate over crushed cookie in the center which gives it a multilayered design.

Layers Bakery Locations

  • Layers Bakeshop – Y Block DHA Lahore
  • Layers Bakeshop – Johar Town Lahore
  • Layers Bakeshop – Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
  • Layers Bakeshop – MM Alam Lahore
  • Layers Bakeshop – Model Town
  • Lahore · In METRO Model Town, Lahore
  • Layers Bakeshop Wapda Town Branch Lahore
  • Layers Bakeshop – Phase 5 DHA
  • Lahore · In Civic Commercial Area
  • Layers Bakeshop – Phase 6 DHA Lahore
  • Layers Bakeshop – Bahria Phase 7 Rawalpindi
  • Layers Bakeshop – I-8 Markaz Islamabad
  • Layers Bakeshop – Beverly Centre
  • Islamabad · In Beverly Centre
  • Layers Bakeshop – Girja Chowk Lahore
  • Layers Bakeshop – Burjman Center Peshawar

Layers Bakery Contact Phone Number

  2. (042) 111 529 377

Do Layers Bakery make Custom Cakes?

Yes. Layers Bakery makes custom cakes but the prices may vary according to your desired design of the cake.

Where is Layers Bakery in Islamabad?

Recently, Layers Bakery has opened its branches in Islamabad which are located at Beverly Centre and I-8 Markaz.

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