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Visit Burger O Clock Menu Pakistan If you want to have the most amazing burgers in Pakistan. They have earned quite a name because of their titillating varieties of Burgers, Gourmet Fries, Kid’s Meals, Deals, Appetizers, and savory Beverages. All the products are made with the choicest ingredients possible which give you an authentic taste.

Burger O’Clock restaurant was founded in Karachi and now it is committed to customer
satisfaction by providing amazing services. That’s why they serve delicious food items at
very easy prices. Moreover, if you are not able to dine at the restaurant, you can order your
favorite food to your home or office via the Burger O’Clock delivery service.

Burger O’Clock Best Items

The restaurant has a large number of items to offer but here we will tell you only about the
Burger O’Clock menu’s best items:

Premium Burgers in Burger O’Clock Pakistan Menu

The Burger O’Clock menu has a couple of gratifying Premium Burgers ready to be served at
your order. These premium burgers are Crunches Burger and Messy Meat Burger and both are the best sellers among other items. Both of these include juicy beef patty, grilled chicken filet, and cheese as major constituents. These burgers are made to perfection for your dining and served in comfortable packaging which doesn’t ruin the shape of your burger. Both Premium Burgers are available at the price of 799 PKR only.

Burger O’Clock Pakistan Stack Burgers

The Stack Burgers at the Burger O’Clock restaurant will make your mouth water with their juicy look only. There are a total of five burgers in this section of the menu which are unique in every way. Try their Belt Buster, Gigantic Burger, and Fiery Gigantic for a divine taste. Each of these has a distinct quality that makes them a must-try. For instance, Gigantic Burger contains double crispy chicken patties while the Belt Buster is four succulent patties tall!

Burger O’Clock Pakistan Gourmet Fries

The Burger O’Clock menu takes great pride while serving its delectable Gourmet Fries with its marvelous Burgers. These fries are the best in the town for their taste and eye-catching serving style. You should definitely try their Wild Fries and Mayo Garlic Fries if you are bored of traditional-style fries. These fries are served with special sauces which make them tastier and spicier.

Burger O’Clock Deals

Burger O’Clock deals are very well appreciated by fast food lovers. To begin with, there
Cricket Craze Deals offer you 30% off. Moreover, Share the Goodness deals at the Burger
O’Clock also offers 30% off so you can spread goodness among people. Online Exclusively
Deals offer up to 27% off to the customers. On the other hand, their Mighty Deals offer you up to 25% off.

Burger O’Clock Menu with Updated Price List

Online Exclusive Deals

Online Exclusive Deal 011 classic Burger with a Soft Drink CanR.s 599
Online Exclusive Deal 021 Extreme Burger,1Plain Fries with a Soft Drink CanR.s 699
Online Exclusive Deal 03  01 Classic Burger, Extreme Burgers, 1 Gourmet Fries with 2 Soft Drink CansR.s 1499
Online Exclusive Deal 04Any 01 Premium Burger, 1Soft Drink CanR.s 1049

Mighty Deals by Burger O Clock

Deal 01

1 Fire bird burger with 1  soft drinkR.s 599
Deal 02

1 Gigantic burger with1softdrinkR.s 799
Deal 03

Any 2 Extreme Burger,  1 Gourmet Fries, 2 Soft Drink CansR.s 1399
Deal 04

Any 1 Premium Burger, 1 Gourmet Fries with a Soft Drink CanR.s 799
Deal 05

Any 2 Value Burgers,  2 Soft Drink CansR.s 949
Deal 06

2 Chick ‘n’ Crisp Burgers, 2 Fire Bird Burgers, 4 Soft Drink CansR.s 1699

Burger O Clock Fries

Chilli Cheese FriesR.s379
Zesty BBQ FriesR.s379
Wild FriesR.s379
Mayo Garlic FriesR.s379
Curly FriesR.s379
Simple FriesR.s199

Burger O Clock Premium & Stack Burgers

Crunchos BurgerR.s 799
Messy Meat BurgerR.s 799
Pizza BurgerR.s 799
Gigantic BurgerR.s 799
Double crispy chicken PattyR.s 1299
Fiery GiganticR.s 799

Extreme Burgers

Fire Bird BurgerR.s 659
Chilli BlastR.s 659
Smoky TangR.s 659
Jalapeno SparR.s 659

Burger O Clock Classic Burgers

Chick N’ Crisp BurgerR.s 599
Beef VegiR.s 599
Beef CheeseR.s 599
Grilled ChickenR.s 599
Protein Style BurgerR.s 659

Burger O Clock Value Burgers

Crispy Chicken Value BurgerR.s 459
Fiery Chicken Value BurgerR.s 459
Smoky Tang Value BurgerR.s 459
Jalapeno Spark Value BurgerR.s 459

Appetizers by Burger O Clock

Finger ChickenR.s 549
Crispy WingsR.s 499
Buffalo WingsR.s 499
Smoky BBQ WingsR.s 499
Smoky BBQ WingsR.s 499

Owner of Burger O’Clock?

Ovais Bhimani is the founder as well as the owner of the Burger O’Clock restaurant.

Burger O’Clock timings?

Usually, Burger O’Clock restaurants are open to dining in from 12 PM to 2:00 AM at various
locations in Karachi.

Here You Can Find Burger O Clock

  • * DHA Branch- Plot no. 10-C, at the intersection of Khayaban-e-Nishat and Khayaban-e-Ghazi, Dha phase 6. Opposite BONSAI Restaurant.
  • * SMCHS Branch- Plot # 104-A, Ground floor, S.M.C.H.S, capt Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Road Karachi, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, Karachi
  • * Gulshan Branch- Shop no. 2 & 3, Shazco Centre, Plot SB-3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 4, near Disco Bakery, opposite KFC Karachi
  • * Nazimabad Branch- Shop no. 3, SAIMA PAARI CORNER, Block L, Near 5-star Chowrangi, Karachi
  • * FC-01, Food Court Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi
  • * K-011 Food Court Dolmen Mall Tariq Road, Karachi
  • * Shop # 2, Ground Floor Uni Tower Main I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi
  • * FC-15, Food Court Lucky One Mall, Karachi.
  • * Plot-20, Midway Commercial-B Phase 1, Bahria Town, Karachi

Contact Burger O Clock

(021) 111 432 532




More About Burger O Clock

Welcome to the home of delicious gourmet burgers. Burger O’Clock is a modern restaurant that exists to delight passionate burger lovers. Walk in and place your order and sit back and relax and soak in our attractive ambiance as you wait for your order to be prepared. All burgers are cooked to order and we pride ourselves on serving fresh, delicious, and hygienic burgers that tantalize the taste buds and excite your senses.

We have perfected the optimized packaging to enhance your burger experience. Our packaging is designed to be easy to hold and carry as well as ensure that your burgers maintain their flavor and shape. For those who do not prefer a dine-in or takeaway experience, we offer our patrons the option to have their orders delivered to their homes or office.

What makes us O-So-Special?

We only use premium meat that is guaranteed for its freshness. What’s more, our sauces are hand-crafted with secret spices and herbs that leave you drooling for more. If it’s your first trip you would love our gourmet burgers Crunches with fried mozzarella cheese patty and crisp nachos or Messy meat with crispy onion rings and saucy chili. For the sides, we are loved for our Gourmet fries – potatoes topped with a variety of, sauces, nacho cheese, jalapeños, pepperoni and so much more!

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