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Broadway Pizza menu is one of the largest fast food chains in our beloved country Pakistan. It is the leading brand when it comes to offering delicious flavors of heavenly tasting pizzas.
Broadway menu boasts of serving so many other food items besides its signature pizzas such as baked Sandwiches, Pastas, Desserts, Beverages, Extra Sauces at easy prices. You can get plenty of deals from this restaurant and enjoy their food with your friends and family.

Broadway Pizza


Broadway has become an international brand after nine years of hard work, passion and dedication. Their top quality service has won hearts all over the world. Broadway Pizza menu is available in every major city of Pakistan.


Broadway Pizza Menu Best Items

As you know, the Broadway restaurant has so many items and flavors of pizzas for the
visitors. But, we will tell you about the best items from the menu:

Top 10 Best Pizza In Lahore

Jamaican BBQ

Bless your taste buds with the ravishing Jamaican Pizza at the Broadway restaurant.
Since the owners have announced 25% off offer on many flavorful pizzas, its demand has gone sky high. Its constituents include Buffalo Chicken, Tikka, Sweet Corns, Green Onions,
Jalapenos ,BBQ Ranch Sauce And Mozzarella which make it irresistible. You will inevitably try this delightful pizza once you reach their place.

Broadway Pizza

Arabic Ranch Pizza

Arabic Ranch pizza is another exciting flavor offered by the Broadway to the pizza lovers across countries and especially Pakistan. Its taste will, for some time, make you forget all the worries in the world. It is made with the fresh ingredients including Chicken Mughlai, Chicken Arabic Kebab, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Spring Onions, and Mozzarella. Finally, Arabic Ranch pizza is topped With mouthwatering Classic Ranch Sauce. It is a must try if you are visiting the restaurant for the very first time.

Broadway Arabic Ranch Pizza


Broadway Kebab Zone

The calzones section at the Broadway restaurant serves chicken and kabab for two
people. This marvelous Kabab Zone meal consists of Chapli kabab, Chicken Seekh Kebab,
Chicken Mughlai, Tomatoes, Capsicum, and Arabic Ranch Sauce. If you visit them right now, you can save up to 25% and get this kabab at the price of 449 PKR only. Do grab a cold drink to give yourself a titillating taste. You won’t regret buying this food item from the restaurant, in fact, you will definitely visit them again for more.

Broadway Kebab Zone

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad is world famous because it is a freshly made salad which is not only tasty but also healthful. Its ingredients include Iceberg, Cucumber, Olives, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes,Smoked Chicken, and Arabic Ranch Sauce.


Broadway Chicken Caesar Salad


Broadway Pizza Menu Price List

Appetizers & Wings

Arabic Tikka Breads (4 pcs)Rs. 279
Garlic Breads (5 pcs)Rs. 244
Mozarella Breads (5 pcs)Rs. 279
Oven Baked Potato Wedges (200 Grams)Rs. 279
Stuffed Potato Skins (5 pcs)Rs. 279
BBQ Ranch Wings (6 pcs)Rs. 279
Garlic Mayo Wings (6 pcs)Rs. 279
Habanero Wings (6 pcs)Rs. 279
Jalapeno Ranch Wings (6 pcs)Rs. 279
Plain Wings (6 pcs)Rs. 244

Pizza Flavors

Star PizzaRs. 279
Jamaican BBQRs. 839
Chicago Bold FoldRs. 244
West Side GarlicRs. 244
Dancing FajitaRs. 244
Tarzan TikkaRs. 244
PhantomRs. 244
Mamamia ClassicRs. 244
Godspell Beef LoadRs. 244
Mughlai BeastRs. 244
Gypsy EuroRs. 244
Wicked BlendRs. 244
Arabic RanchRs. 244
Habanero KickRs. 244
All CheeseRs. 244
All VeggieRs. 244



Chicken ZoneRs. 405
Kebab ZoneRs. 405

Fresh Salads & Creamy Pastas

Chicken Caesar SaladRs. 280
Garden SaladRs. 245
Smokey Joes PastaRs. 384
Spicy Garlic Ranch PastaRs. 384
BBQ Ranch PastaRs. 384

Mighty Oven Baked Sandwich

Smokey Joes SandwichRs. 419
South Western SandwichRs. 419
Zesty Habanero SandwichRs. 419


Chocolate Fudge Brownie Squares (4 pcs)Rs. 209
Chocolate Lava CakeRs. 209


Drinks LargeRs. 199
Drinks SmallRs. 89

Extra Sauces

Extra BBQ RanchRs. 28
Extra Garlic RanchRs. 28
Extra Jalapeno RanchRs. 28
Extra Spicy HabaneroRs. 28
Broadway Pizza Menu

Here You Can Find about Broadway Pizza

Who Owns Broadway Pizza Pakistan?

Broadway Pizza Pakistan is owned by Shahbaz Khan who also happens to be its Chief Executive Officer.

How many cities does Broadway Pizza have in Pakistan?

Broadway Pizza has a huge fan following across Pakistan so the owners have established like 50+ outlets across the country to entertain thousands of customers.

Contact Broadway Pizza

  • Broadway Restaurant Mall of Multan  (061) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Lyallpur Galleria Faisalabad · (041) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza MM Alam Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Z block Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Faisal Town 38 Pak-Arab Housing Scheme Main Road · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Allama Iqbal Town Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Bahria Town Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza DHA Phase 6 Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Shad Bagh Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Auto Bhan Hyderabad · (022) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Kohinoor Faisalabad · (041) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Pizza Shalimar Link Road Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Restaurant Gulshane Ravi Lahore · (042) 111 139 139
  • Broadway Restaurant Zarrar Shaheed Road Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Restaurant Bukhari Karachi · (021) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Restaurant Mall Road Lahore Lahore · (042) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Restaurant Clifton Karachi · (021) 111 339 339
  • Broadway Restaurant – Gulistan e Johar Karachi · (021) 111 339 339

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