Fresco Sweets Menu and Prices

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The premium Mithai adventure of Fresco Sweets began in 1984 with a little shop on Murree Road. The variety and quality of their sweets have made them popular in the town. Fresco Sweets Mithai menu is also flexible and broad, with alternatives such as fine and quality barfi, rasgullas, halwa, chumchum, and many more. 

Fresco Sweets

All of their sweets are made only with fresh milk and high-quality ingredients. Fresco food is superior to its competitors due to its uncompromising quality, customer service, delicate taste, and nutritious ingredients. Moreover, they don’t add any artificial flavors and preservatives to their foodstuffs, it ensures the quality of food. What’s more, you can eat in the aesthetic ambiance, take out, and order sweets or snacks online.

Fresco Sweets Men and Price List

Here You Can Find Complete Fresco Sweets Menu and Updated Prices

Fresco Sweets Pizzas

MenuSmallMediumLargeExtra-LargeExtra Topping
Grilled Chicken Pizza890118015901990200
BBQ Pizza890118015901990200
Smoked Chicken Pizza890118015901990200
Fajita Pizza890118015901990200
Seekh Kabab Pizza890118015901990200
Margarita Pizza890118015901990200
Hot & Spicy Super Supreme Pizza890118015901990200
Sausage Pizza890118015901990200
Stuffed Crust Pizza890118015901990200
Malai Boti Pizza890118015901990200
Foursquare Pizza890118015901990200
Hawaiian Pizza890118015901990200
Beef Pepperoni Pizza890118015901990200
Veggie Pizza890118015901990200

Fresco Food Samose and Roll

Qeema samosa60
Chicken Samosa60
Aloo Samosa40
Chicken Roll50
Manda/Patti Qeema Samosa40
Special Chicken Kachori40

Fresco Sweets Burger Deals

Caesar Burger + French Fries + 345 ml Drink450 (Only Burger=330)
Ranch Burger + French Fries + 345 ml Drink450 (Only Burger=330)
Chicken Grill Burger + French Fries + 345  ml Drink400 (Only Burger=250)
Fish Grill Burger + French Fries + 345  ml Drink500 (Only Burger=380)
Zinger Grill Burger + French Fries + 345  ml Drink440 (Only Burger=320)
Chicken Patty Grill Burger + French Fries + 345  ml Drink380 (Only Burger=260)
Crispy Burger + French Fries + 345  ml Drink330 (Only Burger=260)
Chicken Jalapeno Burger + French Fries + 345  ml Drink400 (Only Burger=250)
Beef Patty Burger + French Fries + 345  ml Drink440 (Only Burger=320)
Beef Jalapeno Burger + French Fries + 345  ml Drink470 (Only Burger=350)

Fresco Sweets Menu

Mix Mithai700
Special Mix840
Barfi-Rasgully-Gulab Jaman760
Lado Special Pista Badam840
Badam Barfi840
Pista Barfi900
Pista Roll940
Akhroot Barfi940
Rustam Barfi840
Tuck Brown Barfi840
Lahori Barfi840
Anda Qalaqand840
Qalaqand Paan Perry780
Paper Qalaqand840
Akhroot Halwa940
Kaju Halwa970
Habshi Halwa970
Pineapple Halwa840
Badam Pak840
Coconut Perra840
Doodh Perra840
Zafrani Perra940
Chocolate Perra840
Badam Roll920
Bangali Chamcham760
Sandesh Kacha Gulla840
Besan Pateesa700
Kaju Katli2400
Zafrani Roll2400
Anjeer Roll2400
Peanut Paperi800
Chana Murgi860
Sohan Halwa Tikki Wala880
Sugar Free Mithai840
Chocolate Stick860
Pheyoni Banaspati680
Pheyoni Desi840
Rasmalai Dozen1080
Rasgully Sheery Walay840
Gajar Halwa-Daal Halwa1160
Mix Nimko560
Shakar Pary-Boondi600
Namak Pary440

Fresco Sweets Snacks

Stream Roast540
Steam Piece150
Crispy Fried Chicken150
Chicken Roll90
Chicken Pie100
Shashlic Stick120
Dhaka Stick120
Drum Stick80
Pizza Party80
French Fries150
Stuff Chicken200
Kabab Stick80
Chicken Shami Kabab60
Italian Kabab70
Pizza Slice70
Spring Roll80
Mushroom Roll80
Bakery Pizza80
Bread Pizza80

Panini and Sandwiches

Grilled Panini Sandwich Single150
Grilled Panini Sandwich Full280
Fried Sandwich Single 50
Fried Sandwich Full100
Club Sandwich140
Grill Club Sandwich 140
Special Club Sandwich 250
BBQ Sandwich 140
Tikka Sandwich 140
Chicken Achari Sandwich 140
Zinger Paratha Roll220
Chicken Paratha Roll200

Fresco Sweets Roll Paratha

Chicken Paratha Roll240
Zinger Roll Paratha260
Aarbi Paratha Chicken160
Aarbi Paratha Qeema170

Fresco Sweets Exclusive Deals

2 Zinger Burgers + 1 500 ml Drink 630
3 Grilled Burger + 1 Liter Drink830
4 Zinger Burgers + 1.5 Liter Drink1200
3 Any Burger of your Choice with 2 Fries1040
2 Zinger Paratha Roll + 1 500 ml Drink520
1 Pizza Fries + 1 500 ml Drink450
2 Fish Fillets with Fries500
Full Steam Roast + 1 Liter Drink820
Half Steam Roast + 1 500 ml Drink420
3 Fried Chicken + 1 Fries + 1 500 ml Drink490

Fresco Sweets Fruit Juice


Fresco Sweets Ice Cream Flavors

Mango Special120170230
Vanilla Special120170230
Mix Fruit120170230
Chocolate Chip120170230
Peshawari Ice Cream120170230
Kulfa Special120170230
Vanilla Chocolate120170230
Tutti Frutti120170230
Anjeer 120170230
Banana Cherry120170230

Special Weekend Breakfast Menu

Poori 30
Halwa 1 kg400
Halwa Plate50
Chana Plate (single)50
Chana Plate (full)100
Bhujia Plate (single)50
Bhujia Plate (full)100
Puray 20
Lassi 100

Fresco Sweets Location

Branch NameAddressContact Number
Fresco Sweets Murree Road – RawalpindiK-31, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, (Main-Branch)+92-51-5962225, +92-51-5962226
Fresco Sweets Blue Area – Islamabad76-E, Hill View Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad+92-51-234466, +92-51-234477
Fresco Sweets Saddar – Rawalpindi6-The Mall, Mall Road, Saddar Cantt, Rawalpindi+92-51-5700082, +92-51-5700083
Fresco Sweets F-10 – Islamabad7-E, A&K Plaza, 10th Avenue, Adjacent To D. Watson Grocery, F-10 Markaz Islamabad+92-51-2100060, +92-51-2100061

Fresco Sweets Islamabad Contact Details


Contact number: 03-111-222-956


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