Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant Multan Menu & Prices

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Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Multan that offers a wide variety of Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in a traditional Chinese style, with red lanterns and bamboo accents. The menu features a variety of dishes, including appetizers, soups, main courses, and desserts. Some of the most popular dishes include chicken Manchurian, chow mein, and sweet and sour pork. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian options.

Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant

Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant is a great place to go for a special occasion or a casual meal. The food is delicious, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is inviting. If you’re looking for a great Chinese meal in Multan, Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant is the place to go.

Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant Menu with Updated Prices

Shangrilla Chinese STARTERS

ItemPrice (Rs.)
French Fries385
Golden Fried Prawns2,980
Tempura Chicken1,575
Fajita Nacho1,575
Fried Cheese Chicken1,520

Shangrilla Chinese SOUPS Menu & Prices

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Shangrlla Special Soup1,700
Sliced Chicken Vegetable Soup1,110
Prawn Vegetable Soup1,700
Hot Szechuan Soup1,700
Chicken Corn Soup1,190
Hot & Sour Soup1,330
Chicken Mushroom & Vegetable Soup1,275
Chicken Thai Soup1,110
Exotic Mushroom Soup470
Cream of Chicken Soup470
Szechuan Soup500
Special Noodle Soup1,350
Fried Wontons Noodle Soup1,350
Chicken Noodle Soup1,250
Vegetable Noodle Soup1,180

Shangrilla Chinese NOODLES SOUP Menu & Prices

Noodles Soup1,350
Special Noodle Soup1,350
Fried Wontons Noodle Soup1,350
Chicken Noodle Soup1,250
Vegetable Noodle Soup1,180

Shangrilla Chinese BAR B Q Menu & Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Cheese BotiRs. 1,780
Chicken KababRs. 1,430
Chicken Malai BotiRs. 1,780
Chicken Reshmi BotiRs. 1,780
Chicken Rajasthani TikkaRs. 1,860
Fish TikkaRs. 2,780
Grilled FishRs. 2,780
Chicken Tikka BotiRs. 1,525
Chicken Angara BotiRs. 1,525
Chicken Irani BotiRs. 1,675
Chicken Chatkhara BotiRs. 1,675
Chicken Mughlai BotiRs. 1,525
Kashmiri KababRs. 1,570
Kashmiri Fish TikkaRs. 2,780


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Mushroom Thyme Sauce1,900
Chicken Moroccan1,900
Chicken Green Pepper Sauce1,900
Tuscany Chicken1,900
Chicken Marrakesh1,900
Grilled Pepper Steak1,925
Grilled Steak Dijonnaise1,925
Shangrila Grilled Steak with BBQ Sauce1,925
Grilled Steak Shiitake Mushroom Sauce1,925
Chicken Shashlik1,925
Mexican Steak1,925
Shangrila Grilled Chicken1,925
Spicy Peri Chicken1,850
Stuffed Chicken Breast2,070

Shangrilla Chinese SEAFOOD SPECIALTY

Menu ItemPrice
Seafood PlatterRs. 3,200
Thai Red SnapperRs. 2,780
Spicy Grilled Red SnapperRs. 3,240
Prawn Curry AlmondRs. 2,550
Thermidor PrawnsRs. 3,050
Thai Tiger PrawnsRs. 3,200
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Shangrilla Chinese SEAFOOD Menu & Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Shangrila Special FishRs. 2,780
Dhaka FishRs. 2,780
Fish with Garlic SauceRs. 1,860
Dry Fish with Green ChiliesRs. 1,980
Fried Finger Fish & ChipsRs. 2,610
Fish With VegetableRs. 1,860
Fish with GingerRs. 2,090
Fish CrackerRs. 600
Fish ManchurianRs. 2,030
Fried Jumbo PrawnsRs. 2,980
Prawns CutletRs. 2,100
Prawns with Garlic SauceRs. 2,270
Dry Prawns with Green ChiliesRs. 2,200
Paper PrawnsRs. 2,200
Prawns ManchurianRs. 2,200
Sweet & Sour PrawnsRs. 2,200
Prawns with AlmondsRs. 2,500
Fried Prawns BallRs. 2,540
Fried Tail PrawnsRs. 2,300
Chef Special Fried PrawnsRs. 2,500
Prawns with Oyster SauceRs. 2,600
Prawns with Black Pepper & ChiliesRs. 2,100
Prawns GingerRs. 2,100
Shrimp On ToastRs. 1,900
Fried Dhaka PrawnsRs. 2,880
Prawn Curry AlmondRs. 1,950


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Shangrila Special Chicken With Pineapple & Cherry1,730
Chicken Spring Roll1,250
Chicken with Almonds1,800
Sweet & Sour Chicken1,575
Chicken with Mixed Vegetable1,440
Chicken with Pineapple1,575
Paper Chicken1,630
Chicken with Chilies & Onion1,575
Chicken with Black Pepper & Chilies1,575
Chicken with Chilies & Vegetable1,500
Chicken with Green Chilies Dry1,730
Honey Chicken Chilies1,575
Chicken with Mushroom & Vegetable1,630
Hot Sauce Chicken1,630
Special Hot Plate Chicken1,730
Chicken Manchurian1,730
Chicken with Garlic Sauce1,730
Dhaka Chicken1,800
Honey Chicken Wings1,550
Chicken With Ginger1,730
Chicken Drumstick1,840
Fried Chicken with Soya Bean Sauce1,850
Chicken Oyster Sauce1,800
Chicken with Lemon Sauce1,730
Chicken Boneless Gravy1,730
Chicken Boneless Handi2,140
Chicken Young Corn1,730
Chicken with Button Mushroom & Garlic Sauce1,800
Braised Chicken in Hot Spice1,800
Chicken Cutlets1,700
Chef Special Cocktail Chicken2,600

Shangrilla Chinese THAI SPECIAL Menu & Prices

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Szechuan Chicken1,910
Chicken Cashew Nuts2,160
Tom Yum Chicken1,910
Seven Leaf Thai Chicken1,910
Thai Green Curry Chicken1,910
Thai Red Curry Chicken1,910
Chicken Sajni1,910
Mandarin Chicken1,910
Mongolian Chicken1,910


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Mutton Handi3,380
Mutton Manchurian3,380
Mutton with Green Chilies Dry3,380
Mutton with Almonds3,380
Mutton with Black Pepper & Chilies3,380
Mutton with Vegetable3,380
Mutton with Ginger3,380
Mutton with Oyster Sauce3,380


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chinese Chop Suey1,820
American Chop Suey1,600
Prawns Chop Suey1,900
Chicken Chop Suey1,560
Shangrila Special Chow Mein2,100
Prawns Chow Mein2,100
Chicken Chow Mein950
Vegetable Chow Mein1,330

Shangrilla Chinese PASTAS Menu & Prices

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Fettuccine Shrimp Pasta2,410
Mushroom & Cheese Sauce Pasta1,910
Shangrila Spicy Fettuccine with Bell Pepper1,860

RICE Menu & Prices

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Shangrila Special Rice1,790
Chicken Masala Rice1,300
Mutton Fried Rice2,100
Steamed Rice with Chicken & Mushroom1,850
Steamed Rice with Chicken & Tomato Sauce1,850
Egg Fried Rice1,190
Chicken Fried Rice1,350
Plain Steamed Rice990
Vegetable Rice1,250


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Roghni Naan70


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Russian Salad650

Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant Address and Number

Address: 117B Bohra St, Saddar Multan Cantt Commercial Area, Multan.

Phone: (061) 4545532 


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