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Check Yum Chinese Menu If you’re fond of Chinese food and looking for a place where you can satisfy your Chinese food craving then you’re in luck as we are going to tell you about Pakistan’s most famous Chinese food serving restaurant that is none other than Yum Chinese. At Yum Chinese menu, food adventurers are delighted with the authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine with a huge variety. You have Starters, Thai Starters, Fish, Duck, Seafood, Thai Soup, Rice, Chow Mein, Beverages and more in the Yum Chinese menu. Each of their menu items is offered at a sustainable price rate that can be easily payable for every individual.

Yum Chinese was Established in 2010. It is the most distinguished restaurant chain in Pakistan. Yum Chinese offers the perfect setting for friends and families to gather, talk and eat in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Yum Chinese Menu Best Items

There is a very long list of products offered at Yum Chinese menu. As they have so much to present on a table so we will discuss about their best items:

Yum Chinese Menu Special Fish

Yum special Fish is known as one of the best selling items of Yum Chinese. It is also one of its signature products. You cannot imagine how delicious and irresistible this fish is. Each bite of it will cast a magical spell on you. This fish is filled with nutrition and proteins and makes a gentle effect on your health.This mouth watering crispy deep fried fish is topped with Yum special sauce for brilliant taste.

Yum Special Chow Mein

Talking about Chinese cuisine and not mentioning Chow Mein? Well it cannot be possible! Yum Special Chow Mein of Yum Chinese has won thousands of hearts with its heavenly taste. It is an authentic Chinese dish and Yum doesn’t commit any mistake while making and letting it to perfection. Every single ingredient used by the professional chefs are of superior quality. It contains Chinese noodles stir-fried with prawns, chicken, bamboo shoots and black mushrooms.

Yum Chinese Menu Chicken Manchurian

Along With Yum Special Fish and Chow Mein, Yum Chinese wants you to have an experience of its all time favorite item Chicken Manchurian.
It is on top of the list and claimed as one of the most famous dishes served at Yum. It is so scrumptious that its taste cannot be described in words. One thing is for sure that you have never tasted anything like Chicken Manchurian at any Chinese food serving restaurant before.

Yum Chinese Menu Pakistan Price List



Spicy Honey Chicken WingsRs. 995
Chinese Spring RollsRs. 945
Rock Shrimp TempuraRs. 1,895
Sesame Honey Chili ChickeRs. 1,295
Cho Yuen SquidsRs. 1,695

Thai Starters

Gai SatayRs. 1,275
Por Pia TordRs. 1,295
Pla Meuk ThodhRs. 1,495
Goong Hom SabaiRs. 2,095
Goong ThodhRs. 2,095
Goong SatayRs. 1,795
Pla Tod ChipsRs. 1,795


Yum Special SoupRs. 1,495
Hot & Sour SoupRs. 1,275
Chicken Thai SoupRs. 1,245
Szechuan SoupRs. 1,395
Chicken Noodle SoupRs. 1,245
Sweet Corn & Chicken SoupRs. 1,245
Wanton SoupRs. 1,245
Chef’s Recommended SoupRs. 1,395
Mixed Seafood SoupRs. 1,495
Hot & Sour Seafood SoupRs. 1,495
The Treasure SoupRs. 1,445
Chicken Vegetable Clear SoupRs. 1,245

Thai Soups

Tom Kha Goong SoupRs. 795
Tom Kha Gai SoupRs. 775
Tom Yum Goong Soup Rs. 825
Tom Yum Gai Soup Rs. 775
Kway Theow Nam Gai SoupRs. 775
Tom Yum Po Tak SoupRs. 845
Geang Jued Woon Sen SoupRs. 845
Tom Yum Hed Sod SoupRs. 775


Chicken with Chilies & OnionsRs. 1,395
Chicken In Spicy Black Bean SauceRs. 1,495
Chicken ManchurianRs. 1,395
Chicken Manchurian HomestyleRs. 1,395
Kung Pao ChickenRs. 1,395
Kung Pao Chicken HomestyleRs. 1,395
Chicken Chili In Oyster SauceRs. 1,395
Chicken In Hot Garlic SaucRs. 1,395
Mandarin ChickenRs. 1,395
Chef’s Special Sesame ChickenRs. 1,395
Lemon ChickenRs. 1,395
Chicken with Cashew NutsRs. 1,445
Mongolian ChickenRs. 1,495
Chicken with Roasted AlmondsRs. 1,495
Hot & Spicy Braised ChickenRs. 1,395
Chicken with Lychee & PineappleRs. 1,495
Chicken Chili VegetableRs. 1,395
Black Pepper ChickeRs. 1,395
Sweet & Sour ChickenRs. 1,395
Chicken with Chillies DryRs. 1,395
Szechuan ChickenRs. 1,395


Prawns TempuraRs. 2,095
Golden Fried PrawnsRs. 2,095
Stuffed Chili PrawnsRs. 1,895
Chili Beans PrawnsRs. 1,895
Honey Lemon Chili PrawnsRs. 1,895
Crispy PrawnsRs. 2,095
Beijing PrawnsRs. 2,095
Szechuan PrawnsRs. 2,095
Sweet & Sour FishRs. 1,895
Prawns with Chilies & VegetablesRs. 2,095
Prawns with Cashew NutsRs. 2,095
Prawns in Hot Garlic SauceRs. 2,095
Mongolian PrawnsRs. 2,095
Kung Pao PrawnsRs. 2,095
Sweet & Sour PrawnsRs. 2,095
Prawns in Oyster SauceRs. 2,095
Prawns in Black Bean SauceRs. 2,095
Honey Chili Sesame PrawnsRs. 2,095
Szechuan Style Braised PrawnsRs . 2,095
Yum Special PrawnsRs. 2,195
Fish with Chilies DryRs. 1,895
Yum Special FishRs. 2,995
Fish in Hot Garlic SauceRs. 1,895
Kung Pao FishRs. 1,895
Cho Yun FishRs. 1,895
LobsterRs. 4,495
Chili CrabRs. 1,995
Squids in Hot Garlic SauceRs. 1,895
Stir Fried SquidsRs. 1,895
Fish in Black Bean SauceRs. 1,895
Steamed FishRs. 1,895
Crispy FishRs. 1,895
Steamed Red SnapperRs. 2,895
Fish Chili in Oyster SauceRs. 1,895
Szechuan FishRs. 1,895


Beef with Chilies DryRs. 1,795
Beef with Black Bean SauceRs. 1,795
Beef with Chilies & OnionRs. 1,795
Beef in Oyster SauceRs. 1,795
Mongolian BeefRs. 1,795
Yum Special BeefRs. 1,795
Beijing Style BeefRs. 1,795
Beef Chili VegetablesRs. 1,795
Asian Chili BeefRs. 1,795


Vegetable Fried RiceRs. 945
Egg Fried RiceRs. 1,075
Chicken Fried RiceRs. 1,095
Yum Special RiceRs. 1,195
Chicken Masala RiceRs. 1,095
Steamed RiceRs. 895
Prawn Fried RiceRs. 1,395
Garlic Fried RiceRs. 1,045


Coca-Cola Can – 250 mlRs. 175
Fanta Can – 250 mlRs. 175
Coca-Cola Can – 250 mlRs. 175
Sprite Zero Can – 250 mlRs. 175
Fresh Lime with SpriteRs. 295
Fresh Lime with WaterRs. 295
Fresh Lime with SodaRs. 295
Dasani Water – 1.5 LiterRs. 195
Iced TeaRs. 395
TeaRs. 375
Green TeaRs. 375

Yum Chinese Menu Contact Information

Gulberg Branch – 24 K, Gulberg II Lahore
D.H.A Branch – 72 Z, Phase III, D.H.A Lahore
Street No. 16, F-7/2, Rana Market Islamabad.
19 A, Gulgasht Colony, Multan.


Your Questions about Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant

Contact number of Yum Chinese?

You can order online your favorite meal from Yum Chinese restaurant by calling at this number :

Locations of Yum Chinese?

um Chinese restaurant feels an honour of providing you with an exceptional taste and well
deserved dining experience on your each visit. It is located in following areas:
Gulberg Lahore Branch – 24 K, Gulberg II
DHA Lahore Branch – 72 Z, Phase III, DHA
Islamabad Branch – Street No. 16, F-7/2, Rana Market
19 A, Gulgasht Colony, Multan

Does Yum Chinese and Thai offer delivery?

Yes, Yum Chinese and Thai offers delivery services. via foodpana

How is Yum Chinese and Thai rated?

Yum Chinese and Thai is rated accordingly in the following categories by Tripadvisor travelers:
Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
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