Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

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Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine and are looking for the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad, look no further. We’ve curated a list of the top establishments where you can satisfy your cravings for authentic and delicious Chinese food. So, get ready to embark on a culinary adventure!

1. SiLu Food Culture, Islamabad

Located in Islamabad’s F-8 Markaz, SiLu Food Culture is renowned for serving genuine and flavorful Chinese cuisine. The restaurant offers reasonable prices, and their crispy sugar banana is a must-try. With a relaxing atmosphere, SiLu Food Culture provides an enjoyable dining experience. It boasts a 4.6 average rating on Google, with satisfied customers praising its authentic flavors and welcoming ambiance.

2. Asian Wok, Islamabad

Situated in the Beverley Center, Asian Wok offers fantastic soups and mouthwatering dynamite prawns. This new Chinese Cafe in Islamabad provides an excellent combination of ambiance, location, and cuisine at an affordable price. Customers have rated it 4.5 stars on Google, recognizing its expert use of flavorful spices.

3. Ginyaki Islamabad

Indulge in delicious Chinese cuisine at Ginyaki, an Eastern-style cafe located in Islamabad’s F-7 Markaz. The restaurant is known for its superb service and delectable dishes like Szechuan chicken and Mongolian beef. With prices starting at Rs. 600, Ginyaki offers high-quality food at reasonable rates. Recent patrons have awarded it a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Ginyaki Islamabad Complete Menu and Prices

4. Yum Authentic Chinese Islamabad

Yum Authentic Chinese in Islamabad’s F-7 district is a high-end establishment that strives to exceed expectations. With a lively and warm ambiance, Yum offers a diverse menu of Chinese selections, including the Chef’s special. It has garnered a 4.3 rating on Google, with customers praising its rooftop dining experience and stellar reputation for both Chinese cuisine and high tea.

5. Golden Dragon, Best Chinese in F7 Islamabad

Golden Dragon stands out for its delicious culinary selection and breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills. This elegant and sophisticated restaurant in the F7/3 neighborhood is perfect for special occasions or group outings. The Chinese menu features perfectly seasoned and flavorful dishes such as dumplings, chop suey, and handmade noodles. Golden Dragon offers affordable bundles, starting at just Rs. 399, and has received positive reviews, earning a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Google.

6. Heng Chang, Best Chinese Food Islamabad

Heng Chang is a great place to enjoy genuine Chinese food in Islamabad. Located in the F7/2 sector, it offers comfortable seating with a breathtaking view of the Margalla Hills. The menu features delicious options like beef chili dry and dynamite prawns. While the prices for main courses start at Rs. 950, customers appreciate the restaurant’s authentic cuisine, healthy options, and excellent service, reflected in its 4.0 Google rating.

7. KIM MUN, Islamabad

Kim Mun is a prominent Chinese restaurant located in Islamabad’s F7 district. It attracts residents with its outstanding food and service. Kim Mun offers a wide variety of mouthwatering Chinese dishes, including local specialties like Beef Foo Yung and Chicken Chow Mein. With a perfect score of 4 on Google, this restaurant is highly regarded for its genuine Chinese cuisine and sophisticated flavors.

KIM MUN Restaurant Islamabad Menu

8. Islamabad’s Dynasty Restaurant

Dynasty Restaurant, located at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad’s F-5/1 area, serves deliciously authentic Chinese fare. Their menu includes signature Cantonese, Szechuan, and Dim Sim Delights. While the initial costs may seem high, the dining experience is well worth it. Customers appreciate the great atmosphere and delightful flavors, reflected in its 4.0 Google rating.

9. Chinatown (Chinese Restaurant in F6 Islamabad)

Chinatown, situated in F6 Islamabad Markaz, is widely considered one of the best Chinese restaurants in town. With excellent service, a pleasant atmosphere, and mouthwatering cuisine, it satisfies all your Chinese food cravings. Chinatown offers a wide selection of dishes cooked in authentic Szechuan and Thai styles. Customers praise their soups and menu options, giving them a perfect 4.0 rating on Google.

10. Islamabad’s HA PI (Chinese Restaurant in F11 Islamabad)

Despite being a relatively new establishment, HA PI Chinese Restaurant in F11 Islamabad has quickly gained popularity. It offers authentic Chinese cuisine at an unbeatable value. Customers rave about their Chicken Manchurian and Ha Pi Chow Mein. For approximately Rs. 800, a hearty meal for four can be enjoyed at this restaurant, which is widely regarded as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Chinese dishes or eager to explore new flavors, these Chinese restaurants in Islamabad are sure to delight your taste buds and provide a memorable dining experience.

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