Springs Cafe Karachi Menu & Prices

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Springs Cafe Karachi


Springs Cafe is a hidden gem in Karachi, Pakistan. It is a small cafe located in the heart of the city, but it is often overlooked by tourists and locals alike. This is a shame, because Springs Cafe offers some of the best food in Karachi.

The menu at Springs Cafe is extensive, but it is the cafe’s cakes and pastries that are the real stars of the show. The cakes are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, and they are baked to perfection. The pastries are also delicious, and they are perfect for a light snack or dessert.


In addition to its delicious food, Springs Cafe also has a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The cafe is decorated in a rustic style, and it is filled with plants and flowers. This makes it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Springs Cafe Menu with Prices

Springs Cafe Breakfast Menu with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Khageena Paratha620
Frankfurter Sausages230
Fluffy French Toast690
Scrambled Egg & Mushroom750
Chicken & Cheddar Omelette770
Traditional Pakistani Omelette660
Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict1,050
Qeema Paratha750
Lotus Pancake680
Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon1,050
Bacon Cheese Omelette890
Baked Beans130
Butter Croissant & Jam450
Hash Brown250
Steak & Egg1,090
Avocado Guacamole And Chilli Fried Eggs On Our Dough750
Lotus French Toast830
Chocolate Chip Waffles790

Starters with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Cream of Chicken Soup390
Hot & Sour Soup390
Stuffed Mushrooms790
Caesar Salad750
Loaded Fries690
Trio of Fries650
Dynamite Chicken790
Dynamite Prawns860
Peri Bites690
Chicken Strips690
Minestrone Soup350
Fresh Mushroom Soup400
Chipotle Chicken Salad690
Steak Cobb Salad750
Crispy Salt And Pepper Calamari890


ENTREES with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Tarragon Chicken990
Asian Stir-Fried Chicken Bowl970
Crispy Beef Bowl990
Dry Chili Prawns with Noodles840
Korean Beef Bowl1,180
Moroccan Chicken990
Tuscan Chicken990
Chicken Quesadilla820
Crispy Red Snapper1,320
Chicken Jalapeño With Rice990
Fish & Chips1,050
Tamarind Chilli Prawns990
Creamy Pesto Chicken With Black Olives1,090
Smoked Parmesan Chicken Cutlet1,090

Burger and Sandwiches with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Mexican Burger880
Classic Club Sandwich840
Roasted Beef Mushroom Sandwich1,190
Trio of Sliders Burger990
Old Skool Cheese Burger950


Pizza with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Oak Smoked Chicken Pizzafrom 1,250
Margherita Pizzafrom 1,090
Spicy Pepperoni Pizzafrom 1,390
Chicken Tikka Pizzafrom 1,190
Four Cheese Pizzafrom 1,490
Truffle & Artichoke Pizza1,495

Steaks with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Dijon Steak With Mash Potato1,450
Beef Chimichurri1,320
Steak with Mushroom Sauce1,650


Pasta Menu with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Prawn & Calamari Spaghetti1,050
Alfredo Pasta920
Fettuccine in Creamy Tomato Sauce920
Pasta in Smoked Tomato Sauce790
Springs Spec Spaghetti999

Desserts with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
New York Cheesecake Slice480
Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream490
Chocolate Fudge Cake Slice490
Chocolate Chip Cookie660
Molten Chocolate Lava720

Ice Cream with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Vanilla Ice Cream220
Strawberry Ice Cream220

Kids Menu with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Mac & Cheese650
Chicken Nuggets580
Melted Cheese Sliders820
Mini Cheese Pizza690

Tea & Coffee Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Marshmallows Hot Chocolate600
Mixed Chai200
Hot Chocolate550
Flavored Cappuccino455
Flavored Latte455
Green Tea160

Shacks with Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Oreo Shake470
Chocolate Shake470
Strawberry Shake470
Caramel Shake470
Nutella Shake510
Vanilla Shake470

Beverages Price List

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Cold Coffee460
Lemon Iced Tea300
Peach Iced Tea320
Pina Colada390
Pepsi Can – 250 ml160
Fresh Lime220
7up Can – 250 ml160
Blue Lagoon420
Classic Mojito390
Nestle Water – 500 ml130
Mirinda Can – 250 ml160
Mocha Frappe490
Iced Latte390
Iced Americano320
Iced Mocha450
Tamarind Cooler320

Springs Cafe Locations and Contacts

Springs Cafe website:

Address: Restaurant, D.H.A Phase 6 Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Springs Cafe Phone: 0331 7774651

Address:Tipu Sultan Rd, Karachi Memon Co-operative Housing Society Jinnah Housing Society PECHS, Karachi.

Springs Cafe Phone: 0331 7774652


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