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Devour Pizza & Burger House is a popular fast food restaurant in Multan, Pakistan. The restaurant is known for its delicious pizzas, burgers, and other American-style food. Devour also has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, making it a great place to meet up with friends or family.

Devour Pizza & Burger House Multan


The menu at Devour Pizza & Burger House features a wide variety of options, including:


  • Pizzas: Devour offers a variety of pizzas, including classic favorites like pepperoni and cheese, as well as more unique options like the BBQ chicken pizza and the Mexican pizza.
  • Burgers: Devour’s burgers are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and are cooked to perfection. The restaurant offers a variety of burger options, including the classic cheeseburger, the bacon cheeseburger, and the mushroom Swiss burger.
  • Other American-style food: In addition to pizzas and burgers, Devour also serves a variety of other American-style food, such as fries, onion rings, chicken wings, and pasta.

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Devour Pizza House Menu & Prices

Devour Appetizers Menu with Price List

Mozzarella Cheese SticksRs. 630
Oven Baked WingsRs. 520
Crispy Coated WingsRs. 520
Spin RollsRs. 575
Kababish RollsRs. 630
NuggetsRs. 460
Onion RingsRs. 250

Devour Pizzas Menu with Price List

Tikka Legend Pizzafrom Rs. 630
Fajita Fantasy Pizzafrom Rs. 630
Super Supreme Pizzafrom Rs. 630
Cheesy Mania Pizzafrom Rs. 630
Block Buster Pizzafrom Rs. 1,370
Malai Munch Pizzafrom Rs. 1,370
Super Le Bistro 2.0 Pizzafrom Rs. 1,370
Tex Pro Max Pizzafrom Rs. 1,370
Bihari Blast Pizzafrom Rs. 1,370
Creamy Melt Pizzafrom Rs. 1,370
Shows Topper Pizzafrom Rs. 1,370
Extreme Tikka Pizzafrom Rs. 1,550
Extreme Peri Peri Pizzafrom Rs. 1,550
Crown Pizzafrom Rs. 1,550
Cheese Crust Pizzafrom Rs. 1,550
Kabab Crust Pizzafrom Rs. 1,550
Burger O’Clock Menu Pakistan with Prices


Devour Burgers Menu with Price List

Sparking Zinger Burgerfrom Rs. 520
Big Bash Burgerfrom Rs. 590
Mushroom Melt Beef Burgerfrom Rs. 675
Mushroom Melt Chicken Burgerfrom Rs. 630
Cheesy Burst Beef Burgerfrom Rs. 810
Cheesy Burst Chicken Burgerfrom Rs. 740
Smokey Sensation Beef Burgerfrom Rs. 680
Smokey Sensation Chicken Burgerfrom Rs. 620
Devour Signature Beef Burgerfrom Rs. 680
Devour Signature Chicken Burgerfrom Rs. 620
Burger O’Clock Menu Pakistan with Prices

Sandwich Menu with Price List

Smokey SandwichRs. 690
Kamira SandwichRs. 690


Pasta Menu with Price List

Crunchy PastaRs. 810
Flaming PastaRs. 750
Labistro PastaRs. 810

Wraps Menu with Price List

Wraptor WrapRs. 690
Fiery Tortilla WrapRs. 690


Fries Menu with Price List

Plain FriesRs. 230
Wild Buffalo FriesRs. 690
Loaded FriesRs. 575

Sides Menu with Price List

Garlic MayoRs. 80
Fiery SauceRs. 80
Jalapeno SauceRs. 80

Shakes Menu with Price List

Vanilla ShakeRs. 460
Caramel ShakeRs. 460
Mango ShakeRs. 460
Kit Kat ShakeRs. 460
Lotus Freak ShakeRs. 620

Mojitos Menu with Price List

Classico MojitoRs. 460
Mint MargaritaRs. 460
Lemonade MargaritaRs. 460

Tea & Coffee Menu with Price List

Cardamom TeaRs. 199
Strong TeaRs. 175
CappuccinoRs. 280

Devour Pizza & Burger House Contact Information

Address: 50 A Sheikh Abdul Hameed Rd, A Block Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

Phone: (061) 111 338 687

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