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Shangrilla Cuisine Multan is a popular restaurant in Multan, Pakistan, that serves a variety of dishes, including Chinese, Pakistani, and fast food. It is known for its delicious food, reasonable prices, and good service.


The restaurant has a wide range of Chinese dishes on its menu, including all the classics, such as chow mein, fried rice, and Manchurian. It also has a variety of Pakistani dishes, such as biryani, karahi, and qorma. The fast food menu includes burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches.


Shangrilla Cuisine Multan

Shangrilla Cuisine is a particularly good place to go for a family meal, as it has something to offer everyone. The restaurant also has a separate hi-tea menu, which is perfect for a special occasion.

Shangrilla Cuisine Multan Menu & Price List

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Shangrilla Cuisine Soups

Soup NamePrice (Rs.)
Shangrilla Special Soup1,780
Chicken Vegetable Soup1,200
Szechuan Soup1,780
Hot & Sour Soup1,380
Chicken Corn Soup1,330
Chicken Thai Soup1,280
Chicken Noodles Soup1,360


Shangrilla Cuisine Salad Bar

Salad NamePrice (Rs.)
Fresh Salad200
Shangrilla Special Chicken Kabab1,490
Chicken Seekh Kabab1,490
Chicken Tikka Breast420
Chicken Tikka Boti1,490
Chicken Achari Boti1,860
Chicken Malai Boti1,860
Chicken Kastoori Boti1,980
BBQ Shashlik1,880
Chicken Reshmi Kabab1,590
Beef Seekh Kabab980
Kalmi Tikka1,510
Chicken Bihari Boti1,870
BBQ Jumbo Prawn3,320
Chicken Makhmali Kabab1,450
Chicken Chingari Tikka510
Chicken Tikka Leg420

Shangrilla Cuisine Mains

Main DishPrice (Rs.)
Mixed Vegetables850
Special Club Sandwich820
Chicken Fajita Sandwich820
Rock Chicken Burger820
Classic Chicken Burger950


Pakistani Food Chicken

Dish NamePrice (Rs.)
Shangrilla Special Chicken2,190
Chicken Madrasi Handi2,190
Chicken Achari Handi2,220
Chicken Hara Masala1,930
Chicken Makhni Badam2,150
Special Butter Chicken2,150
Chicken Ginger2,150
Chicken Jalfrezi2,120
Chicken Karahi1,890
Shahi Daal850
Chicken Handi2,190
Chicken Hari Mirch2,150
Arabian Chicken2,320
Chicken White Karahi1,990
Chicken Bharta2,130
Chicken Kabab Masala1,800

Pakistani Food Mutton

Dish NamePrice (Rs.)
Mutton Hari Mirch Masala3,450
Mutton Makhni3,300
Mutton Karahi3,190
Special Mutton White Qorma3,250
Mutton Handi3,450
Mutton Ginger3,400
Mutton Jalfrezi3,400


Shangrilla Cuisine Sizzling Steaks

Steak NamePrice (Rs.)
Shangrilla Special Steak1,950
Pepper Steak1,860
Mexican Steak1,900
Italian Steak1,900
Garlic Steak with Mushroom Sauce1,950

Shangrilla Cuisine Seafood

Seafood NamePrice (Rs.)
Fish Manchurian2,500
Fish with Garlic Sauce2,500
Fish Chilli Dry2,680
French Fish3,100
Finger Fish2,950
Fried Fish3,050
Dhaka Fish3,100
Prawn Manchurian2,480
Prawn with Garlic Sauce2,590
Prawn Oyster Sauce2,750
Prawn Chilli Dry2,800
Fried Prawn Balls2,870
Butterfly Tail Prawn2,890
Grilled Jumbo Prawn3,320
Fried Jumbo Prawn3,320
Fish Tikka BBQ3,050
Lahori Fish BBQ3,050
Chingari Fish BBQ3,050


Rice DishPrice (Rs.)
Shangrilla Special Rice1,890
Masala Rice1,390
Mutton Fried Rice2,150
Chicken Fried Rice1,390
Egg Fried Rice1,230
Vegetable Fried Rice1,230
Rajasthani Biryani1,540
Plain Steamed Rice850


Chinese DishPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Manchurian1,790
Chicken Pineapple & Cherry1,790
Chicken Almond1,890
Chicken Black Pepper & Chillies1,650
Chicken with Garlic Sauce1,780
Chicken Oyster Sauce1,950
Chicken with Lime1,790
Chicken Cashew Nut1,890
Sweet & Sour Chicken1,720
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables1,450
Chicken Chilli Onion1,650
Chicken Mushroom Garlic Sauce1,850
Chicken Chilli Dry1,840
Pepper Chicken1,750
Dhaka Chicken1,870
Chicken Drumstick1,860
Chicken Honey Wings1,450
Special Hot Plate Chicken1,790
Mongolian Chicken1,870
Chinese Shashlik1,890
Chicken Cutlets1,760
Shangrilla Special Chow Mein2,150
Chicken Chow Mein1,430
Vegetable Chow Mein1,320
American Chop Suey1,720

Freshly Baked

Baked ItemPrice (Rs.)
Tandoori Paratha130
Roghni Naan130
Ginger Naan130
Garlic Naan130
Kashmiri Naan200
Kalonji Naan130
Achari Paratha160


Side DishPrice (Rs.)
Nestle Raita260

Shangrilla Cuisine Multan Address & Contact Number

Address: Near Chungi no. 9, Bosan Rd, Officers Colony, Multan.

Phone: (061) 6520781

Shangrilla Cuisine Multan Opening Hours

Saturday10:30 am–12 am
Sunday11 am–12 am
Monday11 am–12 am
Tuesday11 am–12 am
Wednesday11 am–12:30 am
Thursday11 am–12 am
Friday11 am–12:30 am

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