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Sheikhupura, a vibrant city in Pakistan’s Punjab province, boasts a haven of luxury hospitality – The Sultan Grand. This renowned establishment promises an unforgettable experience, accentuated by its opulent decor and commitment to guest comfort.

Step into The Sultan Grand and be captivated by its grandeur. The hotel’s opulent design creates a truly luxurious atmosphere, perfect for those seeking an indulgent escape.



The Sultan Grand prioritizes your comfort. Expect spacious and well-appointed accommodations, designed to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable stay. From the moment you arrive, The Sultan Grand strives to exceed your expectations. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every detail, guaranteeing a truly unforgettable experience.

Sultan Grand Menu and Prices

Menu ItemPrice (in PKR)
Burgers & Sandwiches 
Chicken Burger430
Chicken Cheese Burger465
Beef Cheese Burger430
Jalapeno Chicken Cheese Burger465
Mexican Chicken Cheese Burger465
Sultan Special Fillet Burger485
Zinger Chicken Burger465
The Double Decker Chicken Burger525
Club Sandwich575
Grilled Chicken Sandwich575
Chicken Tikka Sandwich575
Continental & Stake Price (in PKR)
Chicken Nuggets545
Stuffed Chickent Breast1100
Crumb Fried Fish1495
Steak With Pepper Sauce1099
Steak With Mushroom Sauce1099
Mexican Steak1099
Jalapeno Steak1099
Pizza’s Price (in PKR)
Chicken Fajita Small575
Chicken Fajita Medium1099
Chicken Fajita Large1550
Chicken Tikka Small575
Chicken Tikka Medium1099
Chicken Tikka Large1550
American BBQ Small575
American BBQ Medium1099
American BBQ Large1600
Sultan Special Stuff Crust Small620
Sultan Special Stuff Crust Medium1150
Sultan Special Stuff Crust Large1600
Bar-B-Que- BBQ Price (in PKR)
Chicken Malai Boti999
Chicken Seekh Kabab795
Chicken Cheese Kabab950
Chicken Boti750
Boneless Chicken Boti800
Chicken Cheese Boti850
Karahi’s & Handies Price (in PKR)
Mutton Karahi2850
Mutton Karahi (Kali Mirch)2925
Mutton Karahi (white)3000
Tawa Mutton Chops1150
Chicken Karahi1450
Chicken Karahi(Kali Mirch)1450
Chicken Karahi50
Chicken Karahi (Kali Mirch)1500
Chicken Karahi (White)1550
Desi Chicken Karahi2300
Desi Chicken Karahi(Kali Mirch)2350
Rajastani Boneless Chicken Handi765
Noor Mehal Boneless Handi765
Chicken Achari Boneless Handi950
Chicken Ginger925
Chicken Jalfrezi950
Boneless Chicken Handi925
Malai Chicken Handi910
Dall Chana Makhni450
Fish Price (in PKR)
B.B.Q whole Rahu1050
Boneless Tawa Fish3600
Tawa Rahu1050
Soups Price (in PKR)
Chicken Corn Soup Single210
Chicken Corn Soup Family750
Hot ‘N’ Sour Soup210
Mutton Yakhni775
Chinese Price (in PKR)
Chicken Drumstick545
Chicken Manchurian975
Chicken Chili Dry850
Chicken Almond1015
Chicken With Cashew nuts1075
Hot Szeschhuan Chicken925
Chicken With Pineapple850
Black Pepper Chicken850
Kung Pao Chicken850
Sweet N Sour Fish850
Chinese Rice & Noodles Price (in PKR)
Egg Rried Rice495
Masala Fried Rice450
Chicken Fried Rice550
Sultan Special Fried Rice625
Chicken Chowmein625
Vegetable Chowmein475
Rice Price (in PKR)
Afghani Pulao (Without Meat)499
Afghani Mutton Pulaou1099
Chicken Biryani495
Vegetable Biryani350
Naan Roti Price (in PKR)
Plain Naan75
Roghni Naan95
Garlic Naan95
Coriander Naan95
Kalvangi Naan95
Cheese Naan325
Khamari Roti75
Tandori Roti (Per Head)85
Tandori Paratha95

Sultan Grand Hotel & Restaurant Contact

Address: Lahore – Sheikhupura – Faisalabad Road, Khan Colony, Sheikhupura.

Phone: 0344 1111400

Sultan Grand Opening Hours 

Wednesday12 pm–1 am
Thursday12 pm–1 am
Friday12 pm–1 am
Saturday12 pm–1 am
Sunday12 pm–1 am
Monday12 pm–1 am
Tuesday12 pm–1 am


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