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Eaton Menu is a well known fast food serving brand which takes the pride of presenting extremely scrumptious food products to the foodies. The restaurant opens with a fine menu having a great variety of recipes which may include Burgers Rolls, Sandwiches, Chinese, Fish, Grilled items, beverages and more! Eaton gives the first preference to their valuable clients and makes no compromise in the manner of the taste and quality of their food. Each dish comes up with a glorious taste, fantastic presentation and excellent quality.

Eaton Menu

Eaton has very attentive and cooperative crew members. The ambiance is eye-catching and
peaceful. Their kitchen is clean so that you can enjoy your meal satisfactorily. They charge a
very low range of prices on their menu in order to give you a tasty yet economical food

Eaton menu Pakistan best Item with Prices:

The Eaton menu Pakistan is highly appreciated for delivering a massive amount of selection to the food explorer. They offer various exciting choices but some of them stand second to none. These are mentioned below.

Eaton Menu Chicken Shashlik:

Bless your taste buds with the extraordinary Chicken Shashlik at the Eaton fast food. If you are a Chinese food carver then you are going to love this amazing recipe. It has electable flavor and aroma of Chinese sauces, packed with sweetness & spiciness and served with vegetable fried rice which makes it more special and yummy. It is a must try if you are visiting the restaurant for the very first time.

Eaton Menu Chicken Chow Mein:

Without a doubt, Eaton is the best place to visit for chicken lovers and if you disagree then take a visit and give a try to their Chicken Chow Mein. After trying this scrumptious dish your views are surely going to be different. In fact, you will visit here again and for this very dish. This fantastic delight contains Egg noodles, seasoned chicken & stir-fried veggies, pan-fried so the noodles get a nice crisp to them and then tossed in a yummy sauce.

Vegetable Chow Mein:

Vegetable Chow Mein is also not far behind in the manner of winning the hearts of the
customers and satisfying their hungry tummies. This recipe is fabulous in taste, great in quality and friendly in budget.

Chicken Fried Rice in Eaton Menu:

Another delicious yet flavorful addition in the broad menu of Eaton is Chicken Fried Rice. This rice has been consistently conquering the heart of food explorers with its soul touching taste. This is a top- notch item at the Eaton that you surely wanna check in. This rice is perfectly stir-fried with chicken, is sticky, has green goods, and provides healthy flavors to its eaters.

Eaton Menu Pakistan with Price List

Eaton Deals

Deal 1Beef Burger, Beef Roll, French Fries, Cole SlawRs 250
Deal 21/4 Steam Chicken, Chicken Roll, 1 Pc Slice Bread, French FriesRs 350
Deal 3Club Sandwich, Chicken Roll, French Fries, Cole SlawRs 350
Deal 4Chicken Tikka, Chicken Roll, Paratha, RaitaRs 350
Deal 5B.B.Q Sandwich, Chicken Roll, French Fries, Cole SlawRs 330
Deal 6Vegetable Fried Rice, 1/4 Steam Chicken, Paratha, RaitaRs 340
Deal 7Chicken Burger, Chicken Roll, French Fries, Cole SlawRs 340
Deal 8Grill Burger, Zinger Garlic Roll, French Fries, Cole SlawRs 430
Deal 9Chicken Roll. 4 Chicken Wings, French fries, Cole SlawRs 290
Deal 10Chicken Chowmein, Loaded FriesRs 330
Deal 11Crispy Brown Burger, 3 Chicken Wings, French Fries, Cole SlawRs 340
Deal 12Chicken Shashlik, Loaded FriesRs 610
Deal 13Zinger Burger, Chicken Roll, Zinger RollRs 490
Deal 14Chicken Dry Chilli, Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Chowmein, Zinger RollRs 980
Deal 15Chicken Tikka, Chicken Boti, Chicken Kabab, Club Sandwich, 2 Zinger Burger, LoadRs 1980


Chicken RollRs 150
Chicken Cheese RollRs 180
Chicken Mayo Garlic RollRs 160
Chicken Big RollRs 250
Chicken Big Cheese RollRs 300
Chicken Big Mayo Garlic RollRs 280
Chicken Malai RollRs 150
Chicken Malai Cheese RollRs 190
Chicken Malai Mayo Garlic RollRs 170
Big Malai RollRs 280
Big Malai Cheese RollRs 310
Big Malai Garlic RollRs 290
Zinger Garlic RollRs 220
Zinger RollRs 200
Zinger Cheese RollRs 240
Vegetable RollRs 70
Vegetable Cheese RollRs 100
Vegetable Mayo Garlic RollRs 80
Beef RollRs 120
Beef Cheese RollRs 160
Beef Mayo Garlic RollRs 140
Beef Big RollRs 230
Beef Big Cheese RollRs 280

Eaton Tikka Menu

  • Chicken Tikka Rs 260
  • Chicken Malai Tikka Rs 300
  • Chicken Bihari Tikka Rs 300
  • Chicken Green Tikka Rs 300
  • Chicken Boti Rs 310
  • Chicken Malai Boti Rs 330
  • Beef Boti Rs 250
  • Seekh Kabab Rs 270
  • Reshmi Kabab Rs 270

Eaton Burger Menu

  • Chicken Burger Rs 190
  • Chicken Cheese Burger Rs 220
  • Chicken Crispy Brown Burger Rs 240
  • Chicken Grill Burger Rs 300
  • Beef Burger Rs 160
  • Beef Cheese Burger Rs 180


  • Peach Rs 220
  • Apple Rs 260
  • Grape Fruit Rs 220
  • Anar Rs 300
  • Orange Rs 300
  • Mitha Rs 220
  • Grapes Rs 220
  • Fresh Lime Rs 120
  • Falsa Rs 220
  • Banana Rs 170
  • Strawberry Rs 220
  • Pineapple Rs 250
  • Pina Colada Rs 240
  • Cocktail Rs 230
  • Blue Berry Rs 220
  • Chocolate Rs 240
  • Chiku Rs 220
  • Cold Coffee Rs 220
  • Mango Rs 250
  • Carrot Rs 100

Eaton Karachi Address and Contact

DHA Karachi Branch

Defence Market, Defence Phase II, Karachi – Pakistan

SMCHS Karachi Branch

22-A, Plot No. 9, Block-A, S.M.C.H.S., Karachi – Pakistan

Eaton Karachi Contact Number

(021) 34525865

Where is Eaton located in Karachi?

It is located at Ghulam Ali Memon Rd, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society Block A Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS), Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan.

Does Eaton have an online delivery service?

Yes, they have online delivery service and you can place your order by calling at this number:
+92 21 3456565
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