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Welcome to Ahmed Burger, where flavors and quality meet to create a delightful culinary experience! At Ahmed Burger, we take immense pride in crafting mouthwatering burgers that leave an unforgettable impression on your taste buds. Our passion for food drives us to source the finest ingredients, ensuring that every bite is bursting with freshness and taste.

Ahmed Burger Lahore


Ahmed Burger’s journey began with a simple dream: to redefine the classic burger into a gourmet delight that satisfies both the cravings of comfort food enthusiasts and the discerning palates of food connoisseurs. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering an exceptional dining experience have made us a beloved destination for burger lovers from all walks of life.


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Indulge in our diverse range of burgers, thoughtfully curated to cater to every culinary preference. From the succulent Beef Burgers, featuring a variety of delicious toppings and mouthwatering sauces, to the savory Chicken Burgers that promise a symphony of flavors, we have something to please every appetite.

Ahmed Burger Menu with Prices

Ahmed Burger Exclusive Deals

DealMenuPrice (Rs.)
Family Deal 133 Zinger burger, 2 regular fries, 1.5 litre soft drink999
Hunger Deal 1Zinger burger, fries, soft drink350
Hunger Deal 73 Chicken pieces, soft drink500
Hunger Deal 3Zinger burger, chicken piece, fries, soft drink500
Hunger Deal 6Chicken piece, fries, soft drink300
Hunger Deal 9Beef patty burger, fries, soft drink400
Hunger Deal 4Zinger shawarma, chicken piece, fries, soft drink500
Hunger Deal 1110 Nuggets, soft drink450
Hunger Deal 5Chicken patty burger, fries, soft drink400
Hunger Deal 8Chicken burger, fries, soft drink400
Hunger Deal 10Cocktail burger, fries, soft drink500
Family Deal 142 Zinger burger, 2 chicken burger, 2 beef burger, 2 regular fries, 1.5 litre soft drink1,750
Family Deal 155 Shawarma, 5 Paratha Rolls, 2 regular fries, 1.5 litre soft drink2,600
Family Deal 165 Zinger Burger, 5 chicken pieces, 2 regular fries, 1.5 litre soft drink1,950
Family Deal 172 Zinger burger, 2 shawarma, 2 paratha rolls, 2 regular fries, 1.5 litre soft drink2,450
Family Deal 185 Shawarma, 5 paratha rolls, 5 zinger pieces, 2 regular fries, 1.5 litre soft drink3,200
Hunger Deal 2Zinger Shawarma, fries, soft drink350

Ahmed Burger Pizza Menu with Price

Turkish Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Chicken Fajita Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Tandoori Chickenfrom Rs. 500
Afghani Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Vegetarian Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Beef Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Chicken Kababfrom Rs. 500
Chapli Kabab Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Hot & Spicy Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Mexican Mirchi Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Chicken Supreme Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Cheese Lover Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Chicken Tikka Pizzafrom Rs. 500
BBQ Pizzafrom Rs. 500


Ahmed Burger Special Pizza

Special Malai Boti Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Chicken Tikka Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Chicken Fajita Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special BBQ Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Cheese Lover Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Chicken Supreme Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Mexican Mirchi Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Hot & Spicy Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Turkish Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Chapli Kabab Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Chicken Kabab Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Beef Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Afghani Tikka Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Tandoori Chicken Pizzafrom Rs. 600
Special Vegetarian Pizzafrom Rs. 600
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Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Jumbo Zinger Cheese Burger360
Zinger Burger250
Jumbo Zinger Cheese Burger with Fries420
Chicken Boti Burger200
Zinger Burger with Fries310
Chicken Burgerfrom 300
Jumbo Zinger Burger300
Beef Cheese Burger with Friesfrom 470
Cocktail Burgerfrom 280
Patty Burgerfrom 250
Tikka Burgerfrom 350
Zinger Cheese Burger310
Jumbo Zinger Burger with Fries360
Chicken Burger with Friesfrom 360
Chicken Cheese Burgerfrom 360
Chicken Cheese Burger with Friesfrom 420
Chapli Kabab Burger300
Chapli Kabab Burger with Fries360
Chapli Cheese Kabab Burger with Fries420
Patty Burger with Friesfrom 310
Patty Cheese Burger with Friesfrom 370
Beef Burgerfrom 350
Beef Burger with Friesfrom 410
BBQ Burgerfrom 350
Special Chicken Shami Burger180
Chicken Shami Burger150
Special Chicken Boti Burger250


Ahmed Burger Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
BBQ Sandwich450
Chicken Sandwich450
Club Sandwich350
Chicken Cheese Sandwich500
Cocktail Sandwich500

Ahmed Burger Platters

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Platters Wallater620
Zinger Platter Cheese Shawarma560
Zinger Platter Shawarma500
Zinger Platter Shawarma with Fries560
Zinger Platter Cheese Shawarma with Fries620
Chicken Platter Shawarma500
Chicken Platter Shawarma with Fries560
Chicken Platter Cheese Shawarma560
Paratha Platter600
Paratha Platter with Fries660
Paratha Cheese Platter660
Paratha Cheese Platter with Fries720
Kabab Platter Shawarma500
Kabab Platter Shawarma with Fries560
Kabab Platter Cheese Shawarma560
Kabab Platter Cheese Shawarma with Fries620
Kabab Platter Paratha500
Kabab Platter Paratha with Fries660
Kabab Platter Cheese Paratha660
Kabab Platter Cheese Paratha with Fries720
B B Q Plater Shawarma500
Cocktail Plater Shawarma600
Beef Plater Shawarma500


Ahmed Burger Wraps

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Zinger Shawarma with Fries280
Zinger Shawarma220
Jumbo Zinger Shawarma with Fries330
Chicken Cheese Shawarma280
Chicken Shawarma220
Zinger Cheese Shawarma280
Zinger Cheese Shawarma with Fries340
Jumbo Zinger Shawarma270
Jumbo Zinger Cheese Shawarma330
Jumbo Zinger Cheese Shawarma with Fries390
Chicken Shawarma with Fries280
Chicken Cheese Shawarma With Fries340
Jumbo Chicken Shawarma270
Jumbo Chicken Shawarma with Fries330
Jumbo Chicken Cheese Shawarma330
Jumbo Chicken Cheese Shawarma with Fries390
Kabab Shawarma300
Kabab Shawarma with Fries360
Kabab Cheese Shawarma360
Kabab Cheese Shawarma with Fries420
BBQ Shawarma300
BBQ Shawarma With Fries360
BBQ Shawarma With Cheese360
BBQ Shawarma With Cheese & Fries420
Cocktail Shawarma300
Tikka Shawarma300
Tikka Shawarma With Cheese360
Tikka Shawarma With Fries360
Tikka Shawarma With Cheese & Fries420
Beef Shawarma300
Beef Shawarma With Cheese360
Beef Shawarma With Fries360
BBQ Shawarma With Cheese & Fries420

Ahmed Burger Paratha Rolls

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Tikka Paratha Roll400
Zinger Paratha Roll350
Zinger Paratha Roll with Fries410
Zinger Cheese Paratha Roll410
Zinger Cheese Paratha Roll w/Fries470
Chicken Paratha Roll350
Chicken Paratha Roll with Fries410
Chicken Cheese Paratha Roll410
Chicken Cheese Paratha Roll w/Fries470
Kabab Paratha Roll400
Kabab Paratha Roll with Fries460
Cheese Kabab Paratha Roll460
Cheese Kabab Paratha Roll w/Fries520
Chapli Kabab Paratha Roll400
Chapli Kabab Paratha Roll w/Fries460
Chapli Cheese Kabab Paratha Roll460
Chapli Cheese Kabab Paratha Roll w/Fries520
Beef Paratha Roll400
Beef Paratha Roll with Fries460
Beef Cheese Paratha Roll460
Beef Cheese Paratha Roll w/Fries520
BBQ Paratha Roll400
Cocktail Paratha Roll500

Ahmed Burger Fried Menu

Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
French Fries200
BBQ Fries300
Zinger Piece250
Zinger Piece with Fries310
Zinger Nuggets300


Menu ItemPrice (Rs.)
Mayo & Ketchup100
Cheese Slice60
Shawarma Bread50

Ahmed Burger Address & Contact Number

Address: Main Bazar Sham Nagar, Saheed Zia Ul Haq Square ( Mithayee wala Chowk),Chauburji, Lahore.

Phone: (042) 37418427

Address: Sadiq Plaza, Regal Chowk, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore.

Phone: (042) 36280055


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