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Charming Snack Bar is a popular restaurant in Karachi, Pakistan, that has been serving up delicious food for over 40 years. The restaurant is located in the heart of Clifton, and is known for its signature Lahori Charga, a dish of chicken cooked in a spicy tomato gravy. Other popular dishes include Chicken Sajji, Brain Katakat, and Zinger Burger.

Charming Snack Bar Karachi

Charming Snack Bar is a family-friendly restaurant with a casual atmosphere. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the food is always fresh and delicious. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and is a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

Complete Charming Snack Bar Menu & Prices

Exclusive Discounted Deals

DealMenuPrice (Rs.)
Deal 2Chicken burger, chicken broast half, club sandwich & 500ml soft drink1,180
Deal 3Zinger burger, chicken broast leg piece & 300ml soft drink730
Deal 4Chicken manchurian, zinger burger & 500ml soft drink1,280
Deal 5Tikka leg, paratha, chicken roll & 300ml soft drink860
Deal 65 Chicken chutney roll & 1 litre soft drink1,360

Charming Snack Bar Soups

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Charming Special Chicken Corn Soup250
Charming Special Hot & Sour Soup280
Vegetable Soup220

Lahori Lakshami Chowk Karahi

MenuPrice Range (Rs.)
Lahori Chicken Karahifrom 1,100
Lahori Mutton Karahifrom 1,700

Charming Snack Bar Pakistani Menu

MenuPrice Range (Rs.)
Lahori Charga with Masalafrom 790
Charming Special Charghafrom 840
Steam Roast Charghafrom 790
Chicken Sajji with Friesfrom 820
Chicken Sajjifrom 770
Charming Special Shinwari Chicken Karahifrom 1,150
Chicken Peshawari Karahifrom 1,100
Chicken Masala Karahifrom 1,100
Chicken Makhni Karahifrom 1,150
Chicken White Karahifrom 1,150
Chicken Green Karahifrom 1,150
Chicken Masala Karahi Bonelessfrom 1,500
Chicken White Karahi Bonelessfrom 1,600
Charming Special Shinwari Mutton Karahifrom 1,850
Mutton Peshawari Karahifrom 1,800
Mutton Green Karahifrom 1,850
Mutton Masala Karahifrom 1,800
Mutton White Karahifrom 1,850
Mutton Makhni Karahifrom 1,850
Chicken Masala Handifrom 1,200
Chicken Makhni Handi1,300
Chicken Paneer Handifrom 1,300
Chicken Reshmi Handifrom 1,300
Chicken White Handifrom 1,300
Mutton Paneer Handifrom 2,000
Mutton Reshmi Handifrom 1,600
Mutton Masala Handifrom 1,800
Mutton Makhni Handi2,000
Top 21 Chinese Restaurants In Karachi

Charming Snack Bar Chinese Menu

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Chowmein620
Chicken Shashlik with Rice760
Chicken Fried Rice460
Chicken Jalfrezi with Rice760
Chicken Manchurian with Rice760
Chicken Chili Gravy760
Vegetable Rice420
Chicken Chili Dry with Rice760
Beef Chili Gravy with Rice760
Singaporian Rice800
Beef Chili Dry with Rice760
Plain Rice300

Charming Snack Bar Bar B.Q

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Tikka420
Chicken Malai Tikka450
Chicken Bihari Tikka450
Chicken Green Tikka450
Chicken Masala Boti Boneless860
Chicken Malai Boti900
Chicken Reshmi Kabab860
Chicken Namkeen Boti860
Beef Seekh Kabab 4 Seekh860
Beef Dhaga Kabab 2 Seekh860
Beef Kabab Fry900
Beef Bihari Boti 4 Seekh860
Chicken Dhaga Kabab860
Chicken Shami Kabab 1 Piece150
Chicken Afghani Boti860
Chicken Gola Kabab860
Beef Boti 4 Seekh860
Beef Bihari Kabab 2 Seekh860
Beef Gola Kabab 2 Seekh860
Mutton Masala Chops 8 Pcs1,480
Mutton Masala Afghani Boti1,480
Mutton Dhaga Kabab1,480
Chicken Kabab Fry840
Chicken Lever/Kidney/Neck/Pota440
Mutton Masala Boti Boneless1,480
Mutton Shinwari Boti1,480
Mutton Shinwari Boti Boneless1,480
Mutton Shinwari Afghani Boti1,480
Mutton Seekh Kabab1,480
Mutton Gola Kabab1,480

Charming Snack Bar Fast Food

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Zinger Burger460
Chicken Broast460
Club Sandwich480
Chicken Burger420
BBQ Club Sandwich520
Charming Special Burger460
Beef Burger420
Chicken Saucy Broast520
Chicken Sandwich440
Chicken Masala Broast480
Mega Zinger Burger880
Beef Jumbo Burger800
Chicken Jumbo Burger800

Charming Snack Bar Rolls

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Chatni Roll250
Chicken Garlic Mayo Roll270
Chicken Malai Chatni Roll270
Beef Chatni Roll250
Charming Special Roll270
Chicken Malai Mayo Roll290
Chicken Crispy Garlic Mayo Roll290
Chicken Zinger Mayo Roll290
Beef Seekh Kabab Chutni Roll250
Chicken Reshmi Chatni Roll250
Beef Bihari Chatni Roll250
Chicken Zinger Chatni Roll270
Chicken Cheese Roll270
Chicken Malai Cheese Roll290
Chicken Zinger Cheese Roll290
Beef Seekh Kabab Cheese Roll270
Chicken Crispy Chatni Roll250
Beef Cheese Roll270
Beef Bihari Garlic Mayo Roll270
Chicken Reshmi Ketchup Roll250
Chicken Crispy Ketchup Roll250
Beef Seekh Kabab Ketchup Roll250
Chicken Reshmi Mayo Roll270
Chicken Reshmi Cheese Roll270
Chicken Malai Spicy Juicy Roll270
Chicken Crispy Cheese Roll270
Beef Garlic Mayo Roll270
Beef Seekh Kabab Garlic Mayo Roll270
Beef Bihari Cheese Roll270
Chicken Ketchup Roll250
Chicken Reshmi Spicy Juicy Roll290
Chicken Malai Ketchup Roll270
Chicken Zinger Ketchup Roll250
Beef Ketchup Roll250
Beef Bihari Ketchup Roll250

Charming Snack Bar Bun Kebab

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Anda Burger180
Daal Anda Burger120
Chicken Burger150
Double Anda Burger180
Anda Burger100
Beef Burger150
Beef Anda Burger180

Charming Snack Bar Katakat

MenuPrice Range (Rs.)
Mix Katakatfrom 1,480
Brain Katakatfrom 680
Chicken Boneless Katakat1,200
Chicken Tikka Katakat1,000
Beef Boti Katakat1,200
Tawa Qeema Katakat1,450

Charming Snack Bar Ice Creams Menu

MenuPrice Range (Rs.)
Peshawari Ice Creamfrom 150
Pineapple Ice Creamfrom 150
Vanilla Ice Creamfrom 150
Pista Ice Creamfrom 150
Chocolate Ice Creamfrom 150
Fruit Jelly Ice Creamfrom 150
Kulfa Ice Creamfrom 150
Rose Jelly Ice Creamfrom 150
Mango Ice Creamfrom 150
Crunch Ice Creamfrom 150
Rose Ice Creamfrom 150
Strawberry Ice Creamfrom 150

Charming Snack Bar Desserts

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Special Faluda350

Side Orders

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Puri Paratha150
Charming Special Kulcha Naan40
Roghni Naan60
Garlic Naan80
Zeera Raita150
Plain Fries300
Masala Fries320
Green Salad150
Garlic Mayo Fries320
Saucy Fries360
Special Butter Butter for katakat & karahifrom 120

Charming Snack Bar Milkshakes

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Banana Shake Shake200
Pista Shake Shake350
Chickoo Shake Shake300
Pineapple Shake Shake350
Date Shake Shake350
Badam Shake Shake400
Mango Shake Shake300
Strawberry Shake Shake350
Rose Shake Shake350
Vanilla Shake Shake350
Cocktail Cocktail400
Peach Shake350

Charming Snack Bar Fresh Juice

MenuPrice (Rs.)
Mosambi Juice300
Apple Juice280
Grapefruit Juice300
Peach Juice280


MenuPrice (Rs.)
Nestle Water – 500 ml70
Nestle Water – 1.5 Litre100

Charming Snack Bar Address

Address: D-14 Khaliq-uz-Zaman Rd, Block 8 Clifton, Karachi.

Charming Snack Bar Contact Number

Phone: 0344 2121404

Charming Snack Bar Opening Hours/Timings

Monday4:00 PM – 3:30 AM
Tuesday4:00 PM – 3:30 AM
Wednesday4:00 PM – 3:30 AM
Thursday4:00 PM – 3:30 AM
Friday4:00 PM – 3:30 AM
Saturday4:00 PM – 3:30 AM
Sunday4:00 PM – 3:00 AM
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