Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao Menu Pakistan with prices

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If you’re searching for a place where you can have the desired eating experience then there is no other restaurant than Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao that could satisfy this need.
Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao, as the name suggests, is a highly popular food brand which
serves remarkable dishes to the food explorer.

Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao


Malang Jan

Bannu Beef Pulao

There are a lot of eating options at the Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao menu but the most
famous and demanded is its scrumptious Beef Pulao. Other items offered here include
Breakfast, BBQ, Dessert, Kebab, Sides and beverages. Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao knows
very well the importance and worth of their customers and therefore they offer their menu at a price range that can easily be reachable for the people of every community.


Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao menu best items

Bannu Beef Pulao menu comes with a huge variety of recipes and it is very hard to claim which one is superior and better. But some of them which adored and loved the most are listed below:

Beef Pulao

There is not any question in saying Beef Pulao is the most demanding food item from the whole menu of Malang Jan Bannu. Infact, it is one of the main reasons behind the attractiveness and huge fan following of Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao. People from near and far, happily visit here just for the sake of this ultra delicious Beef Pulao. Professional chefs choose and use only the best ingredients for its making.

Chicken Karahi

After Beef Pulao, the second highly appreciated dish which stands second to none is Chicken Karahi. The popularity of Chicken Karahi is unreal. It is hailed as the national dish of Pakistan. No matter what kind of taste bud you have, you cannot ignore the appetizing smell and heartwarming taste of Chicken Karahi. It is irresistible! For making this recipe, only the pure quality chicken is delivered in the kitchen of Malang Jan Bannu. If we compare its taste and quality, the price range is also very reasonable.

Mutton karahi

Another highly praisable addition in the menu of Malang Jan Bannu. This recipe is top notch
because of its heart loving taste and superior quality. Here delicious mutton is loaded with a rich creamy curry with a burst of different flavors from the special mixed spices of Malang Jan!

Chapli Kebab

For Kebab lovers, they offer incredibly delicious Chapli Kebab. These Kebabs are crispy,
crunchy and spicy. Grounded with a very fine quality meat and handmade by the professional chefs, Chapli Kebab is simply the best item produced at the Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao menu.

Beef Seekh Tikka

Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao boasts of serving its mesmerizing and finger licking Beef Seekh Tikka to its visitors. When it comes to satisfying the customers completely, Beef Seekh Tikka is the one that is chosen to do that job. Whether it is about taste, quality or price, it is just perfect in every department.


Malang Jan Bannu Beef Pulao Price List


Beef PulaoRs.740/Kg Rs.370/Half Kg
Beef SeekhRs.300
Beef KababRs.220
Beef Chapli KababRs.1000/Kg
Beef QeemaRs.350 /Plate
Beef NamkeenRs.450
Beef MagazRs.300
NaliRs.150 each
Afghani Beef TikkaRs.250
Beef Bihari BotiRs.300


Dam PukhtRs.2700/Kg
Mutton KarahiRs.2700/Kg
Mutton SeekhRs.2700/Kg
Mutton Namkeen RoastRs.840
Mutton NamkeenRs.840
Mutton QormaRs.800/Plate
Mutton Patta TikkaRs.600



Chicken Karahi            Rs.1400/700Kg
Chicken SeekhRs.200 each
Chicken SajjiRs.900 each
Chicken AngaraRs.1100
Reshmi KababRs.200
Malai Boti Seekh Rs.250 each
Chicken Leg PieceRs.250 each
Chicken QormaRs.250/Plate
Chicken Chest PieceRs.300 each
Green TikkaRs.300
Chicken Bihari BotiRs.300


Shahi Daal  Rs.250/Plate
Daal Maash  Rs.200/Plate



Rs.5000 Half
Rs.10000 Full

  • ·         Rice
  • Mutton Seekh
  • Malai Boti
  • Chicken Seekh
  • Batair
  • Zarda
  • Finger Fish
  • Seekh Kabab
  • Chapli Kabab


  • ·         Zarda Full Plate Rs.500
  • ·         Zarda Half Plate Rs.250
  • ·         Halwa Rs.600/Kg
  • ·         Halwa Special Rs.700/Kg
  • ·         Icecream Rs.240/Cup
  • ·         Doodh Patti Rs.60/Cup
  • ·         Kehwa Rs.40/Cup
  • ·         Falooda Rs.250
  • ·         Kheer Rs.1000/Kg
  • ·         Fruit Chat Rs.250
  • ·         Meethi Lassi Rs.120


  • ·         Naan Rs.40
  • ·         Afghani Naan Rs.50
  • ·         Chapati Rs.30
  • ·         Raita Rs.60/Cup
  • ·         Salad Rs.60/Plate
  • ·         Cold Drink Can Rs.70
  • ·         Cold Drink 1/2 Litre Rs.130
  • ·         Water bottle Full Rs.80
  • ·         Water bottle Small Rs.50
  • ·         Cold Drink 1 Litre Rs.100
  • ·         Small Bottle Rs.50

Malang Jan Location and Contact

Address : Ittehad Plaza , G.T Road , Tarnol , Islamabad

Phone:051-2226472 03009010019,03333733559 03348456180,03359081696

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