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Gauchos Steakhouse menu takes great pride while serving the most ambitious and tasteful
Steaks in the whole Pakistan. Gauchos Steakhouse restaurant has become a very well
established food restaurant in a very short period of time. They specialize in offering the most delectable Steaks followed by yummiest Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads, Pastas and Beverages. Their food quality is extremely high that no other steakhouse comes near to them if we compare the quality. However, the prices seem very reasonable after dining at this high class restaurant.

Gauchos Steakhouse

Gauchos Steakhouse menu was first introduced in the city of foods, Lahore. The owners are
trying their best to cope up with the public demand so they have planned to install some new branches in many other areas.

Best Items:

Gauchos Steakhouse restaurant has a very large collection of food products to offer. It can
confuse new visitors while selecting what to dine with. To make things easy for you, we will
mention the best items from the Gauchos Steakhouse menu:


All the food lovers are recommended to try this chart topper and graceful Ribeye Steak offered by the Gauchos Steakhouse menu. Ribeye steak is made with the freshest ingredients possible which give you an authentic and classic taste. This steak is rich, tender, tasty, and flavorful. You will never forget the Ribeye steak because of its generous marbling throughout with its incredibly distinctive melt in mouth flavor. This steak can easily be enjoyed with your loved ones. It is available for your order at the price of 1695 P.K.R only.

Fillet Mignon:

Fillet Mignon is yet another great steak served by the Gauchos Steakhouse menu. This one is quite special and its taste is gonna stay in your core memory forever. This is probably the best steak you will get at the restaurant with a very little to no fat in it. Fillet Mignon is hung and dry aged before becoming the soul of your dining table. Customers of every age group like and appreciate this delicious dish equally. Fillet Mignon is available at the cost of 1795 only. Grab your favorite sauce with it to make it more thrilling and spicy.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich:

Besides all the astonishing and jaw dropping Steaks, the Gauchos Steakhouse menu also
boasts of its delectable sandwiches especially the Grilles Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich will become your favorite meal of the day once you take a bite of it. It includes juicy chicken breast, steak tomatoes, caramelized onions and tarragon sauce toasted to perfection. This sandwich is so heavenly that you will forget about every other sandwich you have ever tried.

Gauchos Steakhouse Menu Price List


Stuffed Chicken SteakRs. 1,995
Chicken ParmigianaRs. 1,895
Mediterranean Red SnapperRs. 1,795
Beef StraganoffRs. 1,395
Grilled Moroccan ChickenRs. 1,495
Stuffed Red Snapper With Orange SauceRs. 2,995
Scottish ChickenRs. 1,895
Pink Salmon With Black Currant SauceRs. 2,995
Pink Salmon With Green Pepper Corn SauceRs. 2,295


Tomato BasilRs. 495
Creamy MushroomRs. 695
Roasted GarlicRs. 595

Premium Steaks

Ribeye Steakfrom Rs. 8,995
T Bone Steakfrom Rs. 8,495
Pan Seared Ribeye Steakfrom Rs. 2,995
Grilled Ribeye Steakfrom Rs. 2,695
Pan Seared Fillet Mignon Steakfrom Rs. 2,895
Grilled Fillet Mignon Steakfrom Rs. 2,595
Pan Seared T Bone Steakfrom Rs. 2,795
Grilled T Bone Steakfrom Rs. 2,495
Whole Tenderloin Steakfrom Rs. 4,895


Swiss Mushroom Melt BurgerRs. 1,395
Steak House BurgerRs. 1,295
Krunchy Kentucky BurgerRs. 1,195


Stacked Club SandwichRs. 1,195
Grilled Chicken SandwichRs. 1,195
Philly Cheese Steak SandwichRs. 1,395

Small Plates

Seafood MezzeRs. 1,295
Beef TatakiRs. 1,295
Tangy Meat BallsRs. 1,095
Dynamite PrawnsRs. 1,0195
Tempura PrawnsRs. 1,195
Chicken StripsRs. 995


Coca-Cola Can – 250 mlRs. 175
Fanta Can – 250 mlRs. 175
Coca-Cola Can – 250 mlRs. 175
Sprite Zero Can – 250 mlRs. 175
Fresh Lime with SpriteRs. 295
Fresh Lime with WaterRs. 295
Fresh Lime with SodaRs. 295
Dasani Water – 1.5 LitreRs. 195
Iced TeaRs. 395
TeaRs. 375
Green TeaRs. 375

Location and Contact Gauchos Steakhouse Lahore Pakistan

Address: Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Rd, Block B3 Block B 3 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54660

Phone: (042) 35790138

Here You Can Find Some FAQs

What is the Gauchos Steakhouse phone number?

You can place your order via a phone call so here is the Gauchos Steakhouse Number:
(042) 35790138

What type of food is Gauchos?

The Gaucho food and wine menus have a contemporary global influence, based strongly around modern Argentina. Our beef comes from Argentinian, premium Black-Angus cattle bred at hand selected farms, reared by our partners who we have worked with for many years.

Gauchos steakhouse Pakistan famous for?

Gauchos steakhouse Pakistan famous for Premier Steak House & Smoke House.
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