Arab Spices Faisalabad Menu with Prices

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Arab Spices is a fast food restaurant in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It is a popular spot for people looking for delicious and affordable food. The menu features a wide variety of items, including pizza, burgers, pasta, wraps, fries, and more. Arab Spices also has a number of special deals and offers, making it a great place to save money on your next meal.

Arab Spices Faisalabad


Arab Spices is a great option for people looking for a quick and delicious meal. The food is always fresh and flavorful, and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is also friendly and helpful.


Arab Spices Menu & Prices

If you are looking for a great place to eat in Faisalabad, be sure to check out Arab Spices. You won’t be disappointed!


1Serving for 5 persons. 2 Large pizza & 1.5 ltr cokeRs. 1,700
2Serving for 6 persons. 2 Large pizza, 10 BBQ hot wings & 1.5 ltr cokeRs. 2,150
3Serving for 4 persons. 2 Large pizza, 10 hot wings & 1.5 ltr cokeRs. 2,100
5Serving for 4 persons. 2 Medium pizza & 1.5 ltr cokeRs. 1,350
7Single serving. 10 BBQ hot wingsRs. 450
8Single serving. 10 BBQ creamy hot wingsRs. 490
10Serving for 2 persons. Platter of 6 BBQ hot wings, 4 pieces spin rolls, dip sauce & 500ml cokeRs. 630
11Serving for 2 persons. Large pizza, 2 pasta & 1.5 ltr cokeRs. 1,450
12Serving for 2 persons. Large pizza, 10 hot wings & 1.5 ltr cokeRs. 1,400
13Serving for 2 persons. 2 Zinger burgers, 10 hot wings & 1 ltr cokeRs. 980


Chicken Fajita PizzaRs. 330
Chicken Tikka PizzaRs. 330
Chicken Supreme PizzaRs. 350
Hot & Spicy PizzaRs. 350
Kabab PizzaRs. 380
Chicken Chapli Kabab PizzaRs. 380
Kabab Stuffer PizzaRs. 380
Cheesy Chicken Stuffer PizzaRs. 380
White Special PizzaRs. 380
FS Special PizzaRs. 350
KFC Faisalabad Menu Deals and Prices



MenuPrice (Rs.)
Zinger Burger260
Mighty Burger450
Tower Burger420
Crispy Patty Burger190
Jalapeno Zinger Burger350
Student Zinger Burger220
Chapli Kabab Burger220
BBQ Pizza Burger400
Zinger Pizza Burger420
Crispy Patty Pizza Burger400
Pizza Burger290


Specialty Disaster WrapRs. 380
Specialty Disaster Chicken WrapRs. 230
Specialty Disaster Tower WrapRs. 570



Chicken ShawarmaRs. 130
Zinger ShawarmaRs. 190
Chicken Achari ShawarmaRs. 150
Chicken Chapli ShawarmaRs. 120
Kabab ShawarmaRs. 180
Platter ShawarmaRs. 250
Chicken Paratha RollRs. 210
Zinger Paratha RollRs. 230
Kabab Paratha RollRs. 240
Baba Tikkah Faisalabad Menu & Price List


NuggetsRs. 200
Hot ShotsRs. 380
Regular FriesRs. 200
Garlic Mayo FriesRs. 220
Masala FriesRs. 220
Yumm Mayo FriesRs. 220



Dip MayoRs. 40
JalapenoRs. 40
Snack PackFrom Rs. 330

Arab Spices Contact Number and Address

Address: Plot 1417 Tanki Wala Road, Peoples Colony # 1, Chen One Rd, near Gourmet Foods, Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad.

Phone: 0311 1125111

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