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If you want to experience some of the greatest burgers in Pakistan, then Rizwan Burger menu is the perfect destination you are looking for. Rizwan Burger menu offers you really tasty and yummy burgers for your dining. Along with various flavours of Burgers, Rizwan Burger restaurant also serves other food items like Pizza, Biryani, Sandwich, Shawarma, Milkshakes and many more at very fair prices. All the customers give them five stars and appreciate them in their reviews.

Rizwan Burger


Rizwan Burger restaurant is famous and particularly based in Lahore, Pakistan. It has won
everyone’s heart with its awesome food quality and very quick home delivery service. The crew is fantastic, humble, respectful and very active. They quickly prepare your order and save your time with a sweet smile on their faces.


Rizwan Burger Menu Best Items with Prices:

You will see so many food options available at the restaurant. But here, we will only discuss the best items from the Rizwan Burger menu:

Rizwan Mutton Cheese Burger:

You will be more than happy to taste the Mutton Cheese Burger at the Rizwan Burger
restaurant. This special burger comes in the list of not only the bestsellers but also the most
delicious food items on the Rizwan Burger menu as a whole. They actually fill two soft buns with luscious mutton and yummy cheese along with various other ingredients to make this top quality burger for the customers. It is basically an upgrade of the simple cheese PKR, PKR, burger cheeseburger with the inclusion of Mutton. This will cost you PKR, only 550 PKR which will seem nothing in front of its
titillating taste.

Rizwan Zinger Burger:

There is a huge craze for zinger burgers among food lovers. That’s the reason that the Rizwan Burger menu leaves no stones upturned while making its Zinger Burger, according to the customer’s demand. This variety of burger is famous across the country, especially in the big cities where it is made the most. Their zinger burger is a huge crowd puller because it satisfies the taste buds with overwhelming taste. This gorgeous Zinger Burger can be yours at the mere price of 400 PKR. You can order multiple burgers at your home to enjoy them with family.

Rizwan Burger Salsa Sandwich:

Rizwan Burger menu doesn’t just rely on its heavenly burgers to get the attention of food lovers, instead, it has introduced so many new food items to the menu including sandwiches and the best one from the list is Salsa Sandwich. It is so yummy because it is made with the yummiest ingredients. It offers you an authentic Italian taste. A Salsa Sandwich can be your best meal of the day if you have it in your breakfast with a hot beverage. Moreover, it doesn’t even cost much, which makes it a must try.

Rizwan Burger Menu Price List


Chicken Leg PieceRs. 350
Chicken ShawarmaRs. 300
Special Shami BurgerRs. 280
Chicken SandwichRs. 460
Chicken Breast PieceRs. 350
Chicken Tawa PieceRs. 480


Mutton Cheese BurgerRs. 700
Mutton BurgerRs. 660
Salsa BurgerRs. 580
Chicken Grilled BurgerRs. 550
Jalapeño Mutton BurgerRs. 750
Jalapeño Breast BurgerRs. 550
Jalapeño Rizwan BurgerRs. 550
Jalapeño Beef BurgerRs. 520
Zinger BurgerRs. 460
Rizwan Special Chicken BurgerRs. 500
Chicken Breast BurgerRs. 500
Chicken Tikka BurgerRs. 500
Chicken Chapli Kabab BurgerRs. 500
Lite Chicken Burger with CheeseRs. 460
Crunch BurgerRs. 440
Beef Cheese BurgerRs. 460
Chicken Cheese BurgerRs. 460
Chicken BurgerRs. 450
Beef BurgerRs. 440
Special Shami BurgerRs. 280
Shami Kabab BurgerRs. 150

Bar BQ

Mutton Botifrom Rs. 1,840
Chicken Malai Botifrom Rs. 860
Mutton Seekh Kababfrom Rs. 700
Chicken Botifrom Rs. 830
Mutton Gola Kababfrom Rs. 750
Chicken Rajasthani Botifrom Rs. 970
Chicken Seekh Kababfrom Rs. 750
Chicken Leg PieceRs. 350
Chicken Cheese Kababfrom Rs. 970
Beef Kababfrom Rs. 700
Chicken Gola Kababfrom Rs. 750
Beef Gola Kababfrom Rs. 700
Boneless Chicken Tikkafrom Rs. 970
Chicken Breast PieceRs. 350
Rizwan Special Taka TakRs. 1,730
Mutton QeemaRs. 1,670
Mutton Kabab MasalaRs. 1,270
Irani QeemaRs. 1,040
Chicken Tawa PieceRs. 480
Chicken Kabab MasalaRs. 1,040
Beef Kabab MasalaRs. 1,270
Brain MasalaRs. 1,320
Champ MasalaRs. 1,730
Gurda KapooraRs. 1,040

Rizwan Burger Special Pizza

Rizwan Special Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Rizwan Supreme Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Chicken Malai Boti Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Chicken Fajita Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Tikka BBQ Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Kabab Crust Pizzafrom Rs. 500
4 Seasons Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Pineapple Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Tandoori Chicken Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Rizwan Classical Pizza from Rs. 500
Rizwan Delight Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Hot & Spicy Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Italian Delight Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Rizwan Special Pizzafrom Rs. 500
Chicken Malai Boti Pizzafrom Rs. 500

Rizwan Burger Special Sandwiches

Chicken SandwichRs. 460
Grilled SandwichRs. 580
Salsa SandwichRs. 520
Chicken Breast SandwichRs. 550
Chicken Cheese SandwichRs. 520
Beef Cheese SandwichRs. 520
Tikka SandwichRs. 550
Beef SandwichRs. 460
Special Shami SandwichRs. 350
Shami Sandwich Rs. 240

Rizwan Burger Chinese Menu

Chicken Chili Dry & RiceRs. 890
Chicken Chow MeinRs. 600
Chicken Mixed Vegetable & RiceRs. 600
Chicken Shashlik & RiceRs. 600
Chicken Black Pepper & RiceRs. 600
Masala Rice & ShashlikRs. 600
Egg Fried Rice & ManchurianRs. 600

Rizwan Burger Address and Contact Number:

Address: 13 Zanjani Rd, Main Market, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: 0321 4778954,0300 4554775


Here Are Your FAQs About Rizwan Burger Lahore

Rizwan Burger Is Famous for?

Rizwan Burger is known as Lahore’s most tasteful food point. Where variety of food is being served every day. A place for every food lover.

Where is Rizwan Burger in Lahore?

13 Zanjani Rd, Main Market, Lahore, Punjab

How Can I Order Online?

You can order online via Foodpanda app

Rizwan Burger Contact Number?

Rizwan Burger Contact Number 0300 4554775
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