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Welcome to The Burger Shack, your go-to fast food joint dedicated to crafting mouthwatering burgers. Our restaurant is renowned for its expertise in creating delicious burger delicacies. We take great pride in sourcing only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. When you place an order from The Burger Shack’s online menu, you can be assured of savoring delectable Halal beef or chicken, generously layered with scrumptious melted cheese, crispy and flavorful salad, all sandwiched between our carefully baked, warm and soft buns made in-house with utmost care.

The Burger Shack

At The Burger Shack, we offer an extensive selection of sauces and toppings, presenting you with an impressive range of flavors to suit every palate. Rest assured, your taste buds will be thoroughly satisfied with our diverse array of choices.

Rizwan Burger Menu

The Burger Shack Menu & Prices

Beef Burgers

Shack OriginalRs. 350
Shack Full HouseRs. 380
Shack ShroomRs. 380
Shack Smoke HouseRs. 380
Shack Chili Cone CarneRs. 380
Chipotle Ranch With NachosRs. 380
Shack PhillyRs. 380

Chicken Burgers

CrunchRs. 380
GrilledRs. 380
Complete Rizwan Burger Menu & Price List

Shack Sandwich

Shack Club SandwichRs. 430
Shack Hot DogRs. 250
Shack Cheese SteakRs. 380
Shack MeltRs. 400

Shack Wraps

Shack WrapRs. 300

Shack Fries

Regular FriesRs. 250
Shack Loaded FriesRs. 250
Shack Chili FriesRs. 250
Shack Tangy FriesRs. 250
Shack Buffalo RanchRs. 250
Shack Garlic MayoRs. 250
SmokyRs. 250

Shack Sides

Shack WingsRs. 320
Shack SlidersRs. 550
Shack StripsRs. 350
Shack Onion RingsRs. 100
Shack Mozzarella SticksRs. 350
Shack Jalapeno RoundsRs. 380


StrawberryRs. 200
Peanut ButterRs. 200
ChocolateRs. 200

Shack Breezers

Lemon / MintRs. 180
Shack StrawberryRs. 180

The Burger Shack Contact Informatiom

Address: Sehar, 2C Lane 9, D.H.A. Phase 7 Seher Commercial Area Phase 7 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 111 827 827

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