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Chatthas is a family style restaurant which takes the pride of serving the respectable people of Pakistan with authentic Pakistani cuisine. If you are a desi and traditional food lover then
Chattha’s is going to be your destination.

Chattha’s menu offers a large variety of recipes that can be enjoyed in every season. Chattha’s menu Pakistan comes up with items like Starters, Breakfast menu, Sabzi, Chicken, Mutton Desi Murgh , Nihari, Paye, Beverages and more!
Everything is made here under the supervision of professional chefs. Chattha’s is one of the leading food brands in Pakistan, headquartered in Islamabad. It is a perfect spot for family gatherings and hanging out with friends. They provide you with a homely atmosphere. The staff members are very dedicated and friendly. They have dine-in, take-outs and daig services. Visit Chattha’s restaurant and be the witness of the best dining experience at a very reasonable price range.

Chattha's menu

Chattha’s menu Pakistan Best Items.

Chattha’s restaurant is hailed as the most visited place by food lovers. They offer a massive
amount of items on their menu. Each of their items are an example of their own but some of
them have the tag to be claimed as the best selling items which are :

Lahori Chana

Chattha’s menu Pakistan feels the privilege of introducing their Lahori Chana to the Pakistanis. Lahori Chana is high in demand, especially for breakfast. People gather at Chattha’s restaurant from different areas of the city just to get delighted with Lahori Chana. Its serving and smell will increase your appetite. And if you want to get its best flavor, order paratha or puri along. Lahori Chana may look simple from the presentation but its taste is just extraordinary and finger licking. A famous dish from Lahori cuisine that has successfully captured the attention of locals of Islamabad.

Chattha's menu

Aloo Bhujia

Another specialty of Chattha’s menu for Desi food carvers. It has everything that can make you fall in love with it. It is as savory as the food explorer wants it to be. One can make a guess of its greatness with just a single bite. The thing which makes it more lovable is that from start to end, each bite has the potential to amaze you. With this amazing treat, your stomach will be filled but the craving will not. Here Spicy potato curry is cooked with Achar and traditional spices and gives a soul touching taste.

Regular Beef Nihari

The most attractive part of the Chattha’s menu is its regular Beef Nihari Recipe. Beef is known as the national food of Pakistanis in our beloved Pakistan. It is the most edible dish which is loved in every corner of the country. It is so scrumptious and savory that it cannot be described in words. In this Beef Nihari, the spicy aromatic curry is cooked with tender beef and traditional spices.

Chattha’s menu Pakistan Price List

Chattha’s menu Starters

House Masala FriesRs. 395
FriesRs. 365

Chattha’s Breakfast

Mughlai Murgh CholyRs. 745
Chana DaalRs. 395
Beef Qeema MatarRs. 795
Pakistani OmeletteRs. 445
Cheese OmeletteRs. 545
Fried AndaRs. 225

Chattha’s Menu Chicken

Chicken Karahifrom Rs. 1,175
Makhni Chicken Karahifrom Rs. 1,395
Boneless Chicken Handifrom Rs. 1,375
Boneless Chicken Makhni Handifrom Rs. 1,535
Boneless Chicken Achari HandiRs. 1,495
Boneless Chicken Jalfrezi HandiRs. 1,495
Boneless Madrasi HandiRs. 1,495
Chatta’s Boneless Badshahi HandiRs. 1,995
Boneless Chicken White HandiRs. 1,495
Boneless Chicken Ginger HandiRs. 1,495
Desi Ghee Chicken Karahifrom Rs. 1,495
Boneless Desi Ghee Chicken Handifrom Rs. 1,695

Chattha’s Menu Mutton

Mutton Karahifrom Rs. 1,895
Makhni Mutton Karahifrom Rs. 2,045
Desi Ghee Mutton Karahifrom Rs. 2,145
Boneless Mutton HandiRs. 2,445
Boneless Mutton Achari HandiRs. 2,545
Boneless Makhni Mutton HandiRs. 2,595
Boneless Desi Ghee Mutton HandiRs. 2,795

Desi Murgh Menu

Desi Murgh Karahifrom Rs. 1,875
Desi Murgh Makhni Karahifrom Rs. 1,995
Desi Murgh Desi Ghee Karahifrom Rs. 2,095

Chattha’s Menu Bar BQ

Chicken TikkaRs. 395
Chattha’s Special BBQ Platterfrom Rs. 3,995
Chicken Malai Botifrom Rs. 1,145
Chicken Seekh KebabRs. 1,095
Fish TikkaRs. 1,895
Mutton ChopsRs. 2,595
Beef Bihari BotiRs. 1,495
Beef Seekh KebabRs. 1,145
Mutton Tikka 16PCSRs. 2,095
Chicken Reshmi KebabRs. 1,195
Chicken Botifrom Rs. 945
Chicken Cheese BotiRs. 1,445
Beef Gola KebabRs. 1,225
Chicken Kasturi BotiRs. 1,325
Chatkhara BotiRs. 1,325
Chicken Turkish Botifrom Rs. 1,145
Chicken Achari BotiRs. 1,325

BBQ Masala Karahi

BBQ Chicken Kebab Masala KarahiRs. 1,695
BBQ Beef Kebab Masala KarahiRs. 1,725
BBQ Chicken Tikka Masala KarahiRs. 1,775


Special Chicken BiryaniRs. 695
Daal ChawalRs. 625
House Special Matka BiryaniRs. 995

Chattha’s Nihari

Regular Beef Niharifrom Rs. 825
Beef Nalli Niharifrom Rs. 995
Beef Nihari with Desi Ghee Tarkafrom Rs. 945
Beef Nihari with Nalli & Desi Ghee Tarkafrom Rs. 1,145
Mutton Brain MasalaRs. 1,145

Tandoori Menu

Whole Wheat Desi Ghee Tandoori ParathaRs. 230
Plain NaanRs. 45
Roghni NaanRs. 90
Whole Wheat RotiRs. 40
Naan BasketRs. 355
Garlic NaanRs. 115
KulchaRs. 70
Kalwanji NaanRs. 115

Chattha’s Menu Sides

Zeera RaitaRs. 190
Pudina ChutneyRs. 175
Fresh Green SaladRs. 190
Kachumar SaladRs. 175
BBQ ChutneyRs. 190
Plain YogurtRs. 175


Gajar Ka HalwaRs. 545
Gulab JamunRs. 495
Suji Ka HalwaRs. 225

Chai & Coffee

Gur Wali ChaiRs. 235
Kashmiri ChaiRs. 230
Karak ChaiRs. 190
Doodh PattiRs. 220
Elaichi ChaiRs. 220
Grean TeaRs. 95

Fresh Juices

Orange & Carrot JuiceRs. 595
Orange JuiceRs. 595
Apple & CarrotRs. 595
Apple JuiceRs. 595


Coca-Cola Can – 250 mlRs. 125
Sprite Can – 250 mlRs. 125
Fanta Can – 250 mlRs. 125
Meethi LassiRs. 295
Namkeen LassiRs. 295
Peach Iced TeaRs. 345
Fresh LimeRs. 175
Shakkar Wali LassiRs. 345
Lime Iced TeaRs. 345

Chattas Islamabad Contact

Chattas in Islamabad is a marvelous eatery that serves irresistible range of desi foods without compromising on its quality, taste and tradition. Their menu brings you aromatic Karahi and Handi truly made from Desi Ghee and Makhan, and Naans to pair it up with. It also serves BBQ, Biryani, Nihari and Paaye too. Its beverages bring you Namkeen and Meethi Lassi, and various teas to sip on!

Chattas Islamabad Branches

Plaza 1 N, Street 14, Tariq Market، F-10/2 F 10/2 F-10, Islamabad,

Chattas Islamabad Contact Number:

(051) 8444636

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