McDonald’s Menu Pakistan with Prices

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Everyone has heard of McDonald’s because they have become an international brand with their quality food and sheer determination. McDonald’s menu is responsible for producing top quality food such as various types of Burgers, Breakfast meals, crispy Chicken and Fish meals, Wraps, Value meals, Beef, Fries, Beverages and Desserts. All the goods are so soothing that they will make your mouth water with their appearance only.

McDonald’s is ruling the world when it comes to Burgers and fries. They have thousands of
branches in hundreds of countries including our beloved Pakistan. They have done so with their commitment to use only the best and freshest ingredients and to offer their products at affordable prices to the customers. That is the reason, McDonald’s menu has millions of
devotees all over the globe.

McDonald's Menu
McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s Menu Best Items

McDonald’s menu needs no introduction as everyone knows that they are the best in the
business with every single product. However, we will discuss only the best items at McDonald’s menu Pakistan:

Mc Chicken

McDonald’s boasts of its classic Mc Chicken for its ravishing taste and demand among the
visitors. It is made with their special quality chicken breast which is cooked in a seasoned
tempura coating. After this, it is further topped with fresh grown lettuce and their exceptional Mc Chicken sauce. It is positioned between a sesame seed bun which makes it a must try. It also adds great nutritional value to your meal and is available at a quite reasonable price.

McDonald's Menu
McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s Chicken Muffin

McDonald’s Chicken Muffin is a special breakfast meal for your early morning dining. It is
basically a freshly toasted English muffin that is topped with a special chicken patty, crispy
lettuce and mayonnaise accompanied by a crispy golden hash brown. You can enjoy it to its
fullest with a steaming hot cup of their savory and delicious coffee. This Chicken Muffin will
cheer your mood up for the rest of the day. You can ask for other breakfast meals too if you
don’t like chicken.

McDonald's Menu
McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s Wraps

McDonald’s Wraps are going to be your favorites when you will try them at your nearest branch in your city. There are three tasty wraps to choose from. Try their Chipolata Wrap that is made with crispy chicken strips and gathers the tastiest ingredients from tomatoes, to green lettuce. In the end it is topped with their delicious Chipolata sauce and wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. Cheesy Mayo and BBQ Wraps will also please your taste buds to a satisfactory level.

McDonald's Menu
McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s Menu Pakistan with Price List

McDonald’s Menu Coca-Cola Magic Meals

Spicy Chicken Burger & Drink (354 ml)Rs. 225
Mega Spicy Mccrispy-Mayo (Regular Meal)from Rs. 835
Mega Spicy Mccrispy-Chipotle (Regular Meal)from Rs. 835
Deal for 2Rs. 715

McDonald’s Menu Special Offers

Double Chocolate Pie With McCafe Cappuccino (8Oz)Rs. 660
McCafe Special Offer 1Rs. 635
McCafe Special Offer 2Rs. 585
McCafe Special Offer 3Rs. 585
McCafe Special Offer 4Rs. 635
McCafe Special Offer 5Rs. 635

Share Bags

9 Pieces Fried Chickenfrom Rs. 2,365
Chicken Value Share Bagfrom Rs. 2,165
Chicken Plus Share Bagfrom Rs. 2,465

McDonald’s Menu Chicken

Wrapfrom Rs. 495
9 Pieces Chicken McNuggetsfrom Rs. 835
Spicy McCrispyfrom Rs. 635
6 Pieces Chicken McNuggetsfrom Rs. 645
McChickenfrom Rs. 585
Chicken Macfrom Rs. 795
McArabiafrom Rs. 845
Spicy Grand Chickenfrom Rs. 985
20 Pieces Chicken McNuggetsfrom Rs. 1,365
Spicy McCrispy with Cheesefrom Rs. 685
McChicken with Cheesefrom Rs. 635
Mega Spicy Mccrispy-Mayofrom Rs. 715
Mega Spicy Mccrispy-Chipotlefrom Rs. 715

McDonald’s Menu Beef

Big Macfrom Rs. 845
Double Cheese Burgerfrom Rs. 565
Quarter Pounderfrom Rs. 845
Mc Royalefrom Rs. 845

Crispy Fried Chicken

3 Pieces Fried Chicken Mealfrom Rs. 965
1 Piece Fried Chickenfrom Rs. 385
2 Pieces Fried Chicken Mealfrom Rs. 765

Double Patty Burger

Double Spicy McCrispyfrom Rs. 965
Mega Macfrom Rs. 1,135
Double McChickenfrom Rs. 815
Double Quarter Pounderfrom Rs. 1,185
Double Beef ‘n Cheese Burgerfrom Rs. 785
Double Spicy McCrispy with Cheesefrom Rs. 1,015
Double McChicken with Cheesefrom Rs. 865
Double McCrispy Chicken Deluxe with Chipotlefrom Rs. 945
Double McCrispy Chicken Deluxe with Chipotle With Cheesefrom Rs. 995

McDonald’s Menu Happy Meal

Happy Meal Beef BurgerRs. 645
Happy Meal Cheese BurgerRs. 690
Happy Meal Chicken BurgerRs. 690
Happy Meal McNuggets (4 Pcs)Rs. 690

Value Meals

Mini McArabiafrom Rs. 515
Spicy Chicken Burgerfrom Rs. 415
Mini McRoyalefrom Rs. 545
Cheese Burgerfrom Rs. 485
Hot n Crispy Burgerfrom Rs. 415
Spicy Chicken Burger with Cheesefrom Rs. 475
Beef Burgerfrom Rs. 435


Chilli Mayo SauceRs. 30
Big Mac SauceRs. 30
BBQ SauceRs. 40
Garlic Mayo SauceRs. 30
Hot Mustard SauceRs. 40
Toasted Mini PitaRs. 35


Apple PieRs. 465
McFlurry Oreofrom Rs. 535
Chocolate SundaeRs. 465
Strawberry SundaeRs. 465
Sundae BrownieRs. 535


Vanilla Shakefrom Rs. 465
Strawberry Shakefrom Rs. 465
Chocolate Shakefrom Rs. 465
Orange Juicefrom Rs. 415
Apple Juicefrom Rs. 415
Strawberry McFizzRs. 365
Aquafina Water – 500 mlRs. 115
Coca-Cola – 500 mlRs. 345
Fanta Can – 250 mlRs. 325
Sprite – 500 mlRs. 345
Coca-Cola Zero – 500 mlRs. 345
Coca-Cola Can – 330 mlRs. 295
Sprite – 500 mlRs. 345
Fanta – 500 mlRs. 345
Coca-Cola Zero Can – 330 mlRs. 295
Fanta – 500 mlRs. 345
Coca-Cola Zero Can – 330 mlRs. 265
Coca-Cola Can – 330 mlRs. 265
Sprite Can – 330 mlRs. 265

Hot Beverages

Green TeaRs. 265
Cardamom TeaRs. 365
TeaRs. 325

McCafe Bakery

MuffinRs. 465
CookieRs. 315
BrownieRs. 395
Chocolate Fudge CakeRs. 615
Oreo Cheese CakeRs. 615
Red Velvet Cheese CakeRs. 615
Butter CroissantRs. 465
Caramel CakeRs. 615
Chocolate Lava CakeRs. 395
Red Velvet Lava CakeRs. 395

McCafe Donuts

Caramel DonutRs. 335
Vanilla Sprinkle DonutRs. 335
Chocolate Sprinkle DonutRs. 335
Boston Cream DonutRs. 335
Chocolate Fudge DonutRs. 335
Caramel Cream DonutRs. 335
Donuts BundleRs. 1,565

McCafe Beverages

Lattefrom Rs. 525
Hot Chocolatefrom Rs. 565
Cappuccinofrom Rs. 525
Mochafrom Rs. 565
Americanofrom Rs. 415
BabychinoRs. 205
Frappe’sfrom Rs. 735
MacchiatoRs. 255
Smoothiesfrom Rs. 665
Iced LatteRs. 585
Iced TeaRs. 535
Espressofrom Rs. 255

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FAQs About McDonald’s Pakistan Menu

Is McDonald’s Halal in Pakistan?

Yes! All the products at McDonald’s are Halal certified
throughout Pakistan and they prominently display their certificate in their restaurants.

How much is McDonald’s in Pakistan?

There are now 71 restaurants in 24 major cities of Pakistan. Today millions of Pakistanis place their trust in McDonald’s to provide them with food of a very high standard, quick service and value for money.

What is the cheapest McDonald meal?

Sausage Biscuit.
Sausage McMuffin®
Sausage McGriddles®
Hash Browns.
Chicken McNuggets®
World Famous Fries®

Who owns McDonald’s in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the franchise rights for McDonald’s are owned by Siza Foods Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Karachi-based Lakson Group of Companies. In December 2015, the fast food chain opened doors to its first restaurant in the northwestern city of Peshawar, with a seating capacity of 200.

Who is the CEO of McDonald’s Pakistan?

No Job is Too Small: Amin Lakhani. As President of McDonald’s Pakistan, Amin Lakhani takes a hands-on approach to leadership.

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