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Hobnob is a famous bakery house which specializes in making the healthiest, sweeties and tastiest bakery products. The Hobnob menu contains a very fine collection of products. Everything served at Hobnob is pure and certified because they choose the finest ingredients on a regular basis. Their menu includes cakes, Cup Cakes, Brownies, Biscuits, Buns and Bread, Tart and Cookies and much more! Hobnob gratifies its customers in every way possible and tries its best to provide what the clients want.

Hobnob Menu

It is a bakery that can be trusted on every occasion. Whether it is birthday celebrations, family meet up, or party with friends, they are available to serve you. It was opened in 1998. Since its emergence, Hobnob had revolutionized the bakery concept in Pakistan by bringing innovative products that were not readily available in the market.

Hobnob Menu Pakistan Best Items

Hobnob has become so popular that whatever it touches becomes priceless. Giving so many options in the menu, it has won thousands of hearts in no time. Some of the best Items of Hobnob menu are:

Hobnob Premium Ferrero Rocher Cake

Hobnob is particularly known for its Cakes. The variety of cake they serve is very hard to find at any other bakery or restaurant. Their Premium Ferraro Rocher Cake has the potential not only to give the customers a satisfactory taste, but also to make them happy and joyful. Ferraro Rocher Cake has a base of rich chocolate sponge, sandwiched with a Ferraro cream filling and a topping of chocolate Panache that is surely going to make your mouth watered.

Hobnob Menu Red Velvet Cake

In the world of Cakes, Red Velvet Cake is the one which is consumed and loved the most. Its fan following is on another level. The Hobnob menu boasts of serving this cake to you. It is prepared with concentration and focus by the professional chefs. This cake has the classic red velvet sponge, lightly flavored with cocoa powder, and is sandwiched and topped with cream cheese icing. The taste and quality which Hobnob provides in this cake is simply Un-matchable.

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Another very effective and delectable addition in the menu of Hobnob. Double Chocolate Cupcakes are not less than a blessing for sweet lovers. These are handmade using healthy ingredients gathered on a regular basis. They are made in a way that they don’t do any harm to your sweet tooth. You will fall in love with these Double Chocolate Cupcakes, which are made with an all butter chocolate sponge and topped with a swirl of fudge chocolate frosting and crunchy chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate Fudge Cup by Hobnob Menu

Chocolate Fudge Cup is especially served for those who face problems buying a whole cake. You must try this Chocolate Fudge Cup that gives the richness of both Chocolate Cake and Chocolate fudge sauce. Another pleasing factor about this is that it is offered at a friendly budget.

Hobnob Menu Pakistan Price List

Hobnob Menu Cakes

Bounty Cakefrom Rs 787 to Rs 1049
Toffee Three Milk Cakefrom Rs 1267 to Rs 1690
Rich Chocolate Cakefrom Rs 1080 to Rs 1440
Black Forest Cakefrom Rs 637 to Rs 850
Double Fudge Cakefrom Rs 974 to Rs 1299
Milky Chocolate Cakefrom Rs 1260 Rs 1680
Nutella Cakefrom Rs 749 to Rs 999
Special Fudge Cakefrom Rs 749 to Rs 999
Mars Chocolate CakeRs 1260 Rs 1680
Lotus CakeRs 1612 Rs 2150
Malt Cakefrom Rs 674 to Rs 899
Brownie Cakefrom Rs 1237 Rs 1650
New York Cheese CakeRs 1942 Rs 2590
Premium Ferrero Rocher Cakefrom Rs 899 to Rs 1199
Red Velvet Cakefrom Rs 824 to Rs 1099
Coffee Crunch Cakefrom Rs 637 to Rs 849
Chocolate Chip Cakefrom Rs 637 to Rs 849
Piña colada Three Milk CakeRs 1260 Rs 1680

Hobnob Menu Cup Cakes

Lotus Cupcake 
Three Milk CupcakeRs 150 Rs 200
Double Chocolate Cupcakes  Rs 157 Rs 210
Red Velvet CupcakesRs 142 Rs 190
Malt CupcakeRs 142 Rs 190
Vanilla CupcakeRs 142 Rs 190
Mini Double Chocolate CupcakeRs 142 Rs 1901
Mini Malt Cup CakeRs 75 Rs 100
Mini Red Velvet CupcakeRs 75 Rs 100
Mini Vanilla CupcakeRs 75 Rs 100
Carrot CupcakesRs 75 Rs 100

Brownies in Hobnob Menu

Double Fudge BrownieRs 142 Rs 190
Butterscotch BrownieRs 120 Rs 160
Caramel Nut BrownieRs 120 Rs 160
Nutella BrowniesRs 120 Rs 160
Triple Chocolate BrownieRs 142 Rs 190

Cookies /Biscuits

Cake Ruskfrom Rs 263 to Rs 350
Chocolate Icing Biscuitfrom Rs 263 to Rs 350
Chocolate Chip Biscuitfrom Rs 263 to Rs 350
Zebra Biscuitfrom Rs 263 to Rs 350
Diet Chana Cookiesfrom Rs 263 to Rs 350
Coconut Biscuitfrom Rs 263 to Rs 350
Chocolate Marble Biscuitfrom Rs63 Rs 350
Nan Khataifrom Rs 263 Rs 350
Chocolate Sesame Biscuitsfrom Rs 263 Rs 350
Egg Biscuitsfrom Rs 263 Rs 350
Almond Biscottifrom Rs 263 Rs 350
from Rs 263 Rs 350from Rs 263 Rs 350
Jam Jolliesfrom Rs 263 Rs 350
Cocoa Coffee Amorefrom Rs 263 Rs 350
Almond Fixfrom Rs 263 Rs 350
Citrus Bloomfrom Rs 263 Rs 350
Chocolate Ring Biscuitfrom Rs 263 Rs 350
Cheesy BitesRs 1050 Rs 1400
Chicken And Mushroom Quiché (Slice)Rs 124 Rs 165
Plain Salted ChipsRs 140 Rs 186
Chili ChipsRs 140 Rs 186
Potato SamosasRs 26 Rs 35
Garlic RuskRs 75 Rs 100

Hobnob Menu Wraps

Caesar SaladRs 255 Rs 340
Chana ChatRs 165 Rs 220
Chicken And Herb SandwichRs 240 Rs 320
Chicken Caesar WrapRs 172 Rs 230
Chicken Khao SueRs 300 Rs 400
Chicken Salad SandwichRs 165 Rs 220
Club SandwichRs 217 Rs 290
Curry Chicken SandwichRs 165 Rs 220
Honey Mustard SandwichRs 217 Rs 290
from Rs 263 Rs 350Rs 116 Rs 155
Mexican Chicken QuesadillaRs 165 Rs 220
Roast Beef SandwichRs 232 Rs 310
Smoked Chicken And Egg SandwichRs 165 Rs 220
Chicken ChowmeinRs 285 Rs 380

Hobnob Bakeries Pakistan Contact & Address

Address:Hobnob Bakeries Plot No. 82, Sector-24, K.I.A, Karachi
Contact Number:021-111-HOBNOB (462-662)
Website: https://www.hobnob.pk/
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/hobnob.bakeries/

Peoples also ask about Hobnob

Contact number of Hobnob?

You can order by calling: 021-111- 462-662

What is Hobnob in slang?

To hobnob is to spend time or hang out with someone, especially at a social event. When you’re invited to a fancy benefit party at a museum, you might get to hobnob with socialites and minor celebrities. When you hobnob, you mingle or pal around with fancy folks.

Hobnob locations?

Hobnob | Gulshan e Iqbal block 6 (NIPA)
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
HOBNOB | North Nazimabad Block – F
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | Bahadurabad branch
Karachi · In Al Haram Tower 1 · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | Perfume Chowk (Gulistan e Jauhar)
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | Jauhar Saima Classic branch
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | MACHS branch
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | Soldier Bazar branch
Karachi · In Sania Arcade
Hobnob | Boat Basin
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
HOBNOB | Jami Commercial branch
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | Khadda Market branch
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
HOBNOB | Shahbaz Commercial
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | SMCHS branch
 Hobnob | Gulshan Chowrangi market branch
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | University Road branch
Karachi · In Batool Arcade · (021) 34820268
Hobnob | I.I. Chundrigar road branch
Karachi · 0300 0301572
HOBNOB | Phase II market DHA
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | Badar Commercial area
Karachi · (021) 111 462 662
Hobnob | National Stadium
Karachi · In Shazz Supermarket · (021) 111 462 662

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