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Attention all burger enthusiasts in Gujrat! If you’re a die-hard fan of the Best Burger in town, we’ve got some exciting news for you. We’ve compiled a list of top-notch restaurants that offer the most mouthwatering and delectable burgers in the city. Just like pizza, burgers have also captured the hearts of people in Pakistan, becoming a beloved choice for lunch and dinner.

Chief Burger Gujrat

From the classic and humble shami burger to the tantalizing chargrilled burger, Gujrat boasts a variety of restaurants that cater to every burger lover’s dream. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple yet satisfying treat or a burger that sets your taste buds on fire, this city has it all.

If you proudly call yourself a true burger aficionado and are on the hunt for the best burger joints in town, look no further. Below, we’ve laid out the ultimate guide to the city’s burger paradise. These restaurants have gained fame for their consistently delightful and scrumptious burgers.

So, what are you waiting for? Head straight to these renowned eateries and treat yourself to a divine selection of burgers and sandwiches that will leave you craving for more. Savor the flavors and enjoy a burger experience like no other. Your taste buds will thank you for this delightful journey through Gujrat’s burger haven!

Best Burger Places in Gujrat

1. Don of Burgers:

People who love to eat chicken and beef grilled burgers can visit Don of Burgers Gujrat as this place is offering the best burgers in town. In Gujrat, if you love to eat best burgers then, no other place can even meat the taste and quality of Don of Burgers. We are sharing its complete address and contact number for home delivery service.

Address: Near Servis Industries, Old Grand Trunk Rd, opposite Butt Hospital And Trauma Center, Servis Industries .

Phone: (053) 3724744

2. Chief Burger:

Chief Burger Gujrat is one of the favorite places of burger lovers. So, if you love to eat burgers and want to try a new place then you have to visit chief burger Gujrat. They are using high-quality ingredients to make every burger special. On the below side, you can check the complete address and phone number for home deliveries.

Chief Burger Gujrat Menu with Updated Prices

Address: Circular Rd، near Fawara chowk, opposite Ram Pyari Mahal, Shah Faisal Gate.

Phone: (053) 3512599

3. Happy’s :

Happy’s Gujrat is one of the most famous places for fast food. People who love to eat fast food, especially burgers can visit Happy’s Gujrat because they are offering best burgers in Gujrat. So, check its address and head towards this place to jump into the heaven of taste. They are also offering home delivery service too.

Address: Chowk, Near Bank Alflah GTS, Shah Hussain Road.

Phone: (053) 3531000

4. Sector 17:

From loaded fries to burgers, and burgers to pizza, this place has the perfect meal for everyone. We are recommending this place to those who are looking for the yummiest burgers especially chicken grilled burgers or beef burgers. Don’t forget to check its menu before visiting this place. You can also get their menu by contacting their WhatsApp number which is as follows.

Address: Service Mor, Rehman Shaheed Rd, Shadman Colony.

Phone: 0311 6732867

5. Gru’s Grill:

Some places are not as famous as they have to be and Gru’s Grill Gujrat is one of those restaurants. This place is offering the yummiest burgers and other fast food items. So, if you want to visit Gru’s Grill Gujrat to try its special burgers, you can check its complete address and contact number. You can also visit this place for takeaway and can get home delivery service too.

Address: Zaib Market, near Service Factory, Servis Industries Gujrat.

Phone: 0348 6207001

6. Big Burger:

Big burger Gujrat is also a local restaurant that is offering the yummiest burgers and Shawarmas. You can visit this place and can order any of their burgers and you will surely love to eat. Apart from this, they are offering special deals and discounts on a regular basis so that you can eat more in reasonable prices.

Address: Fattupura, Gujrat.

7. Burger Shop Gujrat:

Burger Shop Gujrat is another best place for the yummiest burgers. So, those who want to eat local burgers with best taste can visit this place because they are taking good care of hygiene too. So, don’t forget to check its complete address and contact number for home deliveries or table reservations.

Address: New Jinnah Super Market, Rehman Shaheed Rd, Shadman Colony, Gujrat.

Phone: 0300 6528869

9. Shahi Gol Gappy and Burger Point:

You may have visited Shahi Gol gappy and burger point plenty of times for Gol Gappy but you can also visit them to try their burgers. This place is also offering the yummiest burgers and that is the reason people from other cities also love to visit this place to try their Gol Gappy and burgers. Its complete address and contact number are as follows.

Address: Railway Rd, Mehria Chowk, Chah Cholay, Railway Road Area, Gujrat.

Phone: 0336 6210000

10. The Grills:

Thrill at the Grills as they are offering one of the best chicken and beef burgers in Gujrat. So, if you love to eat burgers and haven’t visited this place then, you have to visit this place because you won’t visit any other place to eat burgers after trying their yummiest burgers. For its address, you can check the below side.

Address: Qamar Sialvi Rd, opp. AFC, Gulberg Colony, Gujrat.

Phone: 0315 7708550

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