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Karachi Hot N Spicy is the most famous and largest food chain in Pakistan. It is enlisted among the top ranked food serving brands. You will find a massive amount of options in the Karachi Hot N Spicy menu. There are various varieties of dishes with distinct flavors offered here. They serve items such as Grilled Chicken, Bar B.Q specialty, Grilled Beef, Appetizers, Soup, Burgers, Sandwiches and many other worth trying products. Each of their recipes is prepared by Professional chef with dedication and love.

Karachi Hot N Spicy

They are very concerned about their taste and quality and therefore every ingredient which they use in the making of their dishes is collected from the places they completely trust. Moreover, they give first priority to their valuable visitors and charge a very suitable amount of money from them.

Karachi Hot N Spicy Menu Best Items

Karachi Hot N Spicy has become a recognizable trademark. Its menu comes with unending options. Among this long list of items, we will tell you which items are considered their best items:

Chicken White Handi

Karachi Hot N Spicy menu takes the pride of serving one of their highly famous dishes that is Chicken White Handi. It is, without a question, claimed as Pakistan’s traditional as well as national dish. This White Handi is loaded with incredible features. It is something you haven’t tasted before. It is ultra delicious and will drop your jaws. Chicken White Handi is enough to satisfy your cravings and hunger. And if you are the kind of person who loves to dine-in with friends and family, then this is the best possible option

Malai Cheese Roll

Malai Cheese Roll is hailed as one of the signature items of Karachi Hot N Spicy. The fame and popularity that Malai Cheese Roll has is unbelievable. Food explorer doesn’t feel any hesitation while picking this wonderful delight in the first place. You use it as a snack to fulfill your timeless hunger. Nothing could go wrong when you have Malai Cheese Roll on your table. The price range which is quite balanced makes you want and have it more!

Chicken Leg Piece

The third highly recommended item in the list of Karachi Hot N Spicy menu is Chicken Leg Piece. Here in Pakistan, chicken is the most edible and loved food by Pakistanis. No matter in which form and variety it is served, it would be appreciated and accepted with a warm heart. Same goes for Chicken Leg Piece. It is praised, eaten and loved by foodies on a large scale. It is offered at a very affordable price range.

Karachi Hot N Spicy Menu Price List

Khas Special Deals 15% OFF

Deal 1 Rs. 389

Zinger Burger, Regular Fries & 300ML Drink

Deal 2 Rs. 499

Chicken Burger, 1 Chicken Piece, Regular Fries & 300ML Drink.

Deal 3 Rs. 649

3 Chicken Fried Piece, 1 Half Liter Drink & 1 Regular Fries

Deal 4 Rs. 1,499

3 Zinger Burger, 3 Chicken Piece, 3 Bread Slice, 1 Family Fries & 2 Half Liter Drink

Deal 5 Rs. 2,599

6 Chicken Piece, 3 Chicken Burger, 3 Zinger Burger, 1 Family Fries, 6 Bread Slice. 4 Half Liter Drink

Deal 6 Rs. 599

1 Chicken Manchurian or Black Pepper Chicken or Chicken With Green Chili, 1 Egg Fried Rice, 1 Chicken Pakora & 300ML Drink

Deal 7 Rs. 599

1 Chicken Piece , Chicken Chatni, Roll, Sada, Paratha ,Raita, Salad & 300ML Drink

Deal 8 Rs. 299

Half Combo Chicken Biryani, Salad, Raita, Achar, 300ML Drink

Deal 9 Rs. 369

Delight Combo Chicken Biryani, Salad, Raita, Achar, 300ML Drink

Deal 10 Rs. 369

Full Combo Chicken Biryani, Salad, Raita, Achar, 300ML Drink

Burgers 15% OFF

Beef Burger

Rs. 322

Chicken Burger

Rs. 313

Malik Burger

Rs. 356

Grilled Breast Burger

Rs. 356

Fried Breast Burger

Rs. 347

Chicken Steak Burger

Rs. 347

Beef Steak Burger

Rs. 483

Cordon Bleu Burger

Rs. 407

Zinger Burger

Rs. 313

Hot N Spicy Burger

Rs. 364

Double Decker Burger

Rs. 475

Fish Burger (Seasonal)

Rs. 475

Khas Special Burger

Rs. 475

Extra Cheese

Rs. 92

Extra Coleslaw

Rs. 92

Fish (Seasonal) 15% OFF

Finger Fish 5 Pieces

Rs. 1,061

Fried Fish 3 Pieces

Rs. 1,061

Finger Fish 1 KG

Rs. 2,294

Fried Fish 1 KG

Rs. 2,294

Fish Tikka BBQ 10 Pieces

Rs. 1,274

Lahori Fried Fish 1 KG

Rs. 2,294

Rahu Grilled Fish

Rs. 679

Beef Grill 15% OFF

Beef Seekh Kabab

Rs. 764

Beef Gola Kabab

Rs. 764

Beef Behari Kabab

Rs. 764

Beef Behari Cheese Kabab

Rs. 849

Mutton Grill 15% OFF

Mutton Seekh Kabab

Rs. 1,019

Afghani Kabab

Rs. 1,019

Mutton Champ 6 Pieces

Rs. 1,444

Mutton Tikka (with Bone)

Rs. 1,274

Chicken Grill 15% OFF

Chicken Piece

Rs. 271

Chicken Shangrila Piece

Rs. 356

Chicken Boti

Rs. 704

Chicken Gola Rashmi Kabab

Rs. 704.

Chicken Achari Boti

Rs. 764

Chicken Seekh Kabab

Rs. 696

Chicken Boneless Boti

Rs. 764

BBQ Specialities 15% OFF

Irani Boti

Rs. 721

Chicken Behari

Rs. 721

Malai Tikka

Rs. 721

Sheesh Tao

Rs. 721

Chicken Pasha

Rs. 696

Chicken Chilli Boti

Rs. 764

Chicken Behari Cheese Kabab

Rs. 764

Chicken Turkish Cheese Kabab

Rs. 806

American Tikka

Rs. 764

Grilled Chargha

Rs. 934

Mix Grill Platter

Rs. 1,614

Khas Mix Platter B.B.Q

Rs. 2,804

Khas Marinated Bot

Rs. 764

Pizza 15% OFF

Margherita Pizza

Rs. 356

Vegetarian Pizza

Rs. 356

Chicken Hot N Spicy Pizza

Rs. 381

Bar. B.Q. Pizza

Rs. 424

Fajita Pizza

Rs. 373

Mexican Pizza

Rs. 381

Chicken Supreme Pizza

Rs. 381

Kabab & Malai Pizza

Rs. 466

Mutton Hot ‘n’ Spicy Pizza

Rs. 594

Beef Hot ‘n’ Spicy Pizza

Rs. 509

Biryani Express 15% OFF

Chicken Biryani

Rs. 160

Chicken Biryani (Boneless)

Rs. 296

CHK. Biryani (Handi) Royal Sindhi

Rs. 764

Chicken Biryani Combo

Rs. 313

Bar B.Q. Biryani

Rs. 407

Delight Biryani

Rs. 279

Delight Combo

Rs. 313

Beef Biryani (Boneless)

Rs. 339

Biryani (Only Rice)

Rs. 135

Mutton Biryani (Boneless)

Rs. 849

Mutton Biryani (Handi)

Rs. 1,189

Beef Biryani (Handi)

Rs. 1,189

Contact Karachi Hot N Spicy

  • Karachi Hot n Spicy Zarar Shaheed 14 c Zarrar Shaheed Road · 0320 8484289
  • Karachi Hot n Spicy DHA 74 H Commercial · 0300 4128818
  • Karachi Hot’n Spicy University of Central Punjab Khayaban-e-Jinnah · In the University of Central Punjab ·0303 8484289
  • Karachi Hot N Spicy 696 Eastern Ave W · (042) 35341136



What is the name of the person who owns Karachi Hot N Spicy?

The name of the person who owns Hot N Spicy is Mukhtar Ahmad Chohan.

What is the contact number of Karachi Hot N Spicy restaurant?

You can place your order from any of the nearest branch of Hot N Spicy by calling at this number: +9242111222345
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