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Happy Donuts is a popular donuts shop in Karachi, Pakistan. The shop is known for its delicious donuts, which are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. They offer a wide variety of donuts to choose from, including classic flavors like glazed and chocolate, as well as more unique flavors like red velvet and UBE

Happy  Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Menu Pakistan With Price List

In addition to donuts, Happy Donut also offers a variety of other baked goods, such as muffins, cookies, and croissants. They also have a coffee bar, where you can get a cup of coffee, tea, or a smoothie.

Happy Donuts Menu with Updated Price List

Happy CafePrice
LatteRs. 509
AmericanoRs. 349
Hot CappuccinoRs. 509
Caffe MochaRs. 539
Espresso Con PannaRs. 279
Flat WhiteRs. 509
EspressoRs. 233
Iced LattesPrice
HazelnutRs. 609
SpanishRs. 609
MochaRs. 609
PlainRs. 609
CaramelRs. 609
VanillaRs. 609
Mocha PassionRs. 709
Caramel RibbonRs. 709
Vanilla LuxeRs. 709
Hazelnut DreamRs. 709
VanillaRs. 709
Frozen ShakesPrice
Oreo BlitzRs. 709
Mocha BlastRs. 709
Chocolate FudgeRs. 709
Lotus CrushRs. 709
Exclusive Discounted DealsPrice
Any 12 DonutRs. 2,950
Any 6 Treat DonutRs. 1,000
Any 12 Classic DonutRs. 2,599
Any 6 Classic DonutRs. 1,399
Any 6 DonutRs. 1,650
Any 12 Treat DonutsRs. 1,800
Glorious GlazedRs. 310
Cheeky ChocolateRs. 310
Chocolate ConfettiRs. 310
Lotus LoveRs. 310
Cinnamon RollRs. 310
OperaRs. 310
Double Chocolate Cake DonutRs. 210
Vanilla Cake DonutRs. 210
PrincessRs. 210
Lotus CheesecakeRs. 210
MnMsRs. 210
Kit KatRs. 210
OreoRs. 210
NutellaRs. 210
MarsRs. 210
MaltesersRs. 210
Chocolate SprinkleRs. 210
Outrageous OreoRs. 310
Naughty NutellaRs. 310
Celebrity CheesecakeRs. 310
Sultry Salted CaramelRs. 310
Brilliant BostonRs. 310
Chocolate DreamRs. 310
Lotus MousseRs. 310
FerreroRs. 310
Red VelvetRs. 310
Chocolate MaltRs. 310

Happy Donuts Location and Contact Information

Address:26th Street, Badar Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Happy Donuts Phone Number: (021) 38642779


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