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O donuts

O Donuts menu boasts of serving the best quality donuts in Pakistan. Their donuts are
especially made with the highest quality possible constituents and give the donuts lovers a kick to their taste buds. O Donuts menu is known for its unique, juicy and tasty varieties of Donuts accompanied with OD Burgers, OD Sandwiches, Cold Drinks, Frappe, Slushiest, Premium Gelato Shakes, and some other extras.

Despite the top notch quality items, the owners have kept the price rates very affordable so that everyone could enjoy their delights. O Donuts has its branches in several cities of Pakistan including Lahore and Karachi. They treat the customers with respect and serve your order as soon as possible.

O Donuts Menu Best Items

O donuts

O Donuts menu basically serves various deals majorly containing their signature donuts. Here we will discuss the best items on O Donuts restaurant menu:


O donuts

O Donuts takes great pride while offering its marvelously awesome, creamy and juicy donuts which will melt in your mouth. Their products are so delightful and praiseworthy for their amazing quality and taste. They serve their donuts in the box of two to twelve items which can be enjoyed in gatherings and celebrations. You can order Snickers, Malt Cake, Cinnamon Swirl, Cinnamon Glazed, Plain Chocolate, Choco Sprinkle, Red velvet and many more sweet items for your mellow food cravings.

OD Burgers

O donuts

O Donuts menu makes things fascinating at the food store with their Donuts shaped burgers. These uniquely designed burgers are found only at their place therefore you may find a great crowd at the store on your every visit. Double Cheese and Original burgers are one of the best sellers from the entire menu so make sure you order these must try items whenever you visit the O Donuts restaurant. Make sure you grab your favorite beverage to make your experience unforgettable.

OD Sandwiches

O Donuts

Along with their signature donuts and burgers, O Donuts menu also serves some
distinguishable sandwiches to the food adventurers in Pakistan. You should try their Spicy
Pakistani sandwich because it includes Tandoori Chicken Masala, Onions, Cheese and
Tomatoes. All these ingredients come together to complete this sandwich and then they are
served in a butter croissant. Chicken Honey Mustard is yet another magnificent item that will give you a gratifying taste with aesthetic aroma. All the sandwiches are available at the price of 690 PKR only.

Premium Gelato Shakes:

O Donuts

Premium Gelato Shakes are made to order at the O Donuts restaurant. Every shake can stand on its own for its look and unique taste. Just like the sandwiches, all the shakes are made available to the customers at the same cost. So don’t bother about the price and just ask for their heavenly shakes such as Lotus Shake, Mocha Shake and Salted Caramel Shake and live the moment.

O Donuts Menu with Prices

Below down is the complete O Donuts Pakistan menu with pricing information.


Dozen DonutsFrom Rs. 1800
DonutsFrom Rs. 150
Half Dozen DonutsFrom Rs. 900


Spicy BBQ ChickenFrom Rs. 490
Flaming Chicken TikkaFrom Rs. 490
Chicken Fajita FiestaFrom Rs. 490
Brooklyn Chicken BolognaFrom Rs. 490
Roasted Beefsteak DeluxeFrom Rs. 490
Southwest Carnita GrandeFrom Rs. 490
Breakfast Egg & CheeseFrom Rs. 490
Owsome OmwichFrom Rs. 490

Cold Beverages

Alaska SupremeFrom Rs. 460
Mars ShakeRs. 460
Bounty ShakeRs. 460
Oreo ShakeRs. 460
Strawberry ShakeRs. 460
Chocolate ShakeRs. 460
Vanila ShakeRs. 460
Blueberry ShakeRs. 460
Salted Caramel ShakeRs. 460
Strawberry Cheesecake ShakeRs. 460
Kit Kat ShakeRs. 460
Hazelnut ShakeRs. 460
Butter Cookie Crunch ShakeRs. 460

Hot Beverages

AmericanoFrom Rs. 290
CappuccinoFrom Rs. 290
LatteFrom Rs. 290

Other Beverages

SpriteRs. 100
FantaRs. 100
Zero SpriteRs. 100
CokeRs. 100
Mineral WaterRs. 100
Orange Cappy JuiceRs. 100
Red BullRs. 350
Diet CokeRs. 90

Contact O Donuts Pakistan:


O Donuts Karachi Number:021111636363


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