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Lord of Food is a classy restaurant that takes great pride while serving traditional cuisines of various countries around the globe. Lord of Food menu offers its customers tasteful Continental, Italian, Chinese and Traditional cuisines at reasonable prices. They serve you different varieties of luscious Starters, BBQs, Pasta, Desserts, Dips, Sweets, Rice, Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc. Their highly professional chefs work tirelessly to create something magical for your dining table. They excel in making almost everything to perfection.


The Lord of Food menu was introduced in Lahore like three years ago. However, it has
managed to get the attention of food lovers with its UN-matchable quality food. You should not waste your time by trying other restaurants, just pick up your phone and book your table at the Lord of Food restaurant.


Lord of Food Menu Best Items

As you already know that the Lord of Food restaurant serves various traditional food items elected from all across the world. Therefore, it has many food options available for the customers which can be, sometimes, overwhelming for newcomers. To save you from trouble, we will mention the best items on the Lord of Food menu in Lahore:

Lord of Food Chicken Tikka

The Lord of the Food menu pleasingly serves traditional Pakistani dishes such as Chicken Tikka to the visitors. There are different Tikka dishes available for your pickings which can make your meals graceful. You should definitely try their Malai Boti if you haven’t already. This Malai Boti is so crispy and spicy because it is made with boneless chicken pieces that offer you a smooth and creamy texture. You can also order the best-seller Afghan Boti for your lunch or dinner. Along with these delights, Kastoori Boti is a great choice too. All these dishes are available at budget-friendly price rates.

Lord of Food Pasta

Pasta is an Italian food famous among all fast food lovers. You will get two varieties of Pasta at the Lord of Food restaurant. The first one is scrumptious Mexican Penney Pasta also known as the red tomato sauce pasta. It is made with the best ingredients possible and is available at the price of 850 P.K.R only. The second one is Alfredo Pasta. It includes mushrooms and oregano pasta cooked in a creamy sauce which will give your taste buds a sweet sensation.

Lord of Food Pizza

You can get some of the best kinds of Pizza at the Lord of Food restaurant. They make this
world-famous Italian cuisine with so much passion and enthusiasm. Pizza lovers just can’t get enough of their Margherita Pizza, Chicken Tikka, and Chicken Fajita Pizza. The taste of these pizzas is so heavenly that you will lick your fingers after finishing your pizza. You can choose the size of your ordered pizza according to your needs such as small, medium, and large.

Lord of Food Menu Price List


Deal 1 Chicken Chowmein, Chicken Wings & 345 ml DrinkRs 370
Deal 4 Chicken Burger, Quarter leg & 500 ml DrinkRs 490
Deal 5 Regular Pizza, Crispy Premium Chicken Burger & 1 Liter DrinkRs 777
Deal 6 Club Sandwich, Zinger Jalapeno, Pizza Fries & 500ml DrinkRs 799
Deal 7 Large Pizza, Regular Pizza Fries & 1 Liter DrinkRs 999
Deal 8 2 Large Pizza, Liter Ice Cream & Jumbo DrinkRs 1777


Chicken hot shots 6 piecesRs 250
Chicken cheese ball 6 piecesRs 400
Chicken popcorn 8 piecesRs 400
Chicken finger chips 8 piecesRs 400


Zinger burgers

Zinger BurgerRs 250
Zinger Burger cheeseRs 280
Crispy premium Chicken BurgerRs 300
Zinger Jalapeno burgerRs 300
Juicy fried Chicken TrainRs 220
Crispy fried chicken trainRs 250
Juicy fried beef TrainRs 280
Lord monster burgerRs 450

Beef Burgers

Beef BurgerRs 200
Beef cheese BurgerRs 230
Beef Signature BurgerRs 320
Lord monster beef burgerRs 430
Beef jalapeno BurgerRs 350


Chicken Burgers

Chicken burgerRs 200
Chicken Cheese BurgerRs 230
Chicken cheese blastRs 350
Lord chicken monsterRs 400
Chicken Signature BurgerRs 300
Chicken jalapeno BurgerRs 350


Club SandwichRs 250
Chicken sandwichRs 220
Crispy chicken sandwichRs 260
Lord tower sandwichRs 500
Lord special sandwichRs 350
Grilled chicken sandwichRs 350
Lord baked sandwichRs 450



Quarter broast chestRs 300
Quarter broast legRs 280
Quarter mayo broast chestRs 330
Quarter mayo broast legRs 310
Quarter cheese broast chestRs 350
Quarter cheese broast legRs 330
Quarter masala broastRs 300


Crispy mayo rollRs 140
Crispy mayo cheese rollRs 170
Crispy 1000 mayo rollRs 220
Twister rollRs 200


Regular fries RegularRs 120
Regular fries jumboRs 220
Mayo fries RegularRs 180
Mayo fries jumboRs 340
Cheese fries RegularRs 250
Cheese fries JumboRs 450
Jalapeno fries RegularRs 250
Jalapeno fries JumboRs 500
Pizza Fries RegularRs 300
Pizza Fries JumboRs 500
Cheese masala fries RegularRs 250
Cheese masala fries JumboRs 400
Fries 1000 island sauce RegularRs 220
Fries 1000 island sauce JumboRs 400


Tandoori Hot RegularRs 400
Tandoori Hot LargeRs 650
Fajita sensational RegularRs 400
Fajita sensational LargeRs 650
Creamy Tikka RegularRs 500
Creamy Tikka LargeRs 750
Cheese lover LargeRs 700
Vegetable lover RegularRs 350
Vegetable lover LargeRs 550
Spice lover RegularRs 400
Spice lover LargeRs 700


Single scoopRs 80
Double scoopRs 150
Half literRs 300
One literRs 600

Lord Of Food Contact and Address

Address: 17 C Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Block C Block B Opf Housing Scheme, Lahore, Punjab

Here is the Lord of Food Contact Number:


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