Best Pizza in Lahore

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For pizza enthusiasts on the lookout for the Best Pizza in Lahore, we’ve got you covered! Through this website, we present a handpicked list of restaurants that not only offer pizzas but also serve the most delectable ones at reasonable prices. In Lahore, you’ll come across a diverse range of pizza joints, each with its own focus—some prioritize quality, while others cater to budget-conscious diners. Whether you’re taste-conscious or price-conscious, rest assured, you’ll find your perfect pizza haven among these places. Waste no time and dive into the list of eateries that serve the yummiest pizzas.

Best Pizza in Lahore


As a bustling food hub, Lahore caters to all kinds of palates, and that includes pizza lovers. From renowned international pizza chains to beloved local vendors, the city offers a wide variety of options. Whether you’re drawn to well-established brands or prefer a budget-friendly option, our list has something for everyone. So, take a look and decide where you want to embark on a delightful pizza experience.


List of 10 Best Pizza in Lahore

For all pizza enthusiasts seeking the best pizza places in Lahore, we’ve got you covered with the list below. Our aim is to help foodies find the perfect pizza spot in the city. Additionally, we will highlight which pizzas are worth trying from each place, as not all of their pizzas are equally exceptional. Let’s embark on a pizza journey and discover the finest pizza destinations in Lahore!

1. Cheezious Lahore – Crown Crust Pizza

Topping the list is Cheezious Lahore, offering the yummiest pizzas in town. Despite being relatively new, they have quickly made their mark with their exceptional Crown Crust Pizza and a variety of other special pizzas. However, do keep in mind that this place tends to be quite crowded, so plan your visit accordingly.

Address: 446, Block G3 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.

Phone: (042) 111 446 699

2. Hunger Strike – Deep Dish Pizza

Hunger Strike introduces its mouthwatering Deep Dish Pizza, a unique creation that some call a Mexican burger and others simply deem a delightful pizza. The Deep Dish comes in two flavors, but we highly recommend trying their special yogurt herb flavor. Their regular pizzas are also worth a try.

Address: 883, Block R1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.


Phone: 0326 3513564

3. Pizza M21 – Hand-Tossed 21” Pizza

Pizza M21 serves up a Hand-Tossed 21” Pizza that is a delight for pizza aficionados. Opt for their M21 Super flavor, featuring their special white sauce. This gigantic pizza is perfect for hosting a birthday party or a get-together with friends and family.

Address: 230-C, PIA Road, Main Blvd, WAPDA Town Lahore.

Phone: 0304 5777621

4. Buona Pizzeria – Cheesy Chicken Pizza

Indulge in the Cheesy Chicken Pizza from Buona Pizzeria, one of Lahore’s most famous pizza shops known for their Cheezious pizzas. If you’re craving a Cheezious pizza, Buona Pizzeria in DHA Lahore is the place to be. They currently offer car dining and takeaways.

Address: Shop no 14 S, opposite to Pasta Lavista, DHA Phase 2, Lahore.


Phone: (042) 35691309

5. Pizza Online – Chicken Cheese Stuffer

For stuffed pizza lovers, Pizza Online Lahore offers the Chicken Cheese Stuffer, a unique pizza with chicken and cheese stuffed into the crust. If you want to relish chicken in every bite, this pizza is a must-try.

Address: Main Blvd Allama Iqbal Town, near Moon Market Park, Jahanzeb Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.

Phone: 0309 0023300

6. New Yorker Pizza – 21” Time Square Pizza

If you’re seeking a change from the traditional round pizzas, go for the 21” Time Square Pizza from New Yorker Pizza. Offering branches across Lahore, including DHA and PIA road, this square pizza is a refreshing choice.

New Yorker Pizza Menu & Updated Prices


Address: 25-T, Lalak Jaan Chowk، DHA Phase 3 Sector T DHA Phase 2.

Phone: (051) 111 444 848

7. NY212 – NY Fusion

At NY212, try the NY Fusion pizza that allows you to enjoy four flavors in one pizza at the price of one. Customize your pizza with single signature flavor, two, three, or four, based on your preferences.

Address: 9C Mall, MM Alam Rd, Block C 2 Gulberg III.

Phone: (042) 111 169 212

8. O’ My Cheese – Signature Pizza

O’ My Cheese offers classic and signature flavors, and we recommend trying their Signature Pizzas for an exquisite pizza experience.

Address: Main Boulevard, 6 D PIA Main Boulevard, Block D Pia Housing Scheme.

Phone: 0305 1662662

9. Stone Ove Pizza Valley – Chicken Bihari Kebab Pizza

Stone Ove Pizza Valley is famous for its wide range of pizzas. For a delightful twist, try their Chicken Bihari Kebab Pizza, available in two different types: Kebab crust pizza and Chicken Bihari Kebab Pizza.

Address: R1, Chowk, Block R 1 Phase 2 Shadiwal Johar Town.

Phone: (042) 111 334 455

10. Eastern Oven Lahore – Budget-Friendly Pizza

For those on a budget, Eastern Oven Lahore offers the cheapest pizzas in Lahore. With home delivery available across Lahore, their pizzas are worth trying and will leave you wanting more.

Address: Civic Centre Block D 2 Phase 1 Johar Town.

Phone: 0300 0127805

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