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Fork N Knives Menu digs deep in detail while preparing its healthy and enjoyable pizzas for the pizza lovers in Pakistan. They have been serving outstanding and made-to-order pizzas along with Chicken Rolls, Salads, Drinks, Desserts, Appetizers and Pastas ever since their foundation in Lahore. They keep it comfortable for the customers and offer their delicious food items at reasonable cost.

fork n knives menu


Fork N Knives Pizza Kitchen restaurant is a highly recommended place for the food lovers. They serve the best quality food made with the purest constituents possible. Moreover, Fork N Knives has a really fast home delivery service so you can get your favorite food at your doorstep in an instant.


Fork N Knives Menu Best Items

As we have mentioned earlier, Fork n Knives food chain has a lot to offer but we will only
mention the best items available at Fork n Knives menu Pakistan:

Top 10 Best Pizza In Lahore

Fork N Knives Menu Specialty Pizza

Fork n Knives menu is best known for its brilliant pizzas. Their Specialty Pizza menu has
distinguishable yet quite tasty pizzas to offer to the visitors. To start with, you can ask for Fork n Knives Special which is made with a combination of three flavors of chicken with onions. Other ingredients include green peppers, mushrooms, olives which are topped with their spicy signature sauce. Malai Boti Pizza and the Mughlai Pizza are also capable of satisfying your pizza cravings. The prices may vary from size to size so be careful about that.

Fork n Knives menu

Fork N Knives Menu Traditional Pizza

The Traditional Pizza at the Fork n Knives menu is a collection of classic pizzas for your dining. The first one in the list is marvelous and luscious Chicken Supreme pizza. It is especially prepared with a tasteful combination of spicy and mouth watering chicken, smoked chicken, onions, green peppers, olives and mushrooms. When all the constituents are cooked to perfection, they are made more special when they are topped with the Bar BQ sauce. Chicken Tandoori pizza is also a must try and the vegetarians can go for the Veggie Lovers pizza.

fork n knives


Pastas by Fork N Knives Menu

Looks like Pizza isn’t the only Italian cuisine you will be entertained with at the Fork n Knives restaurant. They also excel in making savory Pastas for the visitors. You should try their Chicken Pasta because it is a dish of hearty and rich white sauce with olives and it is served over macaroni. Fettuccine is another amazing pasta which contains strips of marinated chicken in a creamy sauce blended with fettuccine pasta and topped with mozzarella cheese. You will be in for a treat if you like different varieties of Pasta.

Fork n Knives

Fork N Knives Menu Chicken Spin Rolls

Fork n Knives pizza menu is proud of its crowd puller Chicken Spin Rolls that are made with
marinated chicken with sweet tasting corn and jalapeno. These rolls are served with their
signature garlic Mayo dip to make them more spicy. However, Shawarma Spin Rolls are equally in great demand by the visitors for their aesthetic shapes and titillating taste.


Fork n Knives


Fork N Knives Menu Price List

Exclusive Deals

Deal 1Large Pizza, 1.5 litter drinkRs. 1,595
Deal 2Crispy Burger, 345 ml drinkRs. 499
Deal 34 fillet Burgers, 6 pieces nuggets, Fries, 1.5 litter drinkRs. 2,420
Deal 41 Large pizza, 1 mini pasta, 6 pieces wings, 1.5 litter drinkRs. 2,299
Deal 51 Medium pizza, 6 pieces wings, 500 ml drinkRs. 1,430
Deal 61 Large pizza, 6 pieces wings, 1.5 litter drinkRs. 1,980
Deal 72 Large Pizza, 1.5 litter drinkRs. 2,999
Deal 8Large pizza, Platter, 1.5 litter drinkRs. 2,420
Deal 92 Large pizza, 1 Platter, 1.5 litter drinkRs. 3,850

Traditional Pizza

Veggie Lovers Pizzafrom Rs. 495
Chicken Supreme Pizzafrom Rs. 495
Chicken Fajita Pizzafrom Rs. 495
The Euro Pizzafrom Rs. 495
Cheesy Cheese Pizzafrom Rs. 495
Fajita Sicilian Pizzafrom Rs. 495
Chicken Tikka Pizzafrom Rs. 495
Chicken Tandoori Pizzafrom Rs. 495


Specialty Pizza

FNK Mughlai Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045
FNK Mayo Garlic Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045
FNK Malai Boti Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045
Forks N Knives Special Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045
Special Bihari Kabab Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045
FNK Deluxe Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045
FNK Afghani Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045
FNK Reshmi Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045
FNK Bihari Fire Pizzafrom Rs. 1,045

Thin Crust & Stuffed Crust Pizza

Super Supremely PizzaRs. 1,899
Malai Boti Mania PizzaRs. 1,899
Kabab Sizzler PizzaRs. 1,899

Burgers & Sandwiches

Malai Boti BurgerRs. 750
Deluxe BurgerRs. 710
FNK Special Grilled Chicken BurgerRs. 750
FNK Classic BurgerRs. 710
FNK Special BurgerRs. 550
Double Crunch BurgerRs. 530
Filly BurgerRs. 450


Bihari RollRs. 540
Malai Boti RollRs. 540
Chicken Spin RollRs. 470
Shawarma Spin RollRs. 470


Forks N Knives PlatterRs. 880
Jalapeno Cheese SticksRs. 495
Garlic Supreme BreadRs. 430
Chicken Supreme BreadRs. 430
Garlic BreadRs. 230
Oven Baked Hot Wingsfrom Rs. 390
French FriesRs. 390
Loaded FriesRs. 599
Cheesy Loaded FriesRs. 699


Forks N Knives Chicken PastaRs. 750
Fettuccine PastaRs. 710
LasagnaRs. 710
Macaroni PastaRs. 750

Fried Items

Crispy Wingsfrom Rs. 390
Nuggetsfrom Rs. 390
Peri Popper BitesRs. 430

Contact Fork N Knives

Forks n knives Pizza kitchen Gulberg Gulberg Rd · 0313 7001800

Forks n Knives Crisp n Grill Susan Road · (041) 111 656 565

Forks N Knives – Pizza Kitchen Do Burj Mall Kohinoor Plaza (041) 111 656 565

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