Butlers Chocolate Cafe Menu Pakistan With Prices

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If you’re searching for the latest Butlers Chocolate Cafe menu in Pakistan then my friend you have found your destination! Here at this site, you will get all the required information about the Butlers Chocolate Cafe Menu Pakistan.
Butlers Chocolate is a widely credited food chain all over the world. Its menu is very vast and broad and has the capability to fulfill the needs of its visitors.

There are a lot of options that can be enjoyed in its menu including; Starters, Soup and Salads, All Day Breakfast, Sandwiches, Pizza, Desserts, Beverages, Mocktail and many more! Each of their items has an exceptional taste and excellent quality. You will feel blessed and grateful after choosing Butlers Chocolate as your eating spot.
Butlers Chocolate Cafe was founded in 1932 by Ms Marion Bailey-Butler. The brand is
headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has many branches in different countries of the world
including Pakistan. In Pakistan it has gained equal popularity and love as it has got in other
corners of the world.



Butlers Chocolate Cafe Menu Pakistan Best Items

Butlers Chocolate has so much to offer that it is very difficult to differentiate and distinguish their products. But some of their items have different fan base and are known to be the best:

Crumbed Chicken Breast by Butlers Chocolate Cafe

The first item which has the privilege to be called as the best seller of Butlers Chocolate Cafe
menu is the Crumbed Chicken Breast. Everyone is well aware of the fact that chicken is very
common as well as the most consumed food item in Pakistan. And this Crumbed Chicken
Breast is not only unique and classy but also ultra delicious and mouthwatering. They use crispy fried chicken breast with Jalapeno, sun-dried tomato & cheese filling
with thick cut fries & green leaf salad.

Mediterranean Salad


If you’re looking for a dish that satisfies your hunger, makes you feel delightful and doesn’t do
any harm to your health then nothing could be better than Mediterranean Salad. This special
Salad is a very fine treat to eat and will perfectly match your taste buds. The ingredients used by the professional chefs in the preparation of Mediterranean Salad are pure, healthy and 100% natural. They include grilled chicken, salad greens, roasted red bell pepper, olives, sun dried tomato, feta & balsamic dressing.

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Hot Chocolate Lava Cake

Butlers Chocolate Cafe

Craving for something sweet to eat? Well worry not because Hot Chocolate Lava Cake has got
you covered. This Cake, with its amazing taste, has proven from time to time why it has large
followers. It is one of the sweetest, fluffiest and tastiest cakes you have ever had. Not only will it satisfy your sweet craving but will give you a wonderful experience. This Hot Chocolate Lava
Cake served directly from the oven with the signature chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream of

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Menu with Prices

Here is the complete butlers chocolate cafe Pakistan menu with updated price information.

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Starters

Crispy Chicken StripsRs. 790
Mozzarella SticksRs. 650
Italian Mozzarella BitesRs. 720
Chicken WingsRs. 600
BruschettaRs. 460


Soups & Salads

Creamy & Mushroom SoupRs. 490
Tomato & Basil SoupRs. 490
Caesar SaladRs. 670
Mediterranean SaladRs. 990
Chicken & Avocado SaladRs. 990
Mediterranean SaladRs. 880
Chicken & Sweet Corn SoupRs. 490
Beef & Beetroot SaladRs. 790
Pesto Chicken SaladRs. 990
Plum & Tomato SoupRs. 480
Warm Beef SaladRs. 990
Caesar SaladRs. 890

All Day Breakfast

Full Irish BreakfastRs. 990
3 Egg OmeletteRs. 990
Scrambled EggsRs. 820
GranolaRs. 750
Eggs BenedictRs. 640
Eggs With AvocadoRs. 990


Sandwiches & Paninis

The Butler Club SandwichRs. 920
Honey Mustard Chicken SandwichFrom Rs. 920
Grilled Chicken SandwichFrom Rs. 920
Classic Chicken PaniniFrom Rs. 990
Crispy Chicken SandwichFrom Rs. 920
Classic Steak SandwichRs. 920
Spicy Chicken SandwichFrom Rs. 880
Pesto Chicken PaniniFrom Rs. 880
Philly Steak SandwichFrom Rs. 920
BBQ Chicken PaniniFrom Rs. 880
Meatball SandwichFrom Rs. 920


Margherita PizzaFrom Rs. 820
Royal Chicken PizzaFrom Rs. 990
Pepperoni PizzaFrom Rs. 990
BBQ Chicken PizzaFrom Rs. 990
Spicy Chicken PizzaFrom Rs. 990
Vegetarian PizzaFrom Rs. 800
Smoked Chicken PizzaFrom Rs. 990
Spinach & FetaFrom Rs. 820


Fish & ChipsRs. 990
Crumbed Chicken BreastRs. 990
Chicken Pot PieRs. 890


GranolaRs. 550
Brunch Special SandwichRs. 790
Smoked Chicken & Mushroom On ToastRs. 550
Egg FrittataRs. 730


Pastu Au GratinRs. 990
Spicy ChickenRs. 890
Butlers SpecialRs. 880
Mac & CheeseRs. 890
Penne ArrabiataRs. 890
Smoked ChickenRs. 890
Spaghetti With MeatballsRs. 890
Chicken Parmigiana Fettuccine PastaRs. 1,100
Basil Pesto PastaRs. 990

All Day Brunch

Smashed Avocado ToastRs. 990
French ToastFrom Rs. 750
Smoked Chicken ToastRs. 650
Brunch SandwichRs. 820


Thick Cut FriesRs. 450
Pepper Loaded FriesRs. 750
Garlic Loaded FriesRs. 750
Potato Wedges BowlRs. 250
Pizza Loaded FriesRs. 750


Chicken OmeletteRs. 620
Smoked Chicken & Mushroom ToastRs. 590
Mediterranean SaladRs. 595


Hot Chocolate Lava CakeRs. 690
Cheese CakeRs. 620
Butlers Signature SundaeRs. 695
Chocolate Cheese CakeRs. 820
Cookie Lava CakeFrom Rs. 290
Triple Chocolate Mousse CakeRs. 550
Ice Cream Cookie SandwichRs. 500
Cookie Dream SundaeRs. 695
Chocolate Decadence SundaeRs. 695
Chocolate Temptation CakeRs. 550
Butlers Signature WafflesFrom Rs. 690
Carrot CakeRs. 690
Lotus Biscoff SundaeRs. 695
CarrotRs. 350
Handmade Chocolate TrioRs. 300
Caramel Crunch SundaeRs. 695
Cheese Chocolate CakeRs. 820
Cheese Berry Coulis CakeRs. 820

Butlers Coffee

CappuccinoFrom Rs. 420
Caramel MacchiatoFrom Rs. 550
LatteFrom Rs. 420
Hazelnut MacchiatoFrom Rs. 550
AffogatoFrom Rs. 490
Milk MochaFrom Rs. 580
White MochaFrom Rs. 580
AmericanoFrom Rs. 400
Chocolate AffogatoFrom Rs. 510
Espresso MacchiatoFrom Rs. 350
EspressoFrom Rs. 250
Irish CoffeeFrom Rs. 550
Flat WhiteFrom Rs. 420
Chai Tea LatteFrom Rs. 490
Turmeric LatteFrom Rs. 490

Specialty Teas

Irish Breakfast Black TeaRs. 390
Earl Grey Black TeaRs. 390
Green Tropical Herbal TeaRs. 390
Chamomile Herbal TeaRs. 390
Ginger Lemongrass Herbal TeaRs. 390
Peppermint Herbal TeaRs. 390
Strawberry Mango Herbal TeaRs. 390

Hot & Cold Beverages

Butlers Signature Chocolate MilkshakeRs. 530
Vanilla Espresso MilkshakeRs. 580
Dark Cookie Hot ChocolateRs. 580
Traditional Strawberry MilkshakeRs. 490
White Chocolate Latte MilkshakeRs. 530
Passion fruit LemonadeRs. 490
Iced ChocolateRs. 480
Soft DrinkRs. 130
Iced LatteRs. 560
Iced Caramel MacchiatoRs. 560
Iced Mochafrom Rs. 560
Mint Chocolate MilkshakeRs. 530
Traditional Vanilla MilkshakeRs. 490
Mint LemonadeRs. 380
Iced Americanofrom Rs. 390
Caramel Praline MilkshakeRs. 530
Still WaterRs. 90
Fresh LimeRs. 190
Iced TeaRs. 440
Sparkling WaterRs. 330
Oreo Cookie MilkshakeRs. 580
Traditional Chocolate MilkshakeRs. 530
Fresh JuiceRs. 420
Iced Lemonadefrom Rs. 490
Caramel DreamRs. 580
Flavored Shotsfrom Rs. 100
Iced Cafe MasalaRs. 390
Iced Peach TeaRs. 490
Classic SqueezeRs. 380

Mocktails & Smoothies

Pina ColadaRs. 470
Mint LeprechaunRs. 380
Apple SpritzerRs. 390
Morning SunshineRs. 470
Berry BlitzRs. 470

Hot Chocolate

Milk Butlers Signature Hot ChocolateRs. 550
Dark Butlers Signature Hot ChocolateRs. 590
Milk Marshmallow Hot ChocolateRs. 590
Dark Marshmallow Hot ChocolateRs. 630
Milk Cookie Hot ChocolateRs. 590
Dark Cookie Hot ChocolateRs. 630
Vanilla Flavored Hot ChocolateRs. 590
White Marshmallow Hot ChocolateRs. 590
White Cookie Hot ChocolateRs. 590
Praline Flavored Hot ChocolateRs. 590
Caramel Flavored Hot ChocolateRs. 590
Mint Flavored Hot ChocolateRs. 590
White Butlers Signature Hot ChocolateRs. 550

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Pakistan Contact

You can order your food by calling at these numbers: +92 213 5302006 or +92 213 5301927


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