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The menu at Bravo Foods Rawalpindi is extensive and offers something for everyone. Some of their most popular dishes include chicken pulao, zinger burger, fried chicken, and kheer. They also have a wide selection of drinks, including mint margarita, ketchup, extra salad, and shami kabab.

Bravo Foods


The service at Bravo Foods Rawalpindi is excellent and the staff are always friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is also very casual and relaxed, making it a great place to go for a casual meal with friends or family.


Bravo Foods Menu and Price Details

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If you’re looking for delicious Pakistani and Chinese food in Rawalpindi, then Bravo Foods is the perfect place for you. With its extensive menu, excellent service, and casual atmosphere, Bravo Foods is sure to please everyone.

Chicken Pulao

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Single Pulao590
Single With Choice Piece595
Singal Pulao Without Kabab490
Special Pulao775
Special Pulao With Choice Piece785
Special Pulao Without Kabab670
Pulao Kabab410
Simple Pulao305

Bravo Krispo

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Bravo Zinger Burger510
Bravo Zinger Burger with Cheese550
Bravo Zinger Burger with Fries740
Bravo Chicken Burger430
Bravo Chicken Burger with Fries660


Fried Items

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chicken Piece Broast240
Chicken Broastfrom 860
Bravo Hot Shots640
French Fries320


ItemPrice (Rs.)
Kheer (Single Person)180
Kheer Box (Three Persons)480



ItemPrice (Rs.)
Mint Margarita120

Bravo Foods Contact Number and Address

Phone: (051) 2707860

Address: Emporium No 4, Khanna Rd, Rawalpindi.

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