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As the name suggests, Swing Restaurant is a well known eating spot located in Karachi, Pakistan. The brand is highly famous for producing incredibly delicious food items to the food explorer. Swing Restaurant Karachi menu offers a wide range of products. There are various varieties of Pakistani, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Asian and American styles of food each containing a distinct taste and unique flavor. Its menu has Breakfast, Lunch, Salad, Burgers, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Seafood, Beef, Dessert, Beverages and more. Every meal served here is high in quality as they don’t compromise in the manner of taste and quality.

The interior of the restaurant is fascinating and gives a homelike vibe. They have very cooperative and dedicated staff which make sure to serve you in the best possible way. They have a lot to offer on a limited budget price range. They also have facilities of outdoor dine-in, delivery and takeaways.

Swing Restaurant Menu Pakistan Best Items

Swing has become a well recognized brand in a very short period of time because of their hard work and staying loyal to their visitors. There are so many worth trying products in the Swing restaurant menu, but some of them are hailed as their best items. These are:

Chili Lime Chicken

One of the recipes on the Swing menu which has got a very huge positive response from the food adventurers are Chili Lime Chicken. This dish is unique and different from the other dishes of chicken. It is especially made for Spicy food lovers as it is extremely hot and spicy. In this delicacy, grilled chicken with a savory blend of spices is combined with perfect sweet-tangy chili fruit salsa and served with in house sun dried tomato herb butter.

Caesar with Grilled Prawns

Apart from spicy food, Swing restaurant has something healthy, light and delectable to offer. Caesar with Grilled Prawns is a complete and perfect dish for maintaining your health and satisfying your hunger. Every single ingredient used in the making of this recipe is top-notch you have Grilled Prawn skewers with crispy green, sun dried tomatoes and beetroot chunks which are garnished with croutons, Parmesan shavings and served with Caesar dressings. From taste to presentation, it is simply the best.

Salmon Rolls Ups

If you are Seafood lover and wish to taste something new and unique in seafood then you must try these Salmon Rolls Ups as they are worth trying. These smoked Salmon Rolls are stuffed with Bouncing cheese, honey mustard and pickle beetroot and to give you a memorable taste, served with garlic bread and garnished with lemon zest, claviers and micro green. Not only are they worth trying, but also worth buying because they are offered at a very reasonable price rate.

Swing Restaurant Menu Price List

Assorted Goodies

Lotus CupcakeRs. 145
Red Velvet Cupcake  Rs. 395  
Red Velvet Cake Slice  Rs. 365  
Nutella Tart  Rs. 355  
Chocolate Heaven GlassRs. 145  
Rainbow Cake Slice  Rs. 415  
Lotus Glass  Rs. 435  
Freshly Baked Cakes  Rs. 3,065  


Marrakesh Chicken  Rs. 1,495  
Chili Lime ChickenRs. 1,435  
Cashew Nut Chicken  Rs. 1,375  
Brassica Chicken  Rs. 1,435  
Jalapeño Chicken  Rs. 1,435  


Swings Special Pasta  Rs. 1,295  
Alfredo Pasta  Rs. 1,047  
Mac N Pep Pasta  Rs. 1,070  
Seafood Linguine  Rs. 1,655  


Peri Peri Grilled Chicken BurgerRs. 1,085  
Mushrooms Cheese Burger  Rs. 1,225  
Classic Beef Burger  Rs. 1,145  

Sandwiches & HotDog

Swing Club Sandwich  Rs. 1,235
Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich  Rs. 1,075  
Classic Hotdog  Rs. 1,165  
Mac & Cheese Hotdog  Rs. 1,375  


Swings Special Pizza  Rs. 1,515  
Ranch Pizza  Rs. 1,375  


Loaded Street Fries  Rs. 895  
Trio Prawns  Rs. 1,375  
Wings  Rs. 825  
Chicken Strips  Rs. 895  
Mozzarella Sticks  Rs. 865  
Chicken Cheese Balls  Rs. 755  
Chili Bites  Rs. 730  
Trio Tacos  Rs. 895  
Garlic Prawns ·          Rs. 1,165  

Mocktail & Slush

Peach Colada  Rs. 475  
Hibiscus Lemonade  Rs. 415  
Mint Lemonade  Rs. 415  
Ginger Peach Soda  Rs. 475  
Kiwi Slush  Rs. 475  
Green Apple Slush  Rs. 475  
Peach & Ginger Mojito Rs. 415  
Virgin Mojito  Rs. 415  
Kiwi MargaritaRs. 475  
Peach FuzzRs. 475  


Vanilla Shake  Rs. 555  
Chocolate Shake  Rs. 555  
Nutella Shake  Rs. 595  
Oreo Shake  Rs. 595  
Peanut Butter Shake  Rs. 595  
Strawberry Shake  Rs. 555  


Pepsi Can – 250 mlRs. 115  
Red Bull  Rs. 375  
Fresh Lime  Rs. 145  
7up Can – 250 ml  Rs. 115  
Miranda Can – 250 mlRs. 115  
7up Can – 250 ml  Rs. 115  
Water Small  Rs. 115  
Reviver  Rs. 595  
A.B.C Fresh Juice  Rs. 595

Contact and Location Swing Restaurant Karachi

Khayaban-e-Seher, D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defense Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City

Phone: 0336 1299481


FAQs About Swing Restaurant Karachi

Who owns Swing Restaurant Karachi?

Pir Waqar Ali owns Swing Restaurant, Karachi.

Contact number of Swing Restaurant Karachi?

You can place your favorite meal from Swing Restaurant Karachi by calling at this number: +92 336 1299481

Swing Online Delivery?

Swing Restaurant Deliver online food via Foodpanda

Where Swing Restaurant is located?

Khayaban-e-Seher, D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defense Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City

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