Madina Yakhni Pulao Menu With Prices

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Madina Yakhni Pulao is a Pakistani restaurant chain specializing in, you guessed it, yakhni pulao. Yakhni pulao is a flavorful rice dish made with meat, vegetables, and spices. The dish is cooked in a yogurt and broth mixture, which gives it a unique and delicious flavor.

Madina Yakhni Pulao was founded in Multan, Pakistan, in 1972. The restaurant quickly became popular for its delicious food and friendly service. Today, Madina Yakhni Pulao has over 50 locations in Pakistan, as well as locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The restaurant’s signature dish is the yakhni pulao, of course. But Madina Yakhni Pulao also offers a variety of other Pakistani dishes, such as chicken biryani, beef nihari, and daal makhani.

The restaurant is a great place to try Pakistani food if you’ve never had it before. The yakhni pulao is a must-try, and the other dishes are all delicious as well. The service is friendly and the prices are reasonable.

Madina Yakhni Pulao

Madina Yakhni Pulao Menu With Prices

Pulao Biryani Zarda MixRs. 250
Pulao Zarda MixRs. 250
Biryani Zarda MixRs. 250
Pulao Biryani MixRs. 250
Murgh Channa Pulaofrom Rs. 160
Chicken Sindhi Biryanifrom Rs. 300
Beef Yakhni Pulaofrom Rs. 350
ZardaRs. 180
Sada ChannayRs. 60
Chicken Qormafrom Rs. 200
Murgh Chanayfrom Rs. 110
Chicken Shami KababRs. 80
RaitaRs. 40
SaladRs. 50
NaanRs. 40
Waterfrom Rs. 80

Madina Yakhni Pulao Address And Contact Info

Address: Oppo Gulzar Stationers, 992 Opal Shaheed Rd, Saddar Cantt, Multan.

Phone: 0300 0676005

Madina Yakhni Pulao Opening Hours

Monday8 am–11:30 pm
Tuesday8 am–11:30 pm
Wednesday8 am–11:30 pm
Thursday8 am–11:30 pm
Friday8 am–11:30 pm
Saturday8 am–12:30 am
Sunday8 am–11:30 pm
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