KFC Faisalabad Menu Deals and Prices

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KFC Faisalabad is a popular fast food restaurant. It has 4 locations in Faisalabad. It is a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike, and is known for its delicious fried chicken, burgers, and other menu items. The KFC Faisalabad restaurant is open, seven days a week. It is a spacious restaurant with plenty of seating, and is also equipped with a drive-thru window for those who are in a hurry.

KFC Faisalabad


KFC Faisalabad Menu/Deals with Prices

Summer Deals at KFC Faisalabad

Summer DealMenu ItemsPrice (Rs.)
Summer Deal 1Zinger Burger, Chicken Piece, Fries, Coleslaw & 345ml Drink880
Summer Deal 2Krunch Burger with Hot & Crispy Chicken Piece & 345ml Drink520

KFC Faisalabad Meal Box

Menu ItemsPrice Range (in Rs.)
Crispy Box2 Pieces hot and crispy chicken, regular fries, coleslaw, and regular drink610
Crispy Duo Box5 Chicken pieces, large fries, and 2 regular soft drinks1,150
Boneless Box4 Zinger strips, dinner roll, regular fries, coleslaw, dip, and regular soft drink630
Xtreme Duo Box2 Zinger burgers, 2 chicken pieces, large fries, and 2 regular soft drinks1,390
WOW BoxZinger burger, hot and crispy piece, regular fries, coleslaw, and regular soft drink880
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KFC Faisalabad Family Deals

Menu ItemPrice
Family Festival 1Rs. 1,890
Family Festival 2Rs. 2,090
Family Festival 3Rs. 2,290
Value Bucketfrom Rs. 1,750

Chicky Meals

Menu ItemPrice (in Rs.)
Chicky Meal 1450
Chicky Meal 2450
Chicky Meal with Toy 1550
Chicky Meal with Toy 2550
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Make It a Meal

Menu ItemPrice
Zinger Burger ComboRs. 780
Zinger BurgerRs. 530
Mighty Zinger BurgerRs. 680
Kentucky BurgerRs. 570
Zinger Stacker BurgerRs. 570
TwisterRs. 390
Kentucky ComboRs. 820
Twister ComboRs. 640

Everyday Value

Menu Price (in Rs.)
3 Pieces Boneless Strips350
Krunch Burgerfrom 250
Krunch Combofrom 490
Chicken Chipsfrom 520
Rice & Spice330
3 Pieces Chickenfrom 590
Zingerathafrom 330
Krunch Burger with Drinkfrom 350
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Menu Price
NuggetsRs. 430
Dinner RollRs. 30
Bucket of Fries with MayoRs. 390
Hot ShotsRs. 390
French FriesFrom Rs. 250
ColeslawRs. 90
Bucket of Fries with VietnameseRs. 390
Snack BucketRs. 550
Chicken PieceRs. 250
Hot WingsRs. 550
Thai Sweet Chili Saucy WingsFrom Rs. 520
Buffalo Saucy WingsFrom Rs. 520
Tangy Masala WingsFrom Rs. 520
Spicy NuggetsFrom Rs. 490


Menu SizePrice (Rs.)
Aquafina Water500 ml90
Pepsi345 ml120
Mirinda345 ml120
7up345 ml120
Pepsi1.5 Litre250
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KFC Faisalabad Number and Address

1.KFC Faisalabad Bilal Rd Branch

Bilal Road, Civil Lines Faisalabad Pakistan


2.KFC Faisalabad Lyallpur Galleria Mall Branch

Lyallpur Galleria Mall, E Canal Rd, Saeed Colony Nasar Ullah Khan Town, Faisalabad.

3.KFC Faisalabad Misaq ul Mall Branch

Misaq ul Mall, Ground Floor, Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad.

4.KFC Faisalabad People Colony Branch

D-Ground, People Colony No. 1 Faisalabad Pakistan

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