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China Ming menu has Chinese and Thai cuisine and if you love east Asian food, this is the right place for you to sate your appetite. In addition to light appetizers, starters, and soups, there is a range of dishes for the main course. These main course dishes include chop suey, noodles, chicken, and seafood preparations, among others.

China Ming


China Ming Menu with Prices

Here you can the latest menu of China Ming restaurant with Price detail.


Appetizers (Chinese)

Fried Prawn BallsRs. 430Rs. 740Rs. 910
Chicken Egg RollsRs. 260Rs. 450Rs. 660
Chicken DrumsticksRs. 260Rs. 480Rs. 740
Fried WontonsRs. 300Rs. 480Rs. 680
Fried Fish & ChipsRs. 300Rs. 500Rs. 900
Steam DumplingsRs. 510Rs. 770
Fried Finger FishRs. 360Rs. 500Rs. 870
Prawns CrackersRs. 80Rs. 150
Prawn on ToastRs. 560Rs. 810
Crumbed Fried PrawnsRs. 560Rs. 930
Spicy Steam WontonRs. 500Rs. 780
Spicy Honey WingsRs. 360Rs. 500Rs. 750
Fried Stuffed ChiliRs. 340Rs. 500Rs. 780
Prawn TempuraRs. 620Rs. 1,040
Dynamite ChickenRs. 510Rs. 870
Chicken StripsRs. 470Rs. 790
Fried Chicken WingsRs. 280Rs. 480Rs. 680
Stuffed Cheese in ChickenRs. 610Rs. 970
Special Tail PrawnRs. 470Rs. 870Rs. 1,340
Dynamite PrawnsRs. 620Rs. 1,010
Chicken Buffalo WingsRs. 480Rs. 810
Spicy Fried Chicken BallsRs. 480Rs. 720
Fried Spring ChickenRs. 260Rs. 500Rs. 930
Fried Chicken Leg DrumstickRs. 500Rs. 870
Fried Lemon Pepper Chicken DrumsticksRs. 510Rs. 920
Spicy Chicken Fried WingsRs. 450Rs. 810
Special Butterfly PrawnRs. 870Rs. 1,340

China Ming Soup (Chinese)

Chicken Corn SoupRs. 230Rs. 390Rs. 570
Hot & Sour Soup WhiteRs. 270Rs 400Rs. 570
Special Hot & Sour Soup RedRs. 280Rs. 450Rs. 680
Special China Ming SoupRs. 280Rs. 450Rs. 700
Special Hot & Sour Soup WhiteRs. 280Rs. 450Rs. 680
Hot & Sour Soup RedRs. 270Rs. 400Rs. 570
Chicken Mushroom & Baby Corn SoupRs. 270Rs. 450Rs. 670
Chicken Vegetable SoupRs. 270Rs. 390Rs. 550
Prawn Thai SoupRs. 280Rs. 450Rs. 680
Chicken Noodles SoupRs. 260Rs. 420Rs. 640
Chicken Szechuan SoupRs. 290Rs. 420Rs. 650
Crab Corn SoupRs. 290Rs. 460Rs. 700
Chicken Spicy Garlic Noodle SoupRs. 290Rs. 450Rs. 650
Chicken Thai SoupRs. 270Rs. 390Rs. 570
Wonton SoupRs. 290Rs. 420Rs. 640
Mix Vegetable SoupRs. 240Rs. 410


China Ming Soup (Thai)

Tom Yam Goong Prawn Soupfrom Rs. 340
Tom Yam Gai Chicken Soupfrom Rs. 420
Special Tom Yam Thick SoupRs. 890

China Ming Salad (Thai)

Green SaladRs. 240
Chicken Cashew Nuts SaladRs. 470
Chicken Cashew Nutsfrom Rs. 540
Caesar SaladRs. 470
Caesar Salad with Grilled ChickenRs. 650
Mix Fruit SaladRs. 530


China Ming Beef (Chinese)

China Ming Special Beef Chili DryRs. 540Rs. 870
Beef Chillies GravyRs. 540Rs. 870
Crispy Beef With Red SauceRs. 540Rs. 870
Mongolian BeefRs. 540Rs. 890
Beef Oyster SauceRs. 510Rs. 820
Hot & Spicy BeefRs. 510Rs. 810
Beef Chillies VegetableRs. 470Rs. 800
Sweet & Sour BeefRs. 510Rs. 810
Beef With PineappleRs. 510Rs. 810
Beef Lemon SauceRs. 510Rs. 810
Beef Black PepperRs. 510Rs. 810
Beef GingerRs. 510Rs. 840
Spicy Shredded BeefRs. 510Rs. 840
Dry Beef & Chilies OnionRs. 540Rs. 870
Spicy Mexican BeefRs. 510Rs. 840

China Ming Chop Suey (Chinese)

American Chop SueyRs. 450Rs. 700
Chicken American Chop SueyRs. 400Rs. 650
Chinese Chop SueyRs. 450Rs. 650
Prawn & Olive Egg FoyongRs. 490
Chicken Szechuan Chop SueyRs. 450Rs. 650
China Ming Chop SueyRs. 470Rs. 650


China Ming Beef (Thai)

Beef Red CurryRs. 620Rs. 970
Beef Green CurryRs. 620Rs. 970
Stir Fried Beef in Oyster SauceRs. 620Rs. 970

China Ming Noodles (Thai)

Chicken Pad Thai NoodlesRs. 470Rs. 770
Prawn Pad Thai NoodlesRs. 520Rs. 810
Spicy Chicken Noodles with BasilRs. 470Rs. 770
Spicy Chicken NoodlesRs. 470Rs. 770
Prawn Noodles with BasilRs. 520Rs. 810

China Ming Prawns (Chinese)

Hot & Spicy PrawnRs. 530Rs. 890
Stir Fried Kung Pao PrawnRs. 590Rs. 980
Prawn Garlic SauceRs. 510Rs. 870
Kung Pao PrawnRs. 560Rs. 920
Prawn Manchurian WhiteRs. 530Rs. 890
Prawn Cashew NutsRs. 530Rs. 890
Prawn Chilies VegetablesRs. 510Rs. 860
Prawn Chilies DryRs. 560Rs. 920
Prawn MushroomRs. 530Rs. 890
Sweet & Sour PrawnRs. 520Rs. 890
Prawn Lemon SauceRs. 530Rs. 870
Prawn AlmondsRs. 530Rs. 890
China Ming Special PrawnRs. 560Rs. 890
Crispy Prawn in Spicy Red SauceRs. 560Rs. 920
Special Sweet & Sour PrawnRs. 560Rs. 930
Grounded Green Herb PrawnRs. 650Rs. 1,000

Chicken (Chinese)

Chicken Manchurian RedRs. 540Rs. 840
Kung Pao ChickenRs. 550Rs. 870
Chicken Szechuan in Brown SauceRs. 540Rs. 830
Chicken Manchurian WhiteRs. 500Rs. 830
Chicken Chilies Dry With OnionRs. 550Rs. 850
Spicy Orange ChickenRs. 540Rs. 840
Chicken Chillies VegetableRs. 430Rs. 840
Chicken Garlic SauceRs. 540Rs. 840
Dragon ChickenRs. 570Rs. 860
Sweet & Sour ChickenRs. 540Rs. 840
Chicken Shashlik Without RiceRs. 540Rs. 840
Chinaming Sp Chicken Chili Dry Without OnionRs. 590Rs. 890
Honey Chicken Sesame SeedRs. 550Rs. 840
Crispy Chicken In Red SauceRs. 570Rs. 840
Chicken with Oyster SauceRs. 550Rs. 840
Chicken Ginger SauceRs. 540Rs. 830
Kindo ChickenRs. 540Rs. 840
Chicken Spicy Black BeanRs. 540Rs. 840
Chicken Szechuan in Red SauceRs. 540Rs. 840
Chicken PineappleRs. 540Rs. 840
China Ming Special ChickenRs. 560Rs. 850
Chicken Chillies GravyRs. 530Rs. 840
Chicken Chillies GravyRs. 530Rs. 840
Chicken AlmondsRs. 540Rs. 840
Spicy Shredded ChickenRs. 540Rs. 840
Chicken Lemon SauceRs. 530Rs. 830
Mongolian ChickenRs. 550Rs. 840
Chicken 65Rs. 570Rs. 860
Chicken M & B CornRs. 550Rs. 840
Spicy Pineapple Cherry ChickenRs. 570Rs. 860
Stir Fried Kung Pao ChickenRs. 600Rs. 900

Fish (Chinese)

Kung Pao FishRs. 520Rs. 870
Fish Chillies VegetableRs. 510Rs. 850
Fish Chillies DryRs. 540Rs. 890
Fish Garlic SauceRs. 520Rs. 860
Crispy Fish In Red Sticky SauceRs. 540Rs. 870
Fish ManchurianRs. 520Rs. 870
Sweet & Sour FishRs. 520Rs. 870
Spicy Grilled FishRs. 560Rs. 860
Fried CrabsRs. 860
Spicy Stir Fried CrabsRs. 860
Grounded Green Herb FishRs. 560Rs. 860


Egg Fried RiceRs. 310Rs. 510
Vegetable Fried RiceRs. 310Rs. 510
Chicken Fried RiceRs. 340Rs. 560
Garlic Fried RiceRs. 310Rs. 470
Steamed RiceRs. 200Rs. 350
Shrimp Fried RiceRs. 360Rs. 570
Special Singaporean RiceRs. 530Rs. 800
Japanese Garlic Fried RiceRs. 450Rs. 730
Szechuan Vegetable RiceRs. 350Rs. 560
Chicken & Prawn Fried RiceRs. 420Rs. 600
Shrimp Masala RiceRs. 370Rs. 580
Beef Chillie Fried RiceRs. 360Rs. 580
Japanese Chicken & Prawn Fried RiceRs. 450Rs. 730
Young Chow Fried RiceRs. 360Rs. 480
China Ming Special Fried RiceRs. 420Rs. 670

Vegetables (Chinese)

Stir Fried Assorted VegetableRs. 360Rs. 540
Spicy Stir Fried ZucchiniRs. 360Rs. 530
Spicy Stir Fried Shredded PotatoRs. 240Rs. 350
Stir Fried Seasonal VegetableRs. 440
Botton Mushrooms & Baby Corn ManchurianRs. 450Rs. 650
Assorted Vegetable Kung PaoRs. 390Rs. 580
Stir Fried Okra in Oyster SauceRs. 650

Prawn (Thai)

Green Curry PrawnRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Red Curry PrawnRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Prawn Chili Coconut CreamRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Thai Prawn Chili DryRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Prawn Tamarind SauceRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Prawn Chili & BasilRs. 660Rs. 1,000
Red Curry Prawn with BasilRs. 660Rs. 1,000

Fish (Thai)

Fish Red CurryRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Fish Green CurryRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Spicy Dry FishRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Spicy Fish Tamarind SauceRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Thai Fried FishRs. 650Rs. 1,000
Spicy Garlic FishRs. 650Rs. 1,000

Chicken (Thai)

Chicken Red CurryRs. 570Rs. 920
Chicken Green CurryRs. 570Rs. 920
Stir Fried Chicken in Oyster SauceRs. 570Rs. 920
Spicy Thai Grilled ChickenRs. 570Rs. 920
Chili Chicken Coconut CreamRs. 620Rs. 980

Noodles (Chinese)

Chicken Chow MeinRs. 390Rs. 640
Mix Chow MeinRs. 450Rs. 700
Vegetable Chow MeinRs. 350Rs. 520
Prawn Chow MeinRs. 450Rs. 670
Chicken Lo MeinRs. 450Rs. 690
Beef Chili Chow MeinRs. 420Rs. 650
Szechuan Chow MeinRs. 390Rs. 640
Szechuan Chow MeinRs. 360Rs. 530

Extra Charges

Extra Chop Suey NoodlesRs. 130
Tartar SauceRs. 60
Crushed Chili SauceRs. 50
Extra MushroomsRs. 130


Soft Drinkfrom Rs. 70
Mineral Waterfrom Rs. 60

China Ming Restaurant Contact Details

Address: Plot no.30-c, stadium commercial lane 3, khyaban-e-shamsheer, phase 5, DHA 30-c, 3 Lane, Karachi,

Land Line : 021-35840038, 021-35242101, 021-35242102, 021-35242103

Cell : 0300-2377737, 0333-3889277

Email :

Website :

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