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Pizza Hut menu is the name which every pizza lover knows in Pakistan because it is serving
aesthetic pizzas for more than 29 years now. Pizza Hut restaurant specializes in preparing the most delicious flavor of pizzas. It also serves tasty sides and beverages along with its signature Neoplastic style pizzas. All the food items are of the highest standard and you can get these delights at very reasonable prices.
Pizza Hut was established in 1993 in Karachi as one of the beginners in the fast food field.
Despite the odds, the restless efforts and dedication of its amazing crew bore fruit and now
Pizza Hut has more than 40 outlets across the country.

Pizza Hut Menu

Pizza Hut Menu Best Items

Pizza Hut has become a brand nowadays, everything it touches becomes priceless. There are several flavorful food options on the Pizza Hut menu but we will only discuss the best items:

Pizza Hut Margarita Pizza.

Margarita Pizza is proudly served by the Pizza Hut restaurant as it is not only their classic
pizza but also the best seller among others. This Neoplastic style pizza has a likable thin crust, fresh tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, and just a few leaves of basil which make every single bite feel like a trip to heaven itself. This mouthwatering pizza is a sensation among the food lovers. You should pick a side of your choice with this gifted pizza to make your dining experience memorable.

Pizza Hut Chicken Fajita Pizza

Pizza Hut boasts of its very savory Chicken Fajita Pizza for its heavenly taste and comfy aroma. It is one of the most ordered items from the entire menu because it is fresh, unique and perfectly made with the freshest ingredients possible. You can get this pizza in various sizes such as small, medium and large etc. However, you should know that as the size increases, the price increases likewise. You will have the time of your life while eating this amazing pizza.

Pizza Hut Menu Seekh Kabab Overloaded

Seekh Kabab Overloaded is a made to order pizza at the Pizza Hut restaurant. This pizza will
surely give your taste buds a Desi twist as it is filled with traditional Kebabs. If you want to save your money and enjoy more than look for the pizza deals on the menu. You will find that Seekh Kabab overloaded pizza is available in many deals along with great cold drinks at a budget friendly price rate. It also comes in several sizes like regular, medium and large, which means, it can be enjoyed individually as well as with friends, family or colleagues.

Pizza Hut Menu with Prices

Pizza Hut Menu Classic Flavors Pizzas

ItemSmall PanMedium PanLarge PanLarge Stuff Crust
Chicken TikkaRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Chicken FajitaRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Very VeggieRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
MargaritaRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Creamy MeltRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499

Pizza Hut Menu Supreme Flavors Pizzas

ItemSmall PanMedium PanLarge PanLarge Stuff Crust
Chicken SupremeRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Chicken Tikka SupremeRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Chicken Fajita SupremeRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499

Pizza Hut Sides

Garlic BreadFrom Rs. 165
Garlic Bread SupremeFrom Rs. 235
Spicy WedgesFrom Rs. 265
Chicken WingsFrom Rs. 300

Pizza Hut Desserts

Chocolicious BrownieRs. 325
Choclate Lava CakeRs. 300


Marvelous MarchRs. 1499
Mini PlatterRs. 399
Starter PlatterRs. 599
Super ValueRs. 699
Buy 1 Get 1 FreeRs. 1779
Hut Double MediumRs. 1399
Hut Double LargeRs. 2499
My BoxRs. 549
My Box ExtraRs. 1999
Buy 1 Get 3Rs. 1779
WOW Deal – SmallRs. 399
WOW Deal – MediumRs. 799
WOW Deal LargeRs. 1499
WOW Triples SmallRs. 999
WOW Triples MediumRs. 1999
WOW Triples – LargeRs. 3999


Mountain DewFrom Rs. 100
PepsiFrom Rs. 100
7UPFrom Rs. 100
MirindaFrom Rs. 100
Mineral WaterFrom Rs. 100

FAQs about Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Contact Number?

You can order your pizza by calling at the store and here is the Pizza Hut Contact Number:

Who is the owner of Pizza Hut in Pakistan?

Pizza Hut has taken over all other pizza parlors in Pakistan and it is owned by MCR (Pvt) Ltd.
Pizza Hut has its headquarter in Karachi because it was founded in this city.

Contact Pizza Hut Pakistan

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