Walls Ice Cream Products & Prices in Pakistan

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When it comes to frozen desserts, Cornetto ice cream, Magnum bites, or chocolate feast, no one can resist the desire to buy from Walls Ice Cream. For over a century, Walls has been at the forefront of frozen desserts and ice cream.  Aside from its icy sweet taste, high quality, and nutritious ingredients, it is also reasonably priced.

Walls Ice Cream


Walls Ice Cream Products & Price List

Following are the latest prices of Walls ice cream with a complete menu.


Walls Cornetto Price

Cornetto Brownie DiscRs. 80
Cornetto Double Chocolate Pack Of 4 PcsRs. 160
Cornetto ClassicRs. 70

Walls Feast Ice Cream

Magnum Bites Classic Almond White (140 ml)Rs. 880
Calippo Mini Orange & Lemon-Lime (480 ml)Rs. 553
Feast Single (90 ml)Rs. 628
Feast 4MP (320 ml)Rs. 628
Calippo Cola 5MPRs. 477


Walls Cup Price

Mango60 mlRs. 70
Vanilla60 mlRs. 70
Strawberry60 mlRs. 70
Chocolate60 mlRs. 70
Pista60 mlRs. 70

Walls Ice Cream Tub Price

Tub Ice Cream MenuPrice
Vanilla ChocolateRs. 335
Almond CrunchRs. 335


Walls Ice Cream Half Liter Bar

Chaunsa Mango Ice CreamRs. 200
Majestic King Kulfa Ice CreamRs. 200
Charming Chocolate Ice CreamRs. 200
Vanilla Ice CreamRs. 200
Strawberry Ice CreamRs. 200

Walls Ice Cream 1 Liter Price

PistaRs. 385
VanillaRs. 350
Tutti FruityRs. 350
StrawberryRs. 350
King KulfaRs. 350
MangoRs. 350
Caramel VanillaRs. 350
ChocolateRs. 350


Walls Ice Cream 10 Liter

ChocolateRs. 1900
StrawberryRs. 1900
White VanillaRs. 1900
Kulfa EconomyRs. 1400
King KulfaRs. 1900

Family Pack

MangoRs. 1050
PistaRs. 1150
Caramel CrunchRs. 1100

Walls Ice Cream Pakistan Contact Details

Wall’s Pakistan Website:

Wall’s official Website:

Unilever Pakistan Website:

Consumer Care line: 0800-13000

Consumer Care line

Find Your FAQs About Walls Pakistan

Are walls halal?

Yes Walls products are halal because they are made with only halal ingredients and claim to contain no haram additives.

Where can I buy Wall’s ice cream?

Walls ice creams are available in almost every shop that has a freezer. However, you can also purchase Walls products from online stores, supermarkets, canteens, and bakeries. Moreover, the wall’s ice cream can be purchased from the wall’s tricycle vendors.

Is Walls ice cream Pakistani brand?

Wall’s is a British ice cream and frozen dessert brand in the United Kingdom owned by Unilever and is part of the Heartbrand global frozen dessert brand.

What ice creams do walls make?

And you can find our logo on so many of the world’s favourite ice creams, including Magnum, Cornetto, Solero, Viennetta and Carte d’Or.

Who is the CEO of Walls ice cream in Pakistan?

Muhammad Saghir – CEO – Walls Dairy Ice Cream

Who owns Walls ice cream company?

Walls Pakistan owned by Unilever and is part of the Heartbrand global frozen dessert brand.
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