Manjoo Restaurant Rawalpindi Menu with Prices

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Manjoo Restaurant

Manjoo Restaurant is a new Arabic Fast Food Chain located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern dishes, including shawarma, mandi, falafel, and hummus. The restaurant is known for its fresh ingredients and authentic flavors. Manjoo Restaurant is a great place to go for a delicious and affordable meal with friends or family.

Complete Manjoo Restaurant Menu & Price

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Sandwich Falafel SimpleRs. 420
Sandwich Falafel with HummusRs. 520
Italian Pizza Rawalpindi Menu with Prices

Turkish Pizza

Vegetable PizzaRs. 1,200
Chicken PizzaRs. 1,200
Mutton Pizzafrom Rs. 1,350
Vegetable Chicken & Meat Mixed PizzaRs. 1,500
Cheese Pizzafrom Rs. 1,150

Mandi Shaikh Al Arab

Chicken Mandifrom Rs. 1,030
PopularChicken Kuzi
Mutton Kuzifrom Rs. 1,840

Manjoo Shawarma

Shawarma Sarookhfrom Rs. 900
PopularShawarma Fateer
PopularShawarma Plate

Turkish Fatayer

Fatayer MuttonRs. 800
Fatayer Mutton CheeseRs. 1,000
Fatayer ChickenRs. 700
Fatayer Chicken CheeseRs. 800
Fatayer Lubna HoneyRs. 920
Fatayer Cheese MozzarellaRs. 810
Fatayer Cream CheeseRs. 1,150
Fatayer ZaatarRs. 980
Aish Ul BulbulRs. 1,210
Lubna ZaatarRs. 1,380
Juban ZaatarRs. 1,380

Falafel & Mutabbaq

Falafelfrom Rs. 1,700
Mutton MutabbaqRs. 650
Mutton Mutabbaq CheeseRs. 700


HummusRs. 1,000

Fresh Juices

Mango Juicefrom Rs. 360
Mango Jamoos Juicefrom Rs. 360
Mango Banana Juicefrom Rs. 360
Mango Strawberry Juicefrom Rs. 360
Strawberry Juicefrom Rs. 360
Banana with Nuts Juicefrom Rs. 500
Cocktail Juicefrom Rs. 360
Banana with Milk Juicefrom Rs. 360
Juice for Couplesfrom Rs. 550
Melon Juicefrom Rs. 360
Mixed Juicefrom Rs. 360
Red Apple Juicefrom Rs. 345
Green Apple Juicefrom Rs. 345
Lemon Juicefrom Rs. 345
Lemon Mint Juicefrom Rs. 345

Manjoo Restaurant Address and Contact Number

Address: MANJOO restaurant, OF TUCK 2 SHOP, Civic Center Bahria Town Civic Center Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

Phone: 0312 7779990

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