Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan Today

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Cooking oil is a necessity in every household, and its prices have been rising steadily in recent years. This is due to a number of factors, including the global shortage of edible oils, the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee, and the rising cost of production.

Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan

The rising prices of cooking oil are putting a strain on household budgets, especially for low-income families. The government has taken some steps to address the issue, such as removing import duties on cooking oil. However, these measures have had little impact so far.

There are a few things that consumers can do to save money on cooking oil. One option is to buy cooking oil in bulk when the prices are low. Another option is to switch to a less expensive type of cooking oil, such as soybean oil or canola oil. It is also important to be mindful of how much cooking oil you use when cooking.

Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan

Menu ItemPrice
OK Cooking Oil 1LitreRs. 495
Mezan Cooking Oil 1LitreRs. 565
Sufi Canola Oil 1LTRRs. 575
Sufi Soya Bean Oil 1LTRRs. 575
Sufi Sunflower Oil 1LTRRs. 585
Dalda Cooking Oil 1LTRRs. 587
Sufi Sunflower Stand up Pouch 1LTRRs. 607
Eva Cooking Oil Stand up 1LRs. 608
Eva Sunflower Oil (Stand-up Pouch) 1LRs. 613
Eva Canola Oil (Stand-up Pouch) 1LRs. 618
Dalda Cooking Oil 2.5LRs. 1,500
Naturelle Cooking Oil Bottle 3LTRRs. 1,650
Sufi Canola Oil 3LTRRs. 1,770
Sufi Soyabean Oil Bottle 3LTRRs. 1,770
Soya Supreme Cooking Oil 3LRs. 1,790
Sufi Sunflower Oil Bottle 3LRs. 1,800
Dalda Cooking Oil Bottle 3LTRRs. 1,810
Seasons Canola Oil Bottle 3LTRRs. 1,810
Dalda Canola Oil Bottle 3LTRRs. 1,810
Eva Cooking Oil 3LTRRs. 1,865
Seasons Corn Oil Bottle 3LTRRs. 1,950
Naturelle Cooking Oil Bottle 4.5LRs. 2,475
Kausar Canola Oil 1LTR x5Rs. 2,475
Kausar Cooking Oil 1 LTR X 5Rs. 2,475
Sufi Soya Bean Oil Bottle 4.5LTRRs. 2,660
Sufi Canola Oil Bottle 4.5 LTRRs. 2,660
NATURELLE Cooking Oil 1L X5Rs. 2,675
Habib Soybean Oil 4.5L BottleRs. 2,685
FAUJI Supreme Cooking Oil 1L x5Rs. 2,695
Mezan Canola Oil 1LTR X 5Rs. 2,700
Sufi Sunflower Oil Bottle 4.5 LTRRs. 2,710
Seasons Canola Oil Bottle 4.5 LTRRs. 2,715
Dalda Cooking Oil 4.5 LitreRs. 2,720
Mezan Canola Oil Bottle 5LTRRs. 2,740
Sufi Canola Oil 1LTR x5Rs. 2,875
Seasons Cooking Oil 1L x5Rs. 2,875
Sufi Soyabean Oil 1 Litre x5Rs. 2,875
Sufi Canola Oil Tin 5LTRRs. 2,880
Habib Cooking Oil 1LTR x5Rs. 2,895
Seasons Canola Oil 1LTR X 5Rs. 2,900
Kisan Sunflower Oil 1L X5Rs. 2,900
Kisan Canola Oil 1L X5Rs. 2,900
Soya Supreme Cooking Oil 1L x5Rs. 2,925
Sufi Sunflower Oil 1LTR x5Rs. 2,925
Dalda Canola Oil 1LTR X 5Rs. 2,935
Dalda Cooking Oil 5LTRRs. 2,950
Eva Sunflower Oil 1LTR X 5Rs. 2,965
Golden Sun Cooking Oil 1 LTR X 5Rs. 2,975
Sufi Canola Standup Pouch 1LTR X5Rs. 2,985
Dalda Sunflower Oil 1LTR X5Rs. 2,990
Dalda Corn Oil Bottle 3LRs. 3,015
Canolive Cooking Oil 1 LTR X 5Rs. 3,025
Sufi Sunflower Stand up Pouch 1L x5Rs. 3,035
Eva Cooking Oil 1LTR X 5 (Stand-up Pouch)Rs. 3,040
Rafhan Corn Oil 3 LTRRs. 3,050
Dalda Sunflower Oil Stand up Pouch 1L x5Rs. 3,050
Eva Sunflower Standup Pouch 1L X5Rs. 3,065
Eva Standup Canola Oil 1LTR x5Rs. 3,090
Eva Cooking Oil Bottle 5LTRRs. 3,100
Seasons Corn oil Bottle 5LRs. 3,250
Dalda Corn Oil Tin 5lRs. 4,740
Rafhan Corn Oil 5LRs. 5,000
Mezan Canola Oil Can 10LRs. 5,465
Sufi Canola Oil Tin 10LTRRs. 5,690
Sufi Canola Oil 10LTRRs. 5,820
Dalda Canola Oil 10 LitreRs. 5,885
Coroli Corn Oil 3LRs. 5,907
Sufi Sunflower Oil 10LitreRs. 5,920
Canolive Jerry Can Oil 10LRs. 6,195
Seasons Corn Oil Can 10LTRRs. 6,490
Seasons Canola Oil 16LTRRs. 8,150
Rafhan Corn Oil 10 LitreRs. 9,500
1LTR Kausar Canola OilRs. 495
Kisan Sunflower Oil 1LRs. 580
Rafhan Corn Oil Bottle 1 LTRRs. 1,150
Kisan Cooking Oil Bottle 3LRs. 1,750
Sultan Sunflower Oil 1L x 5Rs. 1,787
Dalda Sunflower Oil 3 LtrRs. 1,840
Eva Canola Oil Bottle 3 LTRRs. 1,905
Dil Dil Cooking Oil 1L x5Rs. 2,300
OK Cooking Oil 1LTR x5Rs. 2,475
Sultan Cooking Oil 1L x 5Rs. 2,486
Kausar Canola Oil Bottle 5LTRRs. 2,500
Habib Cooking Oil 5LTRRs. 2,910
Kisan Cooking Oil Bottle 5LRs. 2,915
Dalda Cooking Oil 1L x5Rs. 2,935
Rafhan Corn Oil Bottle 3LTRRs. 3,150
Seasons Rice Bran Oil 5LRs. 3,170
Coroli Corn Oil 1.8 L BottleRs. 3,617
Coroli Sunflower Oil 3LRs. 5,183
Fauji Supreme Cooking Oil 1L x 12Rs. 6,242
NATURELLE Cooking Oil Bottle 12LRs. 6,400
Kausar Canola Oil Jerry Can 16LRs. 7,925
Kisan Canola Oil 16LRs. 9,700
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