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Craving a burst of flavor without breaking the bank? Welcome to Red Apple, the go-to spot for fresh, fast, and tasty eats! We’re not just another fast food joint – we’re your neighborhood grill serving up a vibrant mix of Pakistani, Pan-Asian, and Middle Eastern delights. Think sizzling BBQ, crispy fried chicken, mouthwatering curries, and more, all at wallet-friendly prices. So grab your friends, family, or just your appetite, and come savor the Red Apple experience!

Here’s a little more to tempt your taste buds:

  • Variety galore: From juicy burgers and wraps to hearty stews and aromatic rice dishes, we’ve got something for everyone.
  • Budget-friendly bliss: Say goodbye to sticker shock! Red Apple is all about satisfying your cravings without hurting your wallet.
  • Quality you can taste: We use fresh, high-quality ingredients to craft every dish, ensuring deliciousness in every bite.
  • Fast and friendly service: Get your food fast, served with a smile. We’re all about making your dining experience enjoyable.

So, come on down to Red Apple and let your taste buds do the talking! We can’t wait to welcome you.

 Red Apple

Red Apple Menu With Price

Crispy Burger Combo

Crispy burger with friesRs. 720

3 Rolls of Your Choice

Any 3 RollsRs. 1,250

Chicken Chowmein with Soft Drink

Chicken Chowmein with 1 Soft DrinkRs. 889

Strong Pepsi Deal

Pepsi + Large FriesRs. 250

Burger combos

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Family Combo 21,800
Cheese Burger Combo870
Club Sandwich Combo900
Mega Crispy Burger Combo930
Crispy Burger Combo870
Chicken Tikka Combo920+
Quarter Broast Combo930
Special Wings Combo1,140
Thai Style Chicken Combo1,140
Chicken Shashlik Combo1,140
Chicken Shashlik And Chow Mein1,500
Chicken Corn Soup300
Hot & Sour Soup420
Chicken Vegetable Soup300
Thai Soup300
Special Soup480
Chicken Shashlik960
Chicken Chili Vegetable960
Chicken Ginger Onion960
Chicken Manchurian960
Szechwan Chicken960
Nine Live960
Chicken Chili Dry1,080
Chicken Ginger Thai Style960
Crispy Chicken Chili Dry1,080

Red Apple Restaurant Menu (Bar BQ)

Table NamePrice (Rs.)
Chicken Boti720
Chicken Malai Boti840
Chicken Bihari Boti840
Chicken Reshmi Kabab840
Chicken Tikka540
Beef Bihari Boti900
Tikka Biryani800
Kabab Biryani800
Beef Biryani800
Chicken Burgers
Regular Chicken Burger480
Chicken Chatpata Burger540
Chicken Cheese Burger540
Mega Crispy Burger660
Crispy Burger600
Red Crispy Burger600
Chicken Roasted Burger600
Beef Burgers
Regular Beef Burger540
Beef Cheese Burger600
Roasted Beef Burger660

Red Apple Restaurant Menu (Sandwiches & More)

Table NamePrice (Rs.)
Chicken Sandwich (Malai Boti)480
Club Sandwich (Malai Boti)600
BBQ Sandwich (With Cheese)600
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (With Cheese)600
Grilled Beef Steak Sandwich660
Pakistani Cuisine
Chicken Peshwari Karahi1,560
Chicken Landi Kotal Karahi1,560
Chicken Special Tikka Karahi1,680
Boneless Chicken Handi1,440
Chicken Green Masala Handi1,440
Chicken Mughlai Handi1,560
Chicken Makhni Handi1,560
Beef With Rice
Beef Chilli Dry1,150
Beef Chilli Rice540
Garlic Rice480
Special Rice600
Egg Fried Rice420
Chicken Fried Rice480
Hot Chilli Special Rice540
Crispy Broast720
Masala Broast720
BBQ Broast720
Mayo Garlic Broast720
Chicken Chowmein720
Vegetable Chowmein600
Special Noodles900
Thai Noodles780
Beef Chowmein780
Special Rolls
Pizza Roll540
Chicken Roasted Roll540
Beef Roasted Roll540
Arabian Roll520
MD Roll540
Beef Steak Roll540


ItemPrice (Rs.)
Malai Boti480
Club (Malai Boti)600
BBQ (With Cheese)600
Grilled Chicken (With Cheese)600
Peshwari Karahi1,560
Landi Kotal Karahi1,560
Special Tikka Karahi1,680
Boneless Handi1,440
Green Masala Handi1,440
Mughlai Handi1,560
Makhni Handi1,560


ItemPrice (Rs.)
Chilli Dry1,150
Chilli Rice540


ItemPrice (Rs.)
Steamed rice with garlic and herbs480
Steamed rice with mixed vegetables and spices600
Fried rice with egg, vegetables, and soy sauce420
Fried rice with chicken, vegetables, and soy sauce480
Spicy fried rice with vegetables and spices540


ItemPrice (Rs.)
Mayo Garlic720

Noodles (other than Chicken Chowmein):

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Vegetable Chowmein600
Beef Chowmein780

Special Rolls:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Pizza Roll540
Chicken Roasted Roll540
Beef Roasted Roll540
Arabian Roll520
MD Roll540
Beef Steak Roll540
BBQ Grill Roll540

Chicken Rolls:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Garlic Mayo360
Reshmi Kabab Chatni360
Reshmi Kabab Ketchup360
Reshmi Kabab Cheese360
Reshmi Garlic Mayo360
Bihari Chatni360
Bihari Ketchup360
Bihari Cheese360
Bihari Garlic Mayo360
Malai Chatni360
Malai Ketchup360
Malai Cheese360
Ketchup Spicy360
Malai Garlic Mayo360

Garlic Fried Chicken:

ItemPiecesPrice (Rs.)
Garlic Fried Chicken5780

Fish & Chips:

ItemPiecesPrice (Rs.)
Fish & Chips61,080


ItemPiecesPrice (Rs.)
Crispy Wings5720
Special Wings5780

French Fries:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Regular Fries300
Masala Fries300
BBQ Fries360
Cheese Fries360
Mayo Masala Fries360

Chaat Corner:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Spicy Fruit Chaat283
Cream Fruit Chaat283
Chocolate Fruit Chaat452

Dry Fruits Fun:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Almonds Dry Fruit Fun599
Kaju Dry Fruit Fun599

Special Treats:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Tutti Fruity509
Fruit Trifle542
Ice Cream Fruity509
Banana Split542
Kids Special542

Lassi & Smoothies:

ItemPrice (Rs.)
Sweet Lassi396
Salty Lassi396
Mango Smoothie542
Strawberry Smoothie542
Pineapple Smoothie542


NamePrice (Rs.)
Vanilla Shake396
Mango Shake396
Pineapple Shake509
Strawberry Shake509
Chocolate Shake509
Banana Shake290
Coconut Shake396
Pakola Shake396
Date Shake396
Oreo Shake509
Cocktail Shake509
Krazy Kit Kat509
Vanilla Cream509
Banana Breezer509
Brownie Blackout509
Ice Cream Float Vanilla509
Comelle Chocolate509
All Ice Cream Shake509
Special Mango Shake509
Cadbury Shake509
Bounty Shake509
Blueberry Shake509
Mars Shake509
Pina Colada509

Cold Coffee (With Flavor):

NamePrice (Rs.)
Krazy Kat Cold Coffee509
Vanilla Dream Cold Coffee509
Banana Breezer Cold Coffee509

Our Royal Juices:

NamePrice (Rs.)
Grape Fruit396
Fruit Punch509


NamePrice (Rs.)
Fresh Lime283
Lime Cola283
Limca Drink283
Blue Lemonade396
Pink Lemonade396
Fresh Lemonade396
Mint Lemonade396


NameSizePrice (Rs.)
Mineral Water1.5 Litre136
7up Can – 250 ml136
Mineral Water500 ml90


NamePrice (Rs.)
Extra Cheese30
Cheese Slice50

Red Apple Address &Contact Info

Address: Kheyaban-e-Saadi، opposite Bilawal House, Block 2 Clifton, Karachi.

Phone: (021) 38242333

Red Apple Opening Hours

Tuesday11 am–1:30 am
Wednesday11 am–1:30 am
Thursday11 am–1:30 am
Friday11 am–1:30 am
Saturday11 am–1:30 am
Sunday1 pm–2 am
Monday11 am–1:30 am
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