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Lucky Broast is one of the famous fast food chains in Pakistan. It comes in the list of those fast food restaurants that are highly praised all over the country for its genuine products and superb quality. There are ample amounts of items available at Lucky Broast for the fast food lovers. Besides serving signature Broasts, Lucky Broast menu serves various other options such as Burgers, sandwiches, Lucky Special Fish, Starters, Soups, Handi, BBQ, Chicken Karahi,Chicken Sauce with Rice, Beef Sauce with Rice, Paratha & Chapati and much more. Having so many selections on the menu allows the customers to choose the Lucky Broast menu in the first place.

Apart from the quality food, they have a very pleasing and welcoming environment. They
provide an atmosphere where you can enjoy your food with friends and family. The workers here are faster and more dedicated than usual. And if we talk about the money, you
don’t have to worry as they offer everything under a limited budget.

Lucky Broast menu Pakistan Best Items:

Lucky Broast menu has become center of attention among the adventurous foodies because of its vast menu. There is more than a lot that can be enjoyed at Lucky Broast. Some of the best Items of Lucky Broast menu are.

Zinger Burger

Lucky Broast menu boasts of introducing their highly exceptional Zinger Burger to you. This Burger, compared to the burgers served in other fast food chains, is more tastier, reliable and guarantees to fulfill your cravings. It is made from a scratch by the professional chefs. It is loaded with secret chicken fillet, homemade sauce and freshly topped vegetables. Served Without coleslaw & fries.

Crispy Broast

Crispy Broast, without a question, is one of the reasons behind the attractiveness of customers towards Lucky Broast. they feel an honor and lucky to offer this incredibly awesome treat to its seekers. If you are new and visiting Lucky Broast restaurant for the first time then there is no other better option than Crispy Broast to be chosen. You feel delightful to know that it is served at an easy reachable price range.

Chicken Zinger Roll

Chicken Zinger Roll is truly one of the finest items from the whole menu of Lucky Broast. It is also considered as one of the most popular and demanding items. If you are a Desi food lover and want to get treated with a flavorful snack to satisfy your timeless hunger then it is a must try. It is filled of Zinger, green chutney, onions and Paratha. A worth trying pick when it comes to have quality food on limited budget.

Lucky Broast menu Pakistan With Price List


Plain Fries₨.170
Mayo Garlic Fries₨.190
Cheese Fries₨.190
Masala Fries₨.170
Chicken Nuggets₨.360
Crispy Wings₨.410


Crispy Broast (Quarter)₨.370
Crispy Broast (Half)₨.720
Crispy Broast (Full)₨.1,440
Mayo Garlic Broast (Quarter)₨.380
Mayo Garlic Broast (Half)₨.760
Mayo Garlic Broast (Full)₨.1,520
Cheese Broast (Quarter)₨.380
Cheese Broast (Half)₨.760
Cheese Broast (Full)₨.1,520


Zinger Burger₨.360
Zinger Cheese Burger₨.380
Zinger Jumbo Burger₨.490
Chicken Burger₨.280
Chicken Cheese Burger₨.300
Chicken Jumbo Burger₨.380
Beef Jumbo Burger₨.380
Beef Burger₨.280
Beef Cheese Burger₨.300


Club Sandwich₨.360
Chicken Sandwich₨.320
BBQ Club Sandwich₨.400
BBQ Chicken Sandwich₨.340
Crispy Club Sandwich₨.380
Malai Boti Club Sandwich₨.400
Beef Boti Club Sandwich₨.410


Aquafina Water – 500 ml₨.60
Aquafina Water – 1.5 Litre₨.120
Pepsi Can – 300 ml₨.80
7up Can – 300 ml₨.80
Mirinda Can – 300 ml₨.80
Pepsi – 500 ml₨.90
7up – 500 ml₨.90
Mirinda – 500 ml₨.90
Sting – 500 ml₨.90

Contact and Address Lucky Broast Pakistan

Address: Liaquat Ali Khan Rd, Model Colony Lasi Para, Karachi, Karachi City.

Phone: 0336 2107031

Lucky Broast online Delivery

Lucky Broast has a online delivery service. And if you want to order your meal you can
simply call at this number: 0336 2107031

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