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Gogo Pizza has a delicious food chain which is located in Quetta which is the city of Pakistan.The Gogo Pizza menu offers many flavors of Pizza and some other fast foods at a valuable price. They have earned the love of true Pizza lovers with their unending passion of creating Hot, Fresh, and Delicious thin crust Pizza. It is well decorated and has an amazing environment for the relaxation of customers and to make them permanent. They introduced the concept of one slice as a meal. They also serve Burgers, Sandwiches, Italian Lasagna, Sidelines and Beverages.

Gogo Pizza

Gogo Pizza was introduced in 2018 to fulfill the customers taste in many flavors of fast foods at affordable prices. It has a separate family hall and gents hall separate. Its services are always available for the ease of customers.

Pan Pizza:

Gogo Pizza’s Pan Pizza consisting of a thin layer of bread with cheese and spiced tomato touches the customer’s hearts. They offer Pizza in different sizes like 9 and 12 inches with unique tastes. The customers can select the Pizza according to their taste. The different flavors are Fajitas Pizza, Gogo Special Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Tikka Pizza, Peri Peri Pizza, Veggies Pizza, Smoked Pizza and Margarita Pizza. Sometimes they offer their customers free delivery and make deals such as buy one get one free. Sometimes flat discount and sometimes up-to discount for the interest of customers.


Gogo Pizza’s Burger is the most demanded item after Pizza. It has earned its name also with their multi flavored Burgers. Their Zinger Burger makes it unique from other restaurants. To fulfill the customers’ needs they introduced many flavors of Burger such as Zinger Burger, Beef Burger, Grilled Burger, Jalapeño Burger.


Gogo Pizza’s Sideline consists of crispy, spicy and hot items. The popular item on the sidelines is Pizza Roll. These items are served Beverages. Because of their spicy taste most of the customers order sidelines with different drinks such as bottles, can and dasani water according to their favorite taste. You can enjoy these items here with friends or family. And if you are busy then you can order it online. Their services are 24/7 available.

Gogo Pizza Menu Best Items with price list:

As you know, they have many tasty and delicious items with different tastes. Here we will mention some best items of Gogo Pizza Menu.

Gogo Pizza

Exclusive Deals

Deal 6₨850.00
Deal 1₨550.00
Deal 8₨1,300.00
Deal 2₨1,100.00

Thin Crust

Mayo Pizza₨1,300.00
9″ Inch PIzza₨550.00
12” Inch Pizza₨1,200.00
Slice Of Life₨500.00

Pan Pizza

Fajita Pizza (9 Inches)₨550.00
Fajita Pizza (12 Inches)₨1,200.00
Gogo Special Pizza (9 Inches)₨550.00
Gogo Special Pizza (12 Inches)₨1,200.00
Pepperoni Pizza (9 Inches)₨550.00
Pepperoni Pizza (12 Inches)₨1,200.00
Tikka Pizza (9 Inches)₨550.00
Tikka Pizza (12 Inches)₨1,200.00
Peri Peri Pizza (9 Inches)₨550.00
Peri Peri Pizza (12 Inches)₨1,200.00
Veggie Pizza (9 Inches)₨550.00
Veggie Pizza (12 Inches)₨1,200.00
Smoked Pizza (9 Inches)₨550.00
Smoked Pizza (12 Inches)₨1,200.00
Margarita Pizza (9 Inches)₨550.00
Margarita Pizza (12 Inches)₨1,200.00


Zinger Burger₨450.00
Pizza Burger₨500.00
Grilled Burger₨450.00
Jalapeno Burger₨450.00


GoGo Special Sandwich₨400.00
Club Sandwich₨400.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich₨400.00


Pizza Fries₨550.00
GOGO Spud (Regular)₨350.00
GOGO Spud (Large)₨600.00
Pizza Roll₨400.00
Hot Wings₨350.00


Lasagna (Lazania) (Regular)₨500.00
Lasagna (Lazania) (Large)₨1,000.00


Coca-Cola – 1.5 Litre₨130.00
Coca-Cola Can – 250 ml₨70.00
Dasani Water – 1.5 Litre₨80.00
Sprite Can – 250 ml₨70.00
Fanta Can – 250 ml₨70.00
Sprite – 1.5 Litre₨130.00
Fanta – 1.5 Litre₨130.00

Gogo Pizza Pakistan Contact and FAQs:

Address: GPO Chowk, Near SK Sports, Circular Rd, Quetta, Balochistan


Does Gogo Pizza have a phone number to contact or to get the information?

Yes. Here is the Gogo Pizza Phone Number:
(081) 2844334.

Gogo Pizza Menu Timing

On Monday Its services are available 24 hours. On Friday its services are from 3 pm to 12 am.
The remaining days its services are available from 12 pm to 12 am

Gogo Pizza Delivery?

You can order your favorite items any time at any place such as at your home or office. Food panda takes this responsibility to provide their products at your desired place in a limited period of time.
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