Cafe Crunch Peshawar Menu and Update Prices

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Cafe Crunch is a family-style restaurant located in University Town, Peshawar. It serves a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani food. The restaurant is known for its delicious food and friendly service.

Cafe Crunch Peshawar


The menu at Cafe Crunch is extensive, with something to satisfy everyone’s taste. Some of the most popular dishes include the chicken tikka masala, the butter chicken, and the lamb biryani. The restaurant also has a wide selection of Chinese dishes, such as the chow mein and the fried rice.


Cafe Crunch Peshawar

In addition to its food, Cafe Crunch is also known for its relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated in a modern style, with comfortable seating and plenty of natural light. It is a popular spot for families, friends, and couples to go out for a meal.

Cafe Crunch Complete Menu with Price


Menu NamePrice (PKR)
Buffalo Wings779
Crispy Tempura Chicken639
Honey Wings789
Super Nachos669
Chicken Cheese Balls719
Mozzarella Strips689
Mozzarella & Mushroom Dip719


Cafe Crunch Soups

Menu NamePrice (PKR)
Seafood Chowder Soup489
Szechuan Red Soup439
Chicken Almond Soup469
Hot & Sour Soup439
Thai Shang Soup469
Tomato & Basil Soup439
French Onion Soup439
Tom Yum Gai Chicken Soup439
Tom Yum Goong Prawns Soup439
Chicken Mushroom Soup469
Chicken Corn Soup469
Chinese Special Soup469

Char Grilled Steaks

Menu NamePrice (PKR)
Chicken Steak Royale1,859
Chicken Fire Lane Steak1,859
Addictive Chicken Steak1,829
Chicken Medallion Steak1,859
Chicken Bucket Steak1,869
Crunch Special Pan Fried Chicken Fillet Steak1,869
Chicken Twin Steak1,869
Chicken Jalapeno Steak1,869
Chicken Stuffed Steak1,869
Chicken Green Pepper Steak1,869
Chicken Jamaican Steak1,869
Chicken Peppercorn Steak1,869
Chicken Spicy American Steak1,869
Texas Chicken Terbito Steak1,869
Rodeo Rider Chicken Steak1,869
Blue Cheese Chicken Steak1,899
Ala Moutarde Chicken Steak1,869
Chicken Mushroom Steak1,869
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Cafe Crunch Bar B.Q

Menu NamePrice (PKR)
Chicken Malai Boti1,269
Chicken Boti1,179
Chicken Kalmi Tikka1,179
Chicken Seekh Kabab1,039
Beef Seekh Kabab1,099
Chicken Reshmi Kabab1,049
Kastoori Boti1,239
Chicken Tikka899
BBQ Prawns1,749

Cafe Crunch Deep Blue Sea

Menu NamePrice (PKR)
Authentic Baked Fish1,919
Peppercorn Grilled Fish1,969
Jua Fish1,919
Prawn Tempura1,939
Chef’s Secret Fish1,919
Traditional Fish & Chips1,859


Pakistani Flavors

Menu NamePrice (PKR)
Chicken Boneless Handi1,369
Chicken Masala Handi1,389
Chicken Ginger1,289
Chicken Karahi1,299
Seekh Kabab Karahi1,199
Chicken Makhni1,419
Masala Rice959
Chef’s Special Mixed Vegetables939

Cafe Crunch Mexicana

Menu NamePrice
Chicken ChimichangasRs.1419
Chicken EnchiladasRs.1419
Chicken FajitaRs.1449
Combo PlatterRs.1019
Special Naurangi BBQ PlatterRs.2399

Shanghai Heights at Cafe Crunch

Menu NamePrice
Black Pepper ChickenRs.1359
Crispy Lemon ChickenRs.1359
Sweet & Sour ChickenRs.1359
Chicken ManchurianRs.1359
Chicken In Garlic SauceRs.1359
Kung Pao ChickenRs.1359
Chicken Fried RiceRs.979
Egg Fried RiceRs.949
Special RiceRs.999
Chicken Chow MeinRs.1079
Dhaka ChickenRs.1309

Cafe Crunch Thai Menu

Menu NamePrice
Thai Chicken Red CurryRs.1489
Thai Chicken Green CurryRs.1489
Thai Chicken MushroomRs.1489
Thai Oyster ChickenRs.1489
Thai Chicken Cashew NutRs.1539
Tamarind FishRs.1539
Sweet & Sour FishRs.1539
Chicken Chili Dry with Egg Fried RiceRs.1439
Chicken Chili with VegetablesRs.1379

Cafe Crunch Pizza

Menu NamePrice
Supreme PizzaRs.1189
Margherita PizzaRs.1069
Chicken Tikka PizzaRs.1089
Vegetarian PizzaRs.1089

Around The World

Menu NamePrice
Poulet Quattro SeasonRs.1719
Parmesan ChickenRs.1869
Walnut ChickenRs.1719
Moroccan FeelingRs.1649
Swiss Bon BonRs.1649
Tarragon ChickenRs.1649
Polo PoblanoRs.1649
Henny PennyRs.1649
Jalapeno BlastRs.1689
Three Cheese ChickenRs.1689
Peri Peri ChickenRs.1759

Beirut Express on Cafe Crunch

Menu NamePrice
Lebanese Mixed GrilledRs.1769
Lebanese BotiRs.1279
Turkish ChickenRs.1339

Cafe Crunch Burgers

Menu NamePrice
Suicide Whopper SpecialRs. 939
Double Fillet BurgerRs. 939
Steak BurgerRs. 959
Fish Fillet BurgerRs. 939
Thai Smoked Chicken BurgerRs. 859
BBQ BurgerRs. 859
Premium Crispy Chicken BurgerRs. 869
Bull & Chicken BurgerRs. 909
American Spicy BurgerRs. 869

Crunch Special Sandwiches

Menu NamePrice
Panini SandwichRs. 819
Crunch OJR Club House SandwichRs. 849
Grilled Chicken SandwichRs. 779
Roasted Beef SandwichRs. 839

Cafe Crunch Pasta Galore

Menu NamePrice
Seafood Pasta with Olive OilRs. 1,219
Penne Al ArrabiataRs. 1,179
Penne Al Funghi PorciniRs. 1,169
Alfredo PastaRs. 1,189

Shawarma Platter

Menu NamePrice
Open Shawarma PlatterRs. 1,389

Chicken Quesadilla

Menu NamePrice
Chicken QuesadillaRs. 1,419
KFC Peshawar Menus/Deals Prices

Fried Chicken – Crunch O.J.R

Menu NamePrice
Italiano Fried ChickenRs. 1,669
Fried Supreme ChickenRs. 1,669
Fried Stuffed ChickenRs. 1,769


Menu NamePrice
Chef’s Special SaladRs. 869
Crispy Beef SaladRs. 829
Caesar SaladRs. 879
Pineapple Chicken SaladRs. 819
Russian SaladRs. 719


Menu NamePrice
Plain NaanRs. 69
Roghni NaanRs. 109
Garlic NaanRs. 119
Cheese NaanRs. 199
Naan BasketRs. 369

Heavenly Desserts

Menu NamePrice
Sizzling Brownie with Ice CreamRs. 599
Walnut Fudge with Ice CreamRs. 599
Lotus Cheesecake SliceRs. 619
Molten Lava Cake with Ice CreamRs. 599
Bread Pudding with Ice CreamRs. 499
Double Chocolate BrownieRs. 469
with Ice Cream
French TiramisuRs. 479
Cake Alaska with Ice CreamRs. 469
Chocolate SouffleRs. 459
Nutella French ToastRs. 519

Ice Cream

Menu NamePrice
Chocolate Ice Creamfrom Rs. 249
Vanilla Ice Creamfrom Rs. 249
Strawberry Ice Creamfrom Rs. 249

Cafe Crunch Kids Meal

Menu ItemPrice
Fried Crispy ChickenRs. 739
Garlic Mayo FriesRs. 469
Cheese FriesRs. 469
French FriesRs. 369
Masala FriesRs. 439
Mashed PotatoRs. 439
Baked PotatoRs. 209

Signature Drink

Menu NamePrice
Chocolate Java Break ShakeRs. 449
Frozen Frappe PassionRs. 449
Banana Break ShakeRs. 449
Frozen Hot ChocolateRs. 449


Menu NamePrice
All Berry SmoothieRs. 469

Blended Mocktails

Menu NamePrice
Pina ColadaRs. 499
Mint MargaritaRs. 429
Peach VelvetRs. 429
Peach MargaritaRs. 429

Cafe Crunch Shakes

Menu NamePrice
Oreo ShakeRs. 459
Banana ShakeRs. 459
Nutella Choco ShakeRs. 459
Kit Kat ShakeRs. 459

Ice Cream Shakes

Menu NamePrice
Vanilla Ice Cream ShakeRs. 459
Chocolate Ice Cream ShakeRs. 459
Strawberry Ice Cream ShakeRs. 459

Beverages – Hot & Cold

Beverage NamePrice
Lemon Iced TeaRs. 379
Fresh LimeRs. 139
Nestle Water – 500 mlRs. 79
Affogato Cold CoffeeRs. 449
Frozen CappuccinoRs. 449
Iced LatteRs. 449
Iced MochaRs. 449
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Hot Kettle

Menu NamePrice
Hot ChocolateRs. 439
Black TeaRs. 219
Green TeaRs. 189
Karak ChaiRs. 249
Moroccan TeaRs. 369

Cafe Crunch Address

Address: 45 Old Jamrud Road, University Town, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Cafe Crunch Contact Number

Phone: (091) 5701061


Cafe Crunch Opening Hours /Timings

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Saturday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Monday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM11:00 PM
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