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NY212 Pizza is a popular pizza restaurant in Lahore. It has a wide variety of pizzas to choose from, as well as other Italian dishes like pasta and salads. The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and the crust is thin and crispy. The restaurant is also known for its friendly service and its convenient location in Johar Town.

Domino's pizza


At NY 212, everything screams Big Apple: The pizzas come with a thick crust and the toppings are rich and varied. If there’s one pizza place in Pakistan you must try, then this is it. Choose from a variety of Italian-inspired foods such as pizza, pasta, salads and appetizers.


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NY212 Pizza Menu & Prices


Garlic Bread SupremeRs. 450
FriesRs. 399
Garlic BreadRs. 280
Chicken Wingsfrom Rs. 550
Chicken Bread SticksRs. 600
Chicken NuggetsRs. 420

NY212 Pizza Menu

NY SpecialRs. 790
Chicken SupremeRs. 790
Chicken FajitaRs. 750
Fajita SicillianRs. 750
Classic EuroRs. 750
Chicken TikkaRs. 750
Cheese MaxRs. 750
NYPDRs. 1,290
Beef PepperoniRs. 750
Texan BBQRs. 750
Taco BeefRs. 790
Meat MaxRs. 790
Mint ChickenRs. 750
Hot & SpicyRs. 750
Malai Boti PizzaRs. 790
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NY212 Pizza Fast Food

NY Special SandwichRs. 650
American Cheese BurgerRs. 750
Butter Milk Chicken BurgerRs. 750
Loaded FriesRs. 640
Flaming Hot CheetosRs. 640
Cheesy ManhattanRs. 640
La Mexicana SalsaRs. 640
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Pasta & Lasagna

Fettuccine AlfredoRs. 799
Chicken LasagnaRs. 799
Chicken PrimaveraRs. 799
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Russian SaladRs. 450
Apple Cabbage SaladRs. 450

NY212 Pizza Dips

Dip ItemPrice
NY Special DipRs. 100
Garlic Mayo DipRs. 100
BBQ DipRs. 100
Mint SauceRs. 100



Fresh LimeRs. 150
Pepsi – 345 mlRs. 90
Pepsi – 1.5 LitreRs. 215
7up – 345 mlRs. 90
7up – 1.5 LitreRs. 215
Mirinda – 345 mlRs. 90
Mrinida – 1.5 LitreRs. 215
Mineral Water – SmallRs. 60
Mineral Water LargeRs. 110

NY212 Pizza Lahore Contact Details

Address: 9M Johar Town, Near Khokhar chowk, Block M Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore

Phone: (042) 111 169 212

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