Tahir Khan Restaurant Menu And T.K.R Prices

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Do you want to eat the best Pakistani and Afghan dishes in a beautiful setting? Then Tahir Khan Restaurant and Shinwari is the place for you.

The subcontinent is home to a wide variety of delectable foods and cuisines. The recipes for these dinners have been passed down through generations of chefs.


Tahir Khan Restaurant serves a wide variety of food. Each plate is flavorful, hygienic, attractive, and hot. It will save both your palate and your appetite. This restaurant is famous for serving one of the most well-known curries in the country. The Tahir Khan Restaurant menu offers a wide selection of mouthwatering curries.

Tahir Khan Restaurant


The Restaurant menu will tempt and encourage you to visit. So let’s begin with a guide to Tahir Khan Restaurant food!

Tahir Khan Restaurant and Shinwari Food Price List

Tahir Khan Restaurant Karahi Special

Special Sulemani Karahi ( Full )PKR 2,449.00
Special Sulemani Karahi ( Half )PKR 1,249.00
Lamb Karahi ( Full )PKR 2,449.00
Lamb Karahi ( Half )PKR 1,299.00
Mutton Namkeen Karahi ( Full )PKR 2,449.00
Mutton Namkeen Karahi ( Half )PKR 1,249.00
Chicken Namkeen Karahi ( Full )PKR 1,349.00
Chicken Namkeen Karahi ( Half )PKR 749.00
Chicken Makhni Karahi ( Full )PKR 1,449.00
Chicken Makhni Karahi ( Half )PKR 849.00
Chicken Makhni Karahi ( Half )PKR 849.00
Chicken White Karahi ( Full )PKR 1,399.00
Chicken White Karahi ( Half )PKR 799.00
Chicken Sekh Kabab KarahiPKR 899.00
Beef Sekh Kabab KarahiPKR 899.00

TKR Special Dam pukht

Dam pukht (2 kg)PKR 5000
Kadda Dam pukhPKR 2799


TKR Special Matka

TKR Special Matka ( Lamb 1 kg)PKR 2399

Bar. B.Q

Shinwari lamb tikka (1kg)PKR 2499
Mutton tikka (1kg)PKR 2399
Pata tikka (1kg)PKR 899
Chicken malai boti (12 pcs)PKR 899
Chicken Achari boti (12 pcs)PKR 899
Chicken Afghani boti (12 pcs)PKR 799
Chicken tikka (leg pcs)PKR 299
Beef Seekh Kabab (6 pcs)PKR 849
Chicken seekh kabab (6 pcs)PKR 749
Chicken Angara (full)PKR 1249
Balochi Sajji PKR 999
Chicken tikka (chest pc)PKR 349
Chicken Badami PKR 1599


Soup & Salad

Chicken Corn Soup PKR 549
Special SoupPKR 699
Fresh SaladPKR 120
Zeera RaitaPKR 89
Russian SaladPKR 319
Mint SaucePKR 99

Sea Food

Fish Tikka (Kala Rahu Fish)PKR 1050
Grill Fish (Kala Rahu Fish)PKR 999
Fried Fish (Kala Rahu Fish)PKR 799
Fish Tikka (Grass Fish)PKR 1150
Grill Fish (Grass Fish)PKR 1099
Grill Fish (Silver Fish)PKR 899



Kabuli Pulao (Beef)PKR 520
Kabuli Pulao (Plain)PKR 369


Mint MargaritaPKR 250.00
Pina ColadaPKR 299.00
YopPKR 199.00
Fresh Seasonal JuicesPKR 249.00
SmoothiesPKR 199.00
Peach Ice TeaPKR 195.00
Blue Berry BlastPKR 299.00
Fresh LimePKR 119.00
Mango LassiPKR 199.00
Oreo ShakePKR 199.00
Fruit PunchPKR 199.00
TKR DelightPKR 249.00
Peshawari KahwaPKR 189.00
SmoothiesPKR 199.00
Doodh PattiPKR 119.00
Strawberry MargaritaPKR 279.00
Sweet & Saltish LassiePKR 149.00
TKR DelightPKR 249.00
CanPKR 99.00
Mineral Water ( S )PKR 49.00
Soft Drink 1.5 LPKR 149.00


KheerPKR 149.00
Gajar HalwaPKR 249.00

Tahir Khan Restaurant and Shinwari Food Contact Details



Address: Lethrar Road, Near Taramri Chowk, Islamabad, Pakistan.



Phone No: (051) 2242410

WhatsApp or Call: (+92) 0300 5258688

Your FAQs About Tahir Khan Restaurant and Shinwari Food

Which days of the week is the Tahir Khan Restaurant in Islamabad open?

Every day of the week is open at the Tahir Khan Restaurant in Islamabad. This restaurant is available for public and private events every day of the week. You might even order the item for takeout if you have a plan. 

When is Tahir Khan Restaurant Islamabad open?

The Tahir Khan Restaurant in Islamabad is open daily from noon until midnight. The busiest times, however, always stay the same. Furthermore, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., the venue is packed. So if you want to avoid a lot of noise and crowds, go during off-peak hours.

What is the service like at Tahir Khan Restaurant in Islamabad?

The Tahir Khan Restaurant in Islamabad consistently receives positive reviews from patrons. There are always skilled chefs and servers ready to assist you. You won’t regret going if you do.

Is Tahir Khan Restaurant in Islamabad offering takeaway? 

Tahir Khan Restaurant in Islamabad accepts takeaway orders. They also provide dine-in service. You are more than welcome to enjoy your social or family gathering there. As a result, they are very popular with their customers. 
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